Top 15 Summer Destinations in Cebu: Plan Your Summer Vacation Ahead!

Pack your bags, folks!

Summer is that time of year when we want to unwind, relax and enjoy the natural and modern beauty of the Queen City of the South. But this year, let’s make it extra special with our best summer destinations in Cebu!

As we all know, Cebu offers a unique travel experience by offering a variety of sights such as white-sand beaches, breath-taking mountain top views and a vibrant marine life hidden under its crystal waters.

But there are other destinations that you can visit without worrying about them being overcrowded, or being too expensive. Here are PinasBests 2021’s…

Top 15 Summer Destinations in Cebu

15. Carlitas View Resort

To start our Summer Destinations in Cebu list, Carlitas View Resort is the newest gateway to paradise in Southern Cebu. Located at Dalaguete, enjoy a vacation by the sea while you relax and get to spend the day with family. Take a trip down south and see the wonder of what the beautiful beach in Dalaguete has to offer!


Contact Number: (032) 484-4009, 0945 239 9457, 0998 168 5168

Social Media: Facebook

14. Soul Sierra

Situated on top of the hills of Busay, Soul Sierra is your next stop to rejuvenate and let go of the accumulated stress you earned these past few weeks! By attending their yoga sessions and eating their healthy vegan dishes, uplift your holistic wellness for a day well-spent at Soul Sierra. Even staying at their place for a few hours is refreshing enough!


Contact Number: 0966 614 7569

Social Media: Facebook and Instagram

13. Argao’s Water Terraces

When we talk about terraces, we automatically think about the famous Rice Terraces in Benguet, but your next favorite terraces are just located in Argao! The Ka Treasure Water Terraces is like having a pool or jacuzzi of your own. With fresh spring water flowing from the top down to the bottom, the Ka Treasure Water Terraces is a natural formation that is a combination of a spring and a waterfall.

Locals in the area said that they are planning to make developments to the water terraces like building a deeper pool, and setting up a mini bar for tourists to lounge and relax!


Contact Number: (032) 346 9372 / 0968 553 9542

Social Media: Facebook

12. Lakeview Le Jardin

Next on our list of Summer Destinations in Cebu, this botanical garden located along the Transcentral Highway should be in line on your travel destinations! Lakeview Le Jardin is filled with diverse plants found in the region, so feel renewed with the pleasant smell and hue of nature. They also offer restaurant services while you’re in the area, enjoy a draft beer, a cup of coffee or their best-selling dishes!

Tourists who have been here recommend keeping a spare jacket in case the temperature drops since the garden is located on a much higher altitude level. Visit this in the summer and take photos with the wide array of plants in their garden without feeling cold!


Contact Number: 0917 770 8094

Social Media: Facebook and Instagram

11. KayaTent

Can’t wait to escape the busy city and head over to the sea? Camp by the beach with KayaTent and calm your mind with the refreshing sight of nature. When you wake up the next day, be ready to jump into the clear waters of Samboan. This is also perfect for couples who want to have a private date while saying goodbye to the sun during dusk.

Explore the other adventures in the locality and let nature around you envelope you in between their tranquil arms!


Contact Number: 0956 198 8400

Social Media: Facebook and Instagram

10. Pescador Island

Planning an island hopping day with your friends? Pescador Island is a gateway to a whole new level of discovering the wonders of underwater. Swim with the school of fishes, take a look at the coral formations and lounge on the cool rock formations around the island. Find a trusted island hopping tour guide so that you and your friends get safely to the beauty that is Pescador Island!


9. Eli Rock View Deck

Another addition to the Summer Destinations in Cebu list is the view deck that will welcome you to the peaceful municipality of Boljoon! Face your fear of heights at Eli Rock View Deck while overlooking the wide area of land and sea. Catch the sunrise as early as 5:00 AM and watch the sunset at the end of the day. 

It’s best to travel 2-3 hours earlier to get to the Eli Rock View Deck especially if you’re coming from the city! Spare yourselves from the hot rays of the sun during noontime.


