Top 10 Tourist Destinations of Camotes Islands: Have a Blissful Summer Vacation!

The Lost Horizon in the South!

Camotes Islands is known for its pure white sand beaches, fascinating caves and pristine diving sites. It is situated at the east of Cebu Island. It is called the “The Lost Horizon in The South” because it’s a hidden paradise before and now has a fast growing tourism rate!

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Now that Cebu Province reopened last February 11, 2021, we can finally experience what the beautiful islands of Camotes has to offer! Make this summer a memorable one at the…

Top 10 Tourist Destinations in Camotes Islands!

10. Mangodlong Rock

Photo courtesy of Agoda

This mighty rock is a part of the Mangodlong Paradise Beach Resort. What’s striking about this tourist spot in Camotes Islands is that the sandbar is connecting the beach and the rock formations beautifully drift on the emerald sea. You can also do fun activities like snorkelling, kayaking, wind sailing and diving in the area!


9. Holy Crystal Cave

Photo courtesy of Tripadvisor

Holy Crystal Cave has amazing eight levels which can be explored in one and a half hours. You can spot some beautiful stalagmites and stalactites that resemble crystals. The water inside the cave is also believed to do wonders and miracles that is why it’s called the Holy Crystal Cave.


8. Bukilat Cave

Photo courtesy of Queen of Philippine Beaches

This hidden Bukilat Cave looks straight out of a fantasy movie! It is popularly known for its dramatic glowing light coming through its roof opening. This natural sunlight gives life to the whole cave as it sheds some light to the stalactites, stalagmites and rock formations.


7. Paraiso Cave

Photo courtesy of Paraiso Cave Restaurant & Resort

Paraiso Cave is a subterranean cave which is located at the central part of a private property. This cave is a little bit smaller than Timubo Cave. The cave’s water pool inside is clear, quite chilly and at chest-level.


6. Busay Falls

Photo courtesy of Flickr

Busay Falls might be a pretty dainty falls but it’s sheer white and blue flowing water never disappoints! Also, this falls from the Camotes Islands is very accessible. You only need to hike for 10 minutes! The dept of Busay Falls is 8-10 feet.


5. Timubo Cave

Photo courtesy of KIKO + MANILA

Timubo Cave is situated inside Lake Danao Park. You need to enter a small hole to get to the underground. Inside the cave is a 6 feet deep turquoise water waiting for you. Be stunned by the sparkling stalagmites and stalactites inside the cave as you swim.


4. Buho Rock Resort

Photo courtesy of

This enormous rock of Camotes Islands has a rare neatly formed coral rock formation. With a height of 50 feet, Buho Rock Resort is known as a thrilling cliff diving spot. This resort also has a mesmerizing sunset view!


3. Tulang Diot Island

Photo courtesy of

If you don’t like crowded places and just want to have a peaceful day at the beach,Tulang Diot Island is the perfect paradise for you! It’s a small-scale offshore island with unspoiled white sands and calming blue waters. Tulang Diot is also a good destination for snorkeling!


2. Lake Danao 

Photo courtesy of Camotes Tours

This lake of Camotes Islands is the largest lake in Cebu Province. Lake Danao or Lover’s lake is a guitar-shaped lake that has a picturesque view of lush greenery and vibrant canoes. You can enjoy activities like boating, kayaking and horseback riding around the romantic lake.


1. Santiago White Beach

Photo courtesy of

This ivory blue haven is called Santiago White beach ! This public beach is the widest beach in Camotes Islands! It also has a long shoreline that feels like an endless walk. This paradise is a destination for beach activities like skimboarding (surfing using a smaller board), volleyball, frisbee and many more! Santiago White Beach is also perfect for big gatherings with family and friends!


Make new Summer Memories

Photo courtesy of Pinterest

Camotes Islands is no longer The Lost Horizon in the South. It is now found and we’re ready to have a blissful summer in this paradise! We all deserve a relaxation from the anxiety and stress Covid-19 gave us. Let’s replace these bad memories into new happy summer memories and visit the Top 10 Tourist Destinations in Camotes Islands!

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