Cebu Cardinal Bakeshop’s Cheese Rolls: Cebuanos’ Pick for the Best Specialty Bread | Cebu City, Cebu

Who doesn’t like cheese in their bread?

Photo courtesy of Cardinal Coffea.

Cebu Cardinal Bakeshop offers not just the smell of delicious and freshly-baked pastries. But also houses the products and delicious treats that many young and skilled bakers create to ensure that every Cebuano delicacy is turned into a bundle of morning joy for locals and visitors alike. Their goal and passion is simply makes them the year 2020’s Cebuano favorite bakeshop and they are none other than…

Cebu Cardinal Bakeshop

Photo courtesy of Cebu Cardinal Bakeshop.

For over more than a decade, Cebu Cardinal Bakeshop continues to serve Cebuanos’ with the best pastries in town. It is without a doubt that we can count on them as our one-stop bakeshop.

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With their signature bread, cakes and delicacies, it is more than enough to make us drool over the sweet aroma from the outside of their bakery. Here are some of the items on their menu that you should take home with you!

Cheese Rolls

Photo courtesy of Cardinal Coffea.

Winning three years in a row, their Cheese Rolls is simply undefeated because of the authentic and simple taste of their signature roll. It is indeed every Cebuano’s choice when it comes to cheese pastries!

Red Velvet Cake

This cake is a crowd-favorite! Every sweet bite instantly melts in your mouth. It’s almost like eating cotton candy but in a red velvet cake form!

Ube Mini Toasted Chiffon Cake

Filipinos love ube, and every delicacy is almost ube-flavored. Don’t miss out on Cebu Cardinal Bakeshop’s take on their MiniT Toasted Ube Chiffon Cake!

Lengua Butter Cookies

Want a snack in between shifts? These butter cookies will help you get through a long day of work or school when you’re really in need of something to eat!

Cardinal Coffea Smoothies

You may not know this, but Cebu Cardinal Bakeshop also has a coffee shop, and they also offer their pastries there. Slurp after every bite with their line of smoothies and frappes!

Cebu Cardinal Bakeshop Contact Details


  1. Cardinal Coffea – Don Jose Avila St, Cebu City
  2. Cebu City – 207 Gran Tierra Suites, Don Mariano Cui St, Cebu City
  3. Talisay City – Ernesto Bascon St, Dumlog, Talisay
  4. Mandaue City – Ground Floor, The Space Building, A. S. Fortuna St, corne, P.Remedio St, Mandaue City

Contact Number: 0919 066 0765

Social Media: Facebook and Instagram

Sweet Treats for Everyone

What’s your favorite food item from Cebu Cardinal Bakeshop? Pastries made with affection are full of love and deserve to be eaten by those who we adore! Share these treats with your friends and family. Discover the best of Cebu by exploring new things around you!


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