Top 15 Sugbo Mercado Food and Desserts Favorites: Look At All Those Food Stalls!

Tickle your tastebuds with our Top-Picked Food Stands!

Photo Courtesy of O.G Burgers and Ribs

What food and desserts from Sugbo Mercado is your favorites? Sugbo Mercado is Cebu’s first and biggest food market! Their goal is to showcase new businesses in the local food industry together with other lifestyle products. Sugbo Mercado has a wide range of food choices making it difficult to find just one favorite.

It’s no wonder that it has been the go-to hang out place of Cebuanos from afternoon to evening. In this article, we checked our community of their reviews and recommendations for their…

Top 15 Sugbo Mercado Favorites

15. L.A. Taco Truck by Chef Kristel

Photo courtesy of L.A. Taco Truck by Chef Kristel Facebook

L.A Taco Truck gives you a taste of authentic L.A. taco goodness! Their flavorful taco fillings like Jerk Chicken, Carne Asada, Pulled Pork Carnitas, Sriracha Shrimp pair well with their soft tortilla shell. Plus, they have a healthier alternative which is the Vegan Quinoa Taco!

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14. Mark’s Cannoli

Photo courtesy Mark’s Cannoli Facebook

If you haven’t tried Italian desserts, we definitely recommend Mark’s Cannoli for starters! This mouth-watering Italian pastry shell is filled with rich sweetened ricotta cheese! Their cannolis comes in flavors like Black Forest, S’mores, Pistachio and many more!

13. Macology101 by Little Chef

Photo courtesy of Macology101 by Little Chef Facebook

These milk cheese donuts from Macology101 just became a trend in 2020. These fluffy donuts are filled with creamy cheese filling and coated with milky powder. I know, we’re already craving with you! We recommend trying the triple cheese flavor and pair it with a nice warm cup of coffee!

12. The Lamaw Guys

Photo courtesy of The Lamaw Guys

The Lamaw Guys is one of Cebu’s popular street foods. It’s a complete meal consisting of one cup of rice topped with siomai, chicharon, hard-boiled egg and spicy siomai sauce! The Lamaw Guys’ lamaw bowl is filling and satisfying. Feel free to request some extra rice!

11. Let’s Roll Sushi Bake by Chef Kristel

Photo Courtesy of Let’s Roll Sushi Bake by Chef Kristel Facebook

Let’s Roll Sushi Bake by Chef Kristel is one of our Sugbo Mercado favorites because it allows us to easily make sushi and eat it right away. No need to to use a roll mat and just put as much filling as you like on the nori sheet and eat! Their sushi bake comes in exciting flavors like Crunchy Teriyaki Tuna, Tuna Dynamite and Shrimp Dynamite!

10. EPI ZEN Ramen-Ya

Photo courtesy of EPI ZEN Ramen-Ya Facebook

Taste Japan’s rich authentic flavors all pack in a soothing bowl of ramen! Just as what EPI ZEN Ramen-Ya warned us, these comfort food bowls are truly addicting! We can’t get enough of their Black Garlic Tonkotsu! They also sell Cheesy Karaage to pair with ramen. “Karaage” means deep fried chicken.

9. Hebrews Shebrews

Photo courtesy of Hebrews Shebrews Facebook

Ofcourse, we got to have milk tea in our Sugbo Mercado favorites list!. Milk tea is not just a trend but also a major craving of most people and this local Cebuano milk tea brand, Hebrew Shebrews, satisfied our milk tea cravings! We ordered their heavenly Oreo Cream Cheese Milk Tea and we finished it in just a few minutes!

8. Burgers & Ribs

Photo courtesy of O.G Burger & Ribs Facebook

Treat yourself and indulge in O.G Burgers & Ribs’ hearty cheeseburgers! O.G Burgers & Ribs is a spin off of Cebu’s Everything Yummy Restaurant. Their smashed Bacon Cheeseburgers, Chori burger and Barbecued ribs will definitely win the hearts of the meat lovers!

7. TY Chicken Proven

Photo courtesy of TY Chicken Proven Facebook

These Cebuano street food is the street food for the on-the-go cebuanos. You can literally find Chicken Proven in every corner of Cebu but TY Chicken Proven is a crowd favorite. It’s because of their juicy golden brown chicken, special sweet and sour sauce and their food stand’s cleanliness!

6. Cebulasagna

Photo courtesy of Cebu Lasagna Facebook

We love lasagna even more when we taste Cebulasagna’s Beef lasagna in Sugbo Mercado! Their thick meat sauce and creamy white sauce are just superb. We can’t help but get another slice or maybe another full tray. No judgement here.

5. Milk Bar PH

Photo courtesy of Milk Bar PH Facebook

These handy milk bottles of Milk Bar PH are a major fave! Milk Bar is a local dessert shop that serves heavenly smooth and creamy flavored milk drinks. Our Top 3 flavors are Strawberry, White Rabbit and Chocolate! They also have ice candy versions of these milk drinks!

4. Nikumaki Cebu

Photo courtesy of Nikumaki Cebu Facebook

These meat-wrapped rice balls or Nikumaki Cebu is not only popular in Japan but is already creating a buzz in Sugbo Mercado. Make sure to try their Nikumaki Bento Box to try all the yummy flavors like Cheesy Curry, Spicy Garlic, Nacho Special and many more! They also sell tasty Takoyaki balls!

3. Banana Pancake Trail Cebu

Photo courtesy of Banana Pancake Trail Cebu Facebook

Southeast Asian street food is now within reach by Cebuanos with Banana Pancake Trail Cebu! This asian fusion restaurant serves Vietnamese, Malaysian and Thai cuisine. They serve delectable dishes like Bun cha (grilled pork and noodle dish), Roti Canai (flatbread with curry sauce), Pla Goong (Thai spicy shrimp salad) and many more!

2. Humba Heaven

Photo courtesy of Humba Heaven

If people in Luzon have Adobo, Cebuanos proudly present Humba! Just as they say, Humba Heaven showcases premium taste and casual vibes. If you like having breakfast anytime of the day, we highly recommend their bestseller Humgarlic Special which is humba rice topped with sunny side up egg and fresh sidings.

1. Seabu

Photo courtesy of Seabu

Ranked at the top of our Sugbo Mercado favorites, Seabu is definitely bringing the sea to the city with their fresh seafood trays! Experience the flavors of the sea in Seabufeast that represents the traditional banca boats in the Philippines. Seabufeast is perfect for fun boodle fights with your family and friends.

Celebrating Flavors From All Over The World

Sugbo-Mercado - Weekend

Sugbo Mercado is a great venue to embrace food diversity. Feast your eyes with local and international cuisines and have fun trying them with your family and friends. Sugbo Mercado is also a good place to support thriving small businesses.


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