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The Top 10 Best Shrimps in Cebu: Get your Vitamin Sea from the Most Loved Shrimps in Cebu!

Shrimply Delicious!

Aah, summer! This means white sand beaches and seafood boodle fights! And in every Filipino summer feast, there’s always a shrimp dish. May it be grilled, buttered or kinilaw (raw shrimp marinated in vinegar and spices), Filipinos always make a beeline for this sweet and savory shellfish! Make the most out of your island life getaway in the Queen City of the South and try these Best Shrimps in Cebu at the…

The Top 10 Best Shrimps in Cebu

10. STK Ta Bai!

Photo courtesy of Aldrin Suan

Share a satisfying Shrimp Platter filled with Honey Lemon, Sweet Chili and Garlic flavored shrimps with your family and friends at Paolito’s STK ta Bai! You can also stay warm and cozy with their delicious Shrimp Sinigang! “Sinigang” is a Filipino sour and savory soup usually made with meat or seafood.

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Contact Number: 0917 328 0927  

9. Scratchbox Cebu

Photo courtesy of Scratchbox Cebu

Chill and watch exciting sports events while munching on Unlimited Shrimps and Chicken Wings at Scratchbox Cebu! Don’t eat too fast though, take a few sips of their iced cold beer from time to time to prevent choking while watching sports.


Contact Number: 0926 728 7223

8. Boiling Shrimp Hauz

Photo courtesy of Boiling Shrimp Hauz

Shrimp is a versatile shellfish. It pairs well with different international flavors like Indian Curry, Western Cajun and Singaporean Chili. Enjoy these appetizing flavored shrimps at Boiling Shrimp Hauz. They are one of the restaurants in the Best Shrimps in Cebu that encourages eating in Kinamot (to eat by hand). For most of the Filipinos, food is more enjoyable this way.


Contact Number: 0929 484 2408

7. Pungko Shack

Photo courtesy of Pungko Shack

Pungko Shack establishes itself as a go-to restaurant that serves delectable lutong bahay (homemade) food. “Pungko” means “squatting” in Cebuano. You can enjoy their Shrimp food trays at the comfort of your own homes because they do deliveries! We recommend trying their Soy Garlic and Pepper Butter Shrimp food trays!


Contact Number: 0923 650 4429

6. Cebu Seafoods Crabs Lobsters Shrimps

Photo courtesy of Cebu Seafoods Crabs Lobsters Shrimps

If you’re looking where to buy fresh crustaceans in this Best Shrimps in Cebu list, Cebu Seafoods Crabs Lobsters Shrimps is the perfect marine supply store! Plus, they serve mouthwatering Spicy Cajun Shrimps and Lobsters in one pack!


Email Address:


Photo courtesy of KOA TREE HOUSE

Enjoy a fiery plate of Sweet and Spicy Shrimps, one whole crab and Hungarian sausages at KOA TREE HOUSE! Pair this seafood plate with Guso which is a popular seaweed salad in Cebu.


Contact Number: 0917 722 4723

4. Driveway Seafood House

Photo courtesy of Nathaniel Cabalan

Driveway Seafood House is one of the most affordable seafood restaurants in the Best Shrimps in Cebu list! You can enjoy Unlimited Shrimps and Crabs to your heart’s content for only 199 pesos! Make sure to bring some Antihistamines just in case!


Contact Number: 0947 473 7501

3. Tongs Seafood Buffet

Photo courtesy of ClickTheCity

Tongs Seafood Buffet is known as the original restaurant for oysters, scallops, shrimps and other seafood in Cebu! Besides Shrimp and Crab trays, they also sell festive Shrimp Bilao sets filled with Shrimp, Pork Barbeque, Lumpia, Hotdogs and vegetables. Don’t forget to grab a jar of their tasty Bagoong (fermented fish paste) that pairs well with the vegetables!


Contact Number: (032) 328 6078

2. Choobi Choobi

Photo courtesy of Kalami Cebu!

“Choobi Choobi” originated from a Chinese word which means “to enjoy”. This is also where the tagline of  Choobi Choobi, “Lingaw Lingaw Kaon!” (happy eating) came from. Their specialties are Shrimp in a Bag which consists of shrimps cooked in different ways to be easily mixed in Special Choobi Choobi sauce and Stan’s Fried Black Pepper Shrimp which is made of thick prawns fried in special batter and drenched in Special Choobi Choobi sauce.


Contact Number: 0917 160 3000

1. I Love Bucket Shrimps

Photo courtesy of I Love Bucket Shrimps

I Love Bucket Shrimps, is the ultimate Shrimp indulgence among the Best Shrimps in Cebu! Chow down on two giant Shrimp buckets and no one will judge you! The Curry Shrimp bucket is our favorite but you can try the Garlic Butter if you like mild flavors. I love Bucket Shrimps is also the 22nd restaurant in the Best Place to Eat in the Philippines 2020 so big flavors are rest assured!


Contact Number: 0953 228 6688

A Healthy Protein

Did you know that Shrimp is a protein low in fat and calories? It also reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases, prevents Alzheimer’s disease and fights cancer. Grab this healthy protein from the 9 Best Shrimps in Cebu and have a fun seafood boodle fight with your family this summer!

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