The Top 5 Best-Tasting Samgyupsal in Cebu: Take Your Korean Cravings to the Next Level!

Make your mukbang dreams come true!

You can now stop drooling while watching Korean mukbangs (online audiovisual broadcast where the host consumes large quantities of food while interacting with the audience) at midnight! Yes, we know you do it. All these Korean Barbeque restaurants included in the Best Samgyupsal in Cebu list serves the best quality meat and side dishes that will satisfy your Korean food cravings!

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Be the star of your own Korean mukbang at the…

5 Best-Tasting Samgyupsal in Cebu

5. Barangay Seoul

Barangay Seoul, is one of the most affordable restaurants in the Best Samgyupsal in Cebu list! You can enjoy a scrumptious all you can eat buffet at only P299! Considering the variety and quality of food to its affordable price is very inviting. Also, if you’re not a fan of Kimchi, you will be when you try their not so spicy Kimchi!


4. Romantic Baboy

This Korean Grill Unlimited Restaurant, Romantic Baboy, is one of the Best Samgyupsal in Cebu because of their good quality meat and their restaurant’s cleanliness. We recommend trying their Honey Garlic Beef! The beef is very tender and it has the perfect mild and sweet meaty flavor!


3. Premier The Samgyupsal

Premier The Samgyupsal serves premium quality imported Korean Barbeque Meat and Samgyupsal Sets for as low as P208 per person! We highly recommend trying their fluffy King Size Egg Roll and pair it with their Unlimited Barbeque! They are open for dine in, take outs and food deliveries!


2. Samgyupsalamat

If there’s a queen bee in the Best Samgyupsal in Cebu list, it will be Samgyupsalamat. This popular Unlimited Korean Charcoal Barbeque Restaurant serves a wide range of marinated beef and pork that all ages will surely enjoy.

Try their Yangnyum Beef Samgyupsal! It’s a short plate of beef marinated in a special flavorful seasoning sauce. Plus, every branch of Samgyupsalamat serves Angus beef imported from Europe!


1. KAYA Korean BBQ

KAYA Korean BBQ is a newly opened restaurant in Cebu that serves the best of authentic Korean cuisine! Now you don’t have to fly to Korea to experience the rich original taste of Korean Barbeque! You can also try their mouthwatering specials like their Beef Bulgogi and Yukhwi or Yukhoe.

Yukhoe is a Korean version of the raw meat dish, Beef tartare. It’s made of a variety of raw meat cuts topped with a hearty raw egg yolk and sesame seeds.


Pigging out on an all you can eat buffet is everyone’s guilty pleasure. Also, indulging on food is more fun if you have your family and friends with you. These Korean Barbeque restaurants in Cebu are the perfect place in celebrating the joy of eating and treasuring the gift of family and friends.

Did you enjoy our Best Samgyupsal in Cebu list? Which Korean Barbeques can you recommend? Do you want to add something on the list? Feel free to share it with us!

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