15 Amazing Tuna Health Benefits You didn’t Know About!

A Healthy Protein for Your Diet!

Holy Week is just around the corner and it’s quite hard to have a variation in our meal plans especially when there’s abstinence in meat. Don’t worry, this versatile protein, Tuna, is just as good as pork, beef and chicken. But they’re definitely not as healthy as Tuna! This Tuna Health Benefits we’ve gathered just for you will inspire you to prepare healthier dishes this Holy Week!

Be spiritually and physically healthy this Holy Week with these…

15 Amazing Tuna Health Benefits

15. Improves heart health.

Photo courtesy of Comprehensive Primary Care

Tuna meat contains a high level of Omega-3 fatty acids. This brings balance into the blood vessels and reduces cholesterol. If the cholesterol level is low, there will only be minimal heart pump and blood flow problems. You can try using Tuna as a healthy alternative for Pork. Ooh, Tuna Steak sounds good!

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14. Make bones stronger.

Photo courtesy of Natural Medicine of Seattle

Tuna is rich in Vitamin D. It is the bone’s major building component. Vitamin D prevents fractures and makes the bones healthy and strong. It also reduces the risk of having Sclerosis (stiffening of skin) and autoimmune diseases.

13. Relieves depression.

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Chase the blues away with Tuna! One of the amazing Tuna health benefits in this list is that eating Tuna fish is good for mental health. It lowers depression, stress and anxiety levels.

12. Enhances vision.

Photo courtesy of Healthgrades

The Omega-3 fatty acids present in Tuna reduces the risks of Dry Eye Syndrome and Macular Degeneration. Macular Degeneration is a condition that clouds your vision and slowly leads the eyes to blindness.

11. Promotes Insulin response.

Photo courtesy of Diabetes

Tuna’s Omega-3 Acids helps in maintaining Insulin at bay. Tuna health benefits like this one works best by staying hydrated at all times! Drinking lots of water enhances the benefits of Tuna consumption because it keeps Insulin from rising.

10. Smoothens the skin.

Photo courtesy of Hello Magazine

Who says skincare can only come from a bottle? Tuna is filled with minerals that prevents impairment to blood cells caused by intoxication. Tuna is also rich in Elastin. It’s a protein that repairs tissue and smoothens the skin.

9. Fights kidney diseases.

Photo courtesy of Asian Institute of Medical Sciences

Another mineral present in Tuna, Potassium, maintains fluid balance and kidney functions. Tuna also prevents kidney cancer. This type of cancer develops from insufficient organ functions. Don’t forget to drink lots of water everyday to improve kidney function and body health!

8. Boosts energy.

Photo courtesy of POPSUGAR UK

Get a bolt of energy from Tuna! Tuna fish boosts metabolism and increases energy. It’s also a popular protein for athletes because it shortens the recovery time in their training. Pack some Tuna sandwich or Tuna salad before working out.

7. Strengthens muscles.

Photo courtesy of Men’s Health

Tuna is the richest meat when it comes to protein. Protein enhances the development of the muscles and fat loss. It also boosts the metabolism rate of the body.

6. Improves mood.

Photo courtesy of 12 Tips for a Happy and Joyful Life

Be a ray of sunshine by eating tuna! Tuna is rich in Selenium which enhances our mood and appetite. Research shows that people who lack Selenium in their body will most likely have anxiety. Share the good vibes and whip up a yummy tuna dish for your family this Holy Week!

5. Relieves inflammation.

Photo courtesy of Franciscan Health

This super fish, Tuna, conquers both illness and muscle inflammation. Tuna meat contains anti-inflammatory minerals and healthy cholesterol. These two help in allocating resources throughout the body leading to proper body function. Tuna also prevents Arthritis and Gout.

4. Promotes weight loss.

Photo courtesy of Reca Blog

This is probably our favorite among the 15 Tuna Health Benefits! Tuna is a protein low in calories and the Omega-3 fatty acids in it revive a hunger hormone called Leptin. With this hormone present in your body, you won’t easily crave for food! Where’s Leptin during our sneaky midnight snacks?

3. Enhances brain function.

Tuna enhances the cognitive function of the brain and this is because of Omega-3 acids. This happens when healthy blood and cells filled with oxygen travel in a clean bloodstream and then enter the brain. Brain function at its best if it has all the resources it needs.

2. Reduces the risk of stroke.

Photo courtesy of Bayside Group

Eating Tuna five times a week can lower the adult’s risk of stroke by 30%. The Vitamin B complex and folic acids present in Tuna prevent blood clots and improve artery walls. Physical activities like biking also enhances cardiovascular strength!

1. Fights cancer.

Photo courtesy of New Woman India

Another wonderful benefit in these 15 Tuna health benefits is that Tuna fish is rich in antioxidants that fights cancer causing cells! Cancers like Breast cancer withdraw because of the nutrients found in Tuna!

A Healthier Alternative

Photo courtesy of Diabetes Care Community

Are you amazed by these Tuna Health benefits? Tuna is indeed a healthier alternative for your pork, beef and chicken dishes! How about some Tuna burgers, Tuna pasta or this Tuna stuffed Avocados for this Holy Week? Still sounds as good right? Healthy can be yummy too! Be creative and delight your family with healthy dishes this Holy Week!

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