Noshery Bakery+Sweets: We’re Going Bananas for the Banana Bread | Cebu City, Cebu

Award-Winning Banana Bread and French Desserts!

Photo courtesy of Noshery Bakery + Sweets

Where’s the best banana bread in Cebu? From its name, the bread is from mashed bananas and are often moist, sweet and is a pinoy classic favorite. But have you ever wondered why Banana bread is trending?

Well, it’s because people have plenty of time to bake ever since the quarantine and with pandemic still here. There are plenty of us looking for a hobby to learn both as to pass the time and stuff ourselves with a healthy and easy to make snack!

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But to give you a recommendation on where you can find the best banana bread in Cebu. We might just know one bakery who makes a mean Banana Bread and they are the

Noshery Bakery + Sweets

noshery logo

What is Noshery anyway? “Noshery” is an english word that means “a place to eat” in urban lingo. Noshery Bakery + Sweets provides fine hand-made bread, cakes and pastries using the best ingredients. They also make it a priority to serve every dessert with finesse. They are located in Circa 1900 which is a popular venue for private events.

2020’s Best Banana Bread in Cebu

banana cake

This perfectly baked Banana Bread is topped with glazed fruit and nuts. The texture of the bread is light and moist. Lastly, the flavor is just divine. It’s buttery and has a rich fruity banana taste!

Other Desserts

Floral Naked Cake

floral cake

Noshery Bakery + Sweets don’t just sell tasty Banana Bread but also elegant cakes like this Floral Naked Cake. It has real fresh roses decorations and sweet caramel drippings.

Chocolate Desserts


The gorgeous trio you see is Salted Caramel Chocolate Tart, Rich Chocolate Caramel Cake and Opera Cake. Opera Cake is originally made by French pastry chef Cyriaque Gavillon. It’s Opera Cake because it resembles an opera house in Paris, Palais Garnier.

Malunggay Gateaux

malunggay cake

Who says cakes are all sugar? This healthy cake of Noshery Bakery + Sweets has real malunggay that is rich in antioxidants and amino acids. Now you can enjoy a guilt-free cake!

Strawberry Shortcake

strawberry shortcake

This decadent cake is topped with fresh glazed strawberries and coated with heavenly Vanilla frosting.

Caviar Cake

caviar cake

Let’s take a break from sweets and try this savory Caviar cake! This gourmet dish consists of cream cheese, boiled egg, herbs, olives, spring onions topped with black caviar. You can eat it as a fancy dip for Saltine biscuits and bread wafers.



These pretty delicate tarts have flambeed meringue, glazed fruits and fresh cream as toppings.

Matcha French Macarons


This dainty box of pastel-colored French Macarons come from authentic green tea goodness.

Dessert Buffet


Noshery Bakery + Sweets also have delightful dessert buffets for all occasions!

It’s always lovely to eat elegant french desserts. It’s fun to be fancy once in a while. It makes us feel good about ourselves. Noshery Bakery + Sweets doesn’t only give us luscious desserts but also a parade of beautifully presented confections. Stop by and have a lovely afternoon tea with your friends!


Contact Number: (032) 417 3886

Social Media: Facebook and Instagram

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