Pungko Ta Poy: Serving the First Ever Flavored Chicharon Bulaklak | Lapu-lapu City, Cebu

Street Food Off the Street!

If you’ve been to the Queen City of the South, you probably heard these term “pungko” which means “to squat” in Cebuano while “Pungko-Pungko” refers to the street food stalls that sell assorted fried food and Puso or hanging rice! You can find Pungko-Pungko stalls in every corner of Cebu but this restaurant in Lapu-Lapu City,  Pungko Ta Poy sets the bar higher! Say “Lamia oy!” in no time at all with…

Pungko Ta Poy

Pungko Ta Poy is a restaurant that was established by people who share the same passion and joy of eating pungko-pungko! Their goal is to provide the best-tasting pungko-pungko foods and an enjoyable eating experience that Filipinos will never forget.

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Chili Garlic Ginabot

Pungko Ta Poy is the first and only restaurant in Cebu that serves flavored Ginabot! “Ginabot” is a popular fried street food in Cebu which is made of pig intestines. A dish that’s usually relies on the Sweet and Sour sauce or Spicy Vinegar sauce can now stand on it’s own. No sauce needed! 

Homemade Siomai

This  of Pungko Ta Poy offers homemade Siomai which is made of pure pork! “Siomai” is a traditional Chinese dumpling originated from Hohhot, China. They also wrap their siomai using their very own homemade wrapper and is topped with fiery Chili Garlic Sauce!

Tuslob Buwa

“Tuslob Buwa” means “to dip in bubbles” in Cebuano. This street food originated from the Pasil Barangay and Suba Barangay in Cebu City. Tuslob Buwa of Pungko Ta Poy is a mixture of pure pig brain, pork liver, pork stock, chili and soy sauce.

If the mixture is cooked you can dip your Puso in it and enjoy! Don’t worry if it’s your first time, the servers will assist you in cooking! Or learn how to cook your own Tuslob Buwa by checking out the video below.

Fried Food and Cold Beer

Balance the greasy goodness of Fried Chicken, Lumpia (egg roll) and Ginabot with an Ice Cold Beer! Pungko Ta Poy has a variety of local beers in their restaurant. 


Play an ancient Filipino game called Sungka while waiting for your food! Sungka is a traditional game of tossing shells into large holes on a lengthy board called Sungkaan. Sungka is commonly played during Filipino family gatherings. 


These vibrant murals in Pungko Ta Poy interpret the joyous and festive street food culture not only in Cebu but in the whole Philippines!


A Sustainable Cebuano Restaurant

Pungko Ta Poy shows their Filipino pride not only by serving tasty Filipino food but also supporting local businesses and suppliers from Baguio, Palawan and Benguet! These beautiful wooden dishware are handcrafted by Filipino Artisans!

They also help promote the zero waste lifestyle by using reusable Bamboo straws. Gather your family and friends and eat street food the Cebuano way!

Contact Details

Address: Bloom Building, Saac II – M.L. Quezon National Highway 6015 Lapu-Lapu City, Philippines

Store Hours: 11:00 AM – 9:00 PM on Mondays to Sundays

Contact Number: 0927 322 9681

Social Media: Facebook and Instagram

Email Address:

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Written by Megrez San Juan

Foodie | Artist | Creative | CONTRIBUTING EDITOR
📍Cebu, Philippines
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  1. this is the best pungko2x in Cebu. . . i love all their food esp the ginabot, siomai & tuslob buwa! must visit in lapu-lapu city! you so should try mga genygs❤️

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