Fullbring Bakery: Grab the Best Donuts in Cebu | Cebu City, Cebu

Bringing happiness in a box! 

Serving cherished desserts created out of their full potential, Fullbring Bakery brings you their delightful desserts inspired from the richness of their original family recipes! 

“Stressed is desserts spelled backwards.” With all the stressful chaos going on, we all deserve a box of these rainbow-colored donuts to bring us joy and delight! May it be glazed, chocolate-coated or custard-filled, a box of these deep-fried treats will surely bring a smile to everyone’s faces!

Let’s get to know more about the Best Donuts in Cebu…

Fullbring Bakery

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Fullbring is a term they got from the anime “Bleach”. In the series, “Fullbringers” are humans that manipulate the souls of the non-living things and enable them to use their power in the physical world. In relation to their brand, “Fullbring” means linking every potential, including their ingredients, to the fullest!

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The family tradition-inspired pastries of Fullbring Bakery are produced in a strictly clean working environment. Their mission is to create quality and satisfying desserts at lower prices. Desserts and lower prices, our two favorite words in one sentence, right?

SunStar Best of Cebu: Best Donuts

Amidst the crisis of the pandemic, Fullbring Bakery earned a sweet recognition from SunStar Best of Cebu. They were awarded as the Best Donuts in Cebu last December 16, 2020! This gave them the inspiration to continue spreading happiness by serving delightful desserts in these trying times.


Strawberry Glazed Donuts

Take a bite of these soft perfectly cooked donuts topped with sweet tart Strawberry glaze that easily melts in your mouth.

Chocolate and Coffee Donuts

These aesthetically-pleasing Chocolate and Coffee donuts are not just eye candies but also taste heavenly. Grab a cup of your favorite iced coffee to match these deep-fried treats!

Matcha Donuts

We love this donut so Match-a! This is our favorite Fullbring Bakery donut because you can really taste and smell the refreshing green tea flavor and aroma from the donut!

Custard Cream Donuts

These fluffy pillows coated with powdered sugar are filled with a satisfying creamy custard feeling!

Other Desserts

Desserts in a Mug

This dessert mugs are filled with moist cake chunks, marshmallows, chocolate chips, whipped cream and everything nice!

Rocky Road Brownies

Don’t be fooled. These Rocky Road brownies might be simple to look at but they have a rich chocolate taste. Plus, the texture is crunchy on the outside and soft and gooey inside!

Ube Cream Roll

Have a nice merienda with this Ube Cream Roll of Fullbring Bakery. This cake is perfect if you like creamy desserts that are not too sweet.

Strawberry Cream Roll

This light and airy Strawberry cake roll is filled with fresh Strawberry cream! Pair it with a cozy warm cup of Strawberry tea!

Heart Cakes

They also sell these adorable heart cakes for Valentine’s Day! Win some hearts next year!


Due to the pandemic, the physical store of Fullbring Bakery closed down and they had to go back to their first production area which is in the basement of their home. Don’t worry! If you want to inquire or order their products, we provided their contact details below!

Life is short. Make it sweet.

This quote by Kezia Muthu implies that happiness is a choice. Life may not always be cupcakes, donuts and rainbows but it’s your choice on how you want to deal with your problems. Eating desserts is a way to bring us joy and delight. Share a box of Fullbring Bakery donuts with your friends and family and celebrate the sweetness in life!


Contact Number: 0922 275 7161

Email Address:

Social Media: Facebook and Instagram

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