8. Kota Beach Resort

Let’s travel all the way up north this time! Spend this summer at the white beaches of Bantayan Island and stay at Kota Beach Resort for the serene vacation you are looking for. One thing tourists love about Kota Beach is that they have their own sandbar in the area where you can lounge with your friends while sharing stories.

Run in the sand and feel the sea breeze from the beach. Make your summer worthwhile in Bantayan Island!


Contact Number: (032) 438 9042

Social Media: Facebook and Instagram

7. Down South 118

We wouldn’t want to miss this next place on our Summer Destinations in Cebu list! Down South 118 is the ideal accommodation when visiting Oslob and neighboring municipalities around the area. Wake up to be greeted by the sun’s rays while facing the calm ocean of Oslob and jump right into the water for a fresh dip. Enjoy dinner while bidding goodbye to the sun and make great memories with your loved ones.


Contact Number: 0925 714 3882

Social Media: Facebook and Instagram

6. Socorro’s Beach Resort

When it comes to family vacation, we all know how crowded it can be. Take your big family to Socorro’s Beach Resort in Danao so that everyone can enjoy the summer heat in their pool that is fit for all ages. And because they are family-friendly, they offer affordable accommodations fit for the budget!

The kids will also surely love the view at Socorro’s because of the various life-sized action figures that they can see at the vicinity of the resort!


Social Media: Facebook

5. Rock Climbing in Toledo

Aside from housing a lot of beaches, Cebu is an island where a lot of various geological formations can also be found. So, in this case, your options are not just limited to sunbathing, but you can do a lot of other activities, and one of which is rock climbing.

Located in the curvada of Poog, Toledo, is the crag where beginners can try to put their rock climbing abilities to the test. And, don’t worry, professionals are there to guide you since rock climbing is an extreme sport, so you are safe while doing the activity.


4. Mt. Uragay Spring Resort

Next in line on our Summer Destinations in Cebu list is a destination just a few kilometers away from Socorro’s Beach Resort. Arrive at a paradise with a natural spring in Carmen at Mt. Urugay Spring Resort. This resort is a great change to the hot vibe from a beach. Feel refreshed at first dive and you’ll never want to come out of spring for the rest of the day!


Contact Number: 0915 625 7773

Social Media: Facebook

3. Hevinz Place in Daanbantayan

For mini reunions, Hevinz Place in Daanbantayan offers a small venue where you, your friends or family can spend the day at! With a pool fit for kids and adults, have fun in the sun and play together in the water. Afterwards, create moments in a tiny area prepared for you for eating and refreshment. Cheers to mini get-together plans!


Contact Number: 0927 992 0065

Social Media: Facebook

2. The Tree Sunset Resort

Back to the white sand beaches in Cebu, The Tree Sunset Resort in Tabuelan is a resort along the shoreline of Maravilla. With powdery white-sand beach, a fun day under the sun is guaranteed for families that visit The Tree. They also offer affordable cottages that are set-up like a treehouse to add a twist to your normal rooms!

Catch the sunset at The Tree and end the day with a blast from the day well spent at the beach!


Contact Number: 0942 055 1617

Social Media: Facebook

1. Hidden Valley Resort in Pinamungajan

And first on our Summer Destinations in Cebu list is the Hidden Valley Resort found at the municipality of Pinamungajan. Who would’ve thought you’d find a spacious recreational area on top of the mountain ranges in Cebu? This wide resort offers a wave pool for you to enjoy with your friends! 

They also have various attractions found in the vicinity of the resort, so be sure to check out what they have to offer!


Contact Number: 0917 729 4137

Social Media: Facebook

Seize the Wonderful Days of Summer!

Cebu has a lot on its sleeve when it comes to summer, so make sure you don’t miss out on the great deals these Summer Destinations in Cebu has to offer. Make this summer a summer you won’t forget! And, always remember to stay safe during your vacation!

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