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Fusing Two Filipino Favorite Flavors in One Cake!

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No matter how many foreign desserts we’ve tasted, our Pinoy taste buds will always crave those classic desserts such as a Ube Halayas, Mango Floats, Leche flans and the list goes on! But to share in our delight, Inde’s Cakes and Pastries, a bakery in Cebu transforms and serves our favorite Filipino flavors in a healthy way plus it is served with a motherly touch!

Baking our favorite “Meriendas”  or afternoon snacks, discover the wide array of delicious sweets from the mother who turned her passion and skills into a business she loves at…

Inde’s Cakes and Pastries

A Passionate Baker

Ms. Rozenea “Inde” Torregosa, owner and baker of Inde’s Cakes and Pastries, just wanted to bake cookies for her children’s school snacks because she finds store-bought cookies very sweet and unhealthy. She then later tried baking birthday cakes for her children to which her family and guests really enjoyed!

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Initially, baking was just a hobby for Ms. Inde but she saw the potential of her baking because of all the positive feedback she’s been receiving. She further improved her baking skills by attending baking seminars, watching cake decorating tutorials online, and experimenting on different cake flavors.

Ultimately, her simple baking hobby turned into a great passion where she decided to open up Inde’s Cakes and Pastries on February 14, 2017. Take a look at some of her beautiful masterpieces such as the…

Ube Mango Cream Cake

The Ube Mango Cream Cakes was the ticket to fame by Inde’s. It boosted her popularity because frankly, who can resist the two favorite flavors of Mango and Ube in one cake? It’s also has the right level of sweetness making it the perfect choice for moms and kids!

The Ube Halaya Cream Cake is made of fluffy Ube (purple yam) cake filled and topped with fresh Ube Halaya! You also have an option of topping your cake with Macapuno (sweetened coconut)! Mango Cream Cake is filled and topped with fresh glazed Mangoes, coated with light Mango cream. The cake drippings you see are fresh Mango puree!

But the inspiration from this flavor came from two of Inde’s customers who requested that the Mango and Ube be combined. And when other customers saw the two-flavored cake they also ordered the same thing!

Other Products

Ube Leche Flan Cake

This Ube Chiffon Cake is topped with homemade Ube Halaya, coated with fresh Ube cream with a thick luscious Leche Flan surprise at the center!

Leche Flan Banana Cake

This creamy Leche Flan indulgence is sitting on a moist buttery banana cake! Can you see the caramelized sugar oozing from the cake? We wonder what happens when we slice the cake!

Floral Cakes

These lovely floral cakes are one of the best sellers of Inde’s Cakes and Pastries. The flowers you see are handmade buttercream flowers! You can choose from cake flavors like Red Velvet and Moist Chocolate.

Cupcakes in a Box

This sunflower and succulent cupcakes brings sunshine from a box! Give this pretty box of cupcakes to a birthday celebrant or simply just make someone smile!

Birthday Set

Inde’s cakes and pastries is also open for cake customizations, dessert buffets and birthday sets!
Make your celebrations more special with this dazzling Peach Gold Sugarland Cake (decorated with Ferrero Chocolates and homemade French Macarons), Cake Pops and Cupcakes!

A Filipino Indulgence Cake

With Ube being a popular ingredient in Filipino desserts and delicacies and Philippines being known as the home of the sweetest Mangoes, the Ube Mango Cream Cake of Inde’s Cakes and Pastries is truly a Filipino indulgence cake! Have a slice and experience what Filipino desserts are all about!

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