Top 15 Best Lechon Belly in Cebu: Mini Version of Your Favorite Lechon!

Find out the tastiest Lechon Belly in the Queen City of the South!

Photo courtesy of Tatang’s Boneless Lechon Belly Facebook

Before we go through the best lechon belly in Cebu, Did you know that Lechon Belly is originally innovated and made by a proud Cebuano?

Lechon Belly Inventor

Mr. Marlon Gochan, founder and owner of Cebu’s Original Lechon Belly, conceptualized the Lechon belly cooking technique back in August 2011 and introduced it corporately in February 2012. The registration of the product in the Philippines Department of Trade and Industry then took place in early 2012.

Marlon Gochan, owner of Cebu’s Original Lechon Belly

But what makes Lechon Belly different from the usual Lechon? Mr. Gochan said that this new cooking technique of the pork elevates the Lechon and enhances its flavor.

By deboning, you get to spice up the whole pork belly. Also, you get to eat and savor the best part of the lechon right away because it’s boneless. This cooking technique saves you money by consuming all the meat and not wasting a part.

Through the years, many are inspired by Mr. Gochan’s cooking technique. Let’s get to know them and find out the…

Top 15 Best Lechon Belly in Cebu

15. Cedanra

Photo courtesy of Cedanra Facebook

Cedanra emphasizes their Lechon Belly’s crispiness, tastiness and affordability. Their lechon may be affordable but the taste is prioritized and definitely not sacrificed! They also sell drinks like beer and milk tea to pair with their Lechon Belly. You can order their Grilled Ribs as well and have a fulfilling meat feast!


Contact Number: 0917 845 5638

14. Papa Norman’s Lechon Belly

Photo courtesy of Papa Norman’s Lechon Belly Facebook

Crunchy skin, tender meat and the freshest spices. Papa Norman’s Lechon Belly guarantees to satisfy your lechon cravings! Their lechon belly is spiced up with the finest premium ingredients so you can assure that each bite will be oozing with rich aromatic flavors.


Contact Number: 0917 700 7738

13. Seanvy’s Homemade

Photo courtesy of Seanvy’s Homemade Facebook

We are definitely overwhelmed by all the goodies packed in this woven tray! In a good way of course. Seanvy’s Homemade Lechon Belly Bilao will give you an indulgence of your all-time favorites like Garlic Fried Chicken, Cajun Shrimps, Humba Adubaw, and of course sitting at the center of it all is their tasty Lechon Belly! Don’t forget to grab a bottle of their Homemade Wine Vinegar to dip their Lechon Belly with!


Contact Number: 09210825478

12. Ray Abe Lechon House

Photo courtesy of Ray Abe Lechon House Facebook

For special occasions like birthdays when you need cake, lechon manok and lechon belly, go to Ray Abe Lechon House and they’ll have everything you need! They emphasize their Lechon Belly’s irresistible thick crispy skin and super moist meat that will keep you coming back for more! Ray Abe Lechon house is also known for their good customer service.

Contact Number: 0998 843 9579

11. Argao’s Lechon Belly

Photo courtesy of Argao’s Lechon Belly Facebook

Coming from the South is Argao’s Lechon Belly! This brand is part of the Best Lechon Belly in Cebu list because of their extra juicy and crispy Lechon belly just as they say. Hear the satisfying crunch in every bite and savor the oozing juice coming from the meat!

They also serve innovative Filipino-Mexican fusion dishes like Nacho’s Lechon and Burrichon which are Lechon Belly bits stuffed with Bagoong rice wrap in Pita bread.


Contact Number: 0933 470 2098

10. AC’s Lechon Belly

Photo courtesy of AC’s Lechon Belly Facebook

No time to prepare for your upcoming family gathering? Don’t worry, AC’s Lechon Belly will make it easier for you! They’ll promise a hassle-free service and a generous amount of Lechon Belly and spices. They also serve delectable food trays of Spaghetti, Sisig Kilawin, Sweet and Sour Fish, Chicken Cordon Bleu and many more!


