Camlang’s Tuslob Buwa: 7 Cebuano Barkada Opens a Food Business | Consolacion, Cebu

The Ultimate Barkada Goals!

UPDATE: Camlang’s Tuslob Buwa has already closed and halted their operations. (10/7/2021)

Camlang’s Tuslob Buwa is a casual eatery in Consolacion that was started by a seven group of friends. They mainly serve Tuslob Buwa or pig brain and sizzling plates of Sisig, a spicy pork dish,and steak!

For some people, Barkada goals means travelling around or outside the country together but let’s avoid unrealistic “drawing”  trips and simply chill, relax and dine with our friends at the…

Camlang’s Tuslob Buwa

The Real Barkada Goals

Jeus Reynes, James Andrade, Giselle Ybo, Ryan Cono, Jheza Pitogo, Kenan Paylado, and Jekk Andrade (left to right)

The name Camlang’s Tuslob Buwa is a combination of the places where this Cebuano group of friends live. They came from Cambiohan Consolacion, Alang-Alang and Mandaue. Kenan Paylado and Jekk Andrade pitched the idea of opening a food business to their friends.

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They started Camlang’s Tuslob Buwa because they want to save up for their future. As a barkada, they all want to work together, motivate each other, and share the fruits of their hard work! The owners proves to us that having a Barkada is not just about fun, drinking and parties. Friends can dream, work and succeed together. This is the real Barkada Goals

The Venue

Hang out and catch up with your Barkada at Camlang’s Tuslob Buwa! The location is very open, breezy and has a casual chill vibe so you’ll be comfy while eating. This place is also very accessible and close to the city so this Barkada meet-up won’t be a drawing (planned then cancelled) one!  

Camlang’s Menu Recommendations


Dip your Puso (hanging rice) in this rich bubbly mixture of pig brain, pork liver, chili and soy sauce! This Cebuano street food is called Tuslob Buwa which means to dip in bubbles!

Pork Sisig

Sisig is a Filipino dish consisting of pig head meat and chicken liver. This spicy dish is seasoned with onions, chili peppers and calamansi. The Pork Sisig of Camlang’s Tuslob Buwa is special because it has chunky pork, served with one whole egg and drizzled with creamy mayonnaise! 

Pork Steak

Fill your tummies with this Sizzling Pork Steak’s large serving of perfectly cooked meat sitting on a buttery gravy. This calls for extra rice! 

Chicken Pastil

Pastil, or pastel, is a Filipino wrapped rice dish consisting of steamed rice packed in banana leaves with chopped and flavored meat. It can be beef, fish or chicken like this tasty and moist Chicken Pastil from Tuslob Buwa! 


A Chill Place Perfect for Barkada Food Trips

Food tastes better if you have friends to share it with especially in a casual eatery like Camlang’s Tuslob Buwa! The atmosphere is very laid back so you’ll feel at home while savoring their Tuslob Buwa and sizzling plates! Catch up with your friends at Camlang’s Tuslob Buwa and be inspired by this food business started by a barkada. Who knows, you might start one soon!

Contact Details

Address: Cambiohan, Casili Consolacion (across Musashi building)

Opening Hours: 4:30 pm – 11:00 pm on Mondays to Sundays

Contact Number: 09771413561/ 09563059909

Social Media: Facebook and  Instagram

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