Earth Hour 2021: 10 Fun Things To Do In the Dark!

Turning off the lights for Earth Hour 2021 means that you are showing your commitment and care for your planet. 

Earth Hour began in 2007 in Sydney, Australia and it is a challenge or a movement that has grown enormously over the years. 

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It has united people from across different time zones for a worthy cause such as raising awareness for climate change as well as lessening the demand for harvesting fossil fuels even just by a fraction.

But it doesn’t mean that without lights that there’s nothing fun to do. If you are going to participate with the millions of people around the globe who’ll turn their lights off for an hour at 8:30pm to 9:30pm local time for every country. Here are some…

10 Fun Things To Do In The Dark During Earth Hour

10. Meditate

If there is one thing that’s common for all of us, it is that we are striving to be happy and satisfied in life. 

Whether we are a baby, an insecure teenager or a responsible family member, we seek something that would comfort us. But are we looking for happiness in the right place?

Meditation establishes a connection between your mind and body. It helps enhance your empathy or compassion as well as relieves the stress to your mind when you worry about unforeseen adversities.

Meditation can help you dig deeper in getting to know what you want. To become someone who has a healthy self-image and self-worth. And provides you with more focus on who you are and not how others want you to be.

9. Candle lit dinner

Who says that you’ll need a date in order to have a candlelit dinner? Ready up some fancy meals or you can order them, whichever you want to for yourself. Or you can invite your friends and family to have a special time together.

However, as we are currently in a pandemic. Only countries that have no cases should be allowed to invite friends over.

8. Board Games

Now don’t let those candles go to waste by doing nothing. After dinner, you can always open up some board games and gather around the table in order to spend more time together.

We may be in the age of technology but the reality is we are more disconnected as ever. Take this time to create special memories with your loved ones and strengthen those bonds with an old fashioned board game.

7. Sing-Along / Acoustic Jams

What ever happened to the magic of spending time around a campfire and singing songs? Or toss the campfire idea and simply jam together for a night of singing and stories? If none of your family or friends know how to play instruments, you could always use some Bluetooth speakers to accompany your performances.

6. Horror Stories

Did you know that reading horror stories can be a space for readers and authors alike to work through some of their personal fears, trauma and anxiety? How so? Well this is because they are doing this in a safe and controlled environment.

One could always put a book down or skip pages, or come back to a story later to avoid dealing with specific topics. However, this exercise is more of building up courage.

Just because you don’t do something, that it makes it less scary. Often, it’s quite the opposite. Once you understand why something is scary, and the monster comes to light. We are able to see for what it really is and we become less afraid.

But let’s be real here, some just really read horror stories for fun. It may be their love of that adrenaline rush or they were simply born without fear.

5. Dance

There are plenty of reasons why you should dance. It’s great! It’s fun! And best of all it is a good form of exercise that has a true positive impact on our health and mind. 

It’s great for your bones and joints and it lifts your mood. Overall, it improves our psychological well-being and provides us with great control and coordination skills along with some grace and poise.

4. Night Walks

We don’t recommend doing this alone. Always have someone to accompany you in order to stay safe.

Now that we have that sorted out. There’s really something about walking at night that can ultimately improve our mood. Whether it’s the calm or quiet avenues to city night walks.

It’s like discovering a new world where everything is covered by moonlight. While darkness has always been used for evil and depression but it could also be about seeing your dreams and preparing for the next day to make them all come true. 

But if you are in the city, simply grab your jackets and masks and take a stroll down the city lanes. Who knows, you might discover a good restaurant in the block.

3. Practice Some Night Photography

Night photography is not as difficult as you think. And it’s also the best way for a new photographer to start practicing their skills. Besides, all you need to get the shot is

Step 1: Place your camera in Manual mode as this helps to make it easier to shoot and control the other settings.

Step 2: Find a tripod or something to support your camera for at least 10 seconds. This means the shutter speed must record without moving in order to avoid having a blurry result.

Step 3: Lower Your Aperture to as low as it can go in order to gather more light.

Step 4: Set your shutter speed to 10 seconds, ISO to 1600. If the photo is too dark increase shutter speed to 30 and if it’s too bright, drop your ISO to 800.

Examples of Night Photography Settings

Image from
  • Shutter speed: 30 seconds
  • Aperture: f/4
  • ISO: 1600
  • Camera: Canon Rebel XS
Image from
  • Aperture: f/8
    Shutter: 20″
    ISO: 800

2. Romance

You can also use this time for romance. Such as talking with one another and slow down the moment a bit in order to reflect on each other’s relationships.

Take this hour to tell your partner what you love and appreciate about them. It doesn’t cost anything to be thankful but expressing gratitude for someone can show just how much you appreciate their efforts and compassion.

Have a look and revisit your vows and remember the qualities that brought the two of you together.  

1. Join a Live Earth Hour Stream

May be an image of text that says 'Join the first-ever EARTH HOUR VIRTUAL SPOTLIGHT 1 Visit @EarthHour on 27 March and look for the pinned post. 2 we'll be posting. Check out the must-watch video This video will change the way you see our planet, the issues we face, and our place within it all. 3 far and wide. Help us share this video Simply: Share the video to your feed or group @Mention your frier friends in the comments Share the video via Facebook Messenger Let's reach as many people and speak up for nature by putting the virtual spotlight on our planet this #EarthHour.'

Every year the Earth Hour organization releases a live stream that always varies. So stay tuned to their Facebook page in order to be impressed and see the results and effects of the Earth Hour.

Why We Must Support The Earth Hour

Earth Hour isn’t just about switching the lights off for sixty minutes. People around the world who are numbering in the millions from over 180 countries and territories are taking part in this moment in order to pledge and help fight for our planet and demand stronger action against climate change.

The Earth Hour continues to find solutions for our planet’s biggest environmental challenges. It has inspired events that do great good to our planet such as tree-planting, beach cleanups, and successful push for environmentally friendly laws. 

So join in and support the Earth Hour and join millions across the globe who will be turning off the lights on March 27, 2021 at 8:30PM local time in your country.


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