Contact Number: 0945 259 1165

9. Papa Lix’s Lechon Belly

Photo courtesy of Papa Lix’s Lechon Belly Facebook

Started as an experiment in their cooking for family occasions at their humble kitchen at home in 2013. Papa Lix’s Lechon Belly is now giving us the opportunity to experience the taste of their homemade Lechon Belly! You know what’s good about homemade Lechon Belly? You can guarantee that it’s made fresh everyday! They also have mouthwatering homemade Dinuguan and Balbacua!


Contact Number: 0920 608 1402

8. Porky Chicks

Photo courtesy of Porky Chicks Facebook

Porky Chicks is one of the Best Lechon Belly in Cebu because of their perfectly cooked oven-roasted Lechon Belly! They also let you have a superior experience of having the best of both worlds by indulging on delicious pork and chicken meals!


Contact Number: 0917 100 1206

7. Luto ni Pangging

Photo courtesy of Luto ni Pangging Facebook

Since 2017, Luto ni Pangging Lechon Belly packed meals has already been creating a buzz. Cooking with love is what they aspire and it’s evident after taking a first bite of their flavorful packed meals. We recommend trying their Spicy Lechon Belly that is fired up with special spices after trying the Original one!

Contact Number: 0917 130 0840

6. Chai’s Tasty Lechon – Cebu

Photo courtesy of Chai’s Tasty Lechon – Cebu Facebook

This newest Lechon in town, Chai’s Tasty Lechon – Cebu already gathered 12,570 fans in just a short period of time! The incredible amount of flavor packed in their big portions of Lechon Belly will explain everything! Plus, they give free Dinuguan on special holidays! It’s no wonder that big celebrities like Beauty Gonzales and Ellen Adarna are fans of Chai’s Tasty Lechon.


Contact Number: 0956 362 8122

5. Jojo & Mikai’s Lechon

Photo courtesy of Jojo and Mikai’s Lechon Belly Facebook

Just by looking at Jojo & Mikai’s Lechon Belly, you can already tell how thick, crispy and juicy their Lechon Bellies are! Their lechon belly surely tastes as good as it looks. We repeat, just look at the picture. They also sell tasty Ginabot and live pigs if you want to try making your own Lechon Belly!


Contact Number: 0932 879 1625

4. Mag’s Special Lechon belly

Photo courtesy of Mag’s Lechon Belly Facebook

Mag’s Lechon Belly is already a perfection, but what made it more addicting is their Special Suka made of coconut vinegar and blended spices. Their vinegar balances the richness of their Lechon Belly making you crave for more!


Contact Number: 0943 079 8945

3. Tatang’s Extra Crispy Boneless Lechon

Photo courtesy of Tatang’s Boneless Lechon Belly Facebook

Is it just us or Tatang’s Boneless Lechon Belly is just extremely inviting in the picture. This thick slices of Lechon Belly meat rubbed with fiery spices is too appetizing to look at. Not to mention their bright orange red crispy skin. They also sell Lechon flakes and Lechon Sisig! Tatang’s premium quality Lechon Belly is telling us that we’re getting closer to the Best Lechon Belly in Cebu!


Contact Number: (032) 316 4719

2. Cebu’s Ayers Lechon

Photo courtesy of Ayer’s Lechon Facebook

Ayer’s Lechon has been named “The Best Lechon Maker in Cebu 2015” because of their best-tasting spicy and classic lechon. We’re already attracted by Tatang’s Boneless Lechon Belly’s bright orange skin color but Ayer’s topped it with their eye-catching fiery bright red Lechon belly skin. You can also enjoy their bountiful barkada meals to share with family and friends.


Contact Number: 0927 440 6891

1. Cebu’s Original Lechon Belly

Photo courtesy of Cebu’s Original Lechon Belly Facebook

Our Top 1 Best Lechon Belly in Cebu, innovator and creator of the boneless lechon, is Cebu’s Original Lechon Belly! Bringing you back to its roots is their Lechon Belly’s rich authentic flavor. It is indeed true that Lechon Belly hits differently when it is made by the one who conceptualized the product itself. It is also making Cebuanos proud by being the World’s first ever boneless lechon!


Contact Number: (032) 232 1155

Lechon Belly definitely makes our family occasions more festive and enjoyable! It’s one of the many treasured Filipino innovations that we are proud of! But keep in mind that Lechon Belly can be unhealthy without moderation!


Written by Proudly Filipino

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