Nomnom Desserts: Have a Spoonful of Heavenly Ube Cream Mousse | Cebu City, Cebu

Cebu’s First and Original Ube Cream Mousse! 

Tired of eating dense cakes? Nomnom Desserts gives you a taste of light and luscious delectables with their Ube, Chocolate and Mango flavored mousse! These handcrafted velvety desserts are beautifully presented in instagrammable eco friendly jars. Perfect for giveaways! Plus, they also have their own version of luxurious Nama Chocolates! Tickle your taste buds with the premium desserts of…

Nomnom Desserts

Nomnom Desserts started when the owner was craving for desserts but most cafes are closed because of ECQ. She then started to make her own desserts for herself. She also sends desserts to her family and friends. It’s her sweet way of cheering her loved ones up in these trying times. Her family and friends loved her desserts and encouraged her to sell it online! She then opened her business in June 2020. 

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Premium Desserts

Ube Cream Mousse

This pretty lavender-colored dessert of Nomnom desserts is Cebu’s First and Original Ube Cream Mousse! It is made with 100% real fresh ube without preservatives and artificial flavors! This perfectly layered creamy goodness is like eating ube ice cream but smoother and creamier! 

Full Ube Mousse

If you’re a big fan of Ube, we recommend trying their Full Ube Mousse! Unlike the Ube Cream Mousse that has two layers, this dessert is entirely ube giving you a velvety ube indulgence! You also have an option of mixing it with coco or cream for a more flavorful bite! 

Dark Chocolate Panna Cotta

Of course, when there’s mousse, there’s gotta be a chocolate flavor! Right chocolate lovers? This Dark Chocolate Panna Cotta of Nomnom desserts has a perfect balance of bitterness and sweetness so you won’t get tired of its rich chocolatiness! Go have another tub, we won’t judge! 

Mango Cream Mousse

This dessert is giving us bright tropical summer vibes! This Mango Cream Mousse is made of naturally sweet mangoes! It is layered with smooth luscious cream complimenting the mango cream’s tartness! Bring some Mango Cream Mousse to your next summer getaway with your family or friends! 

Nama Chocolates

Nomnom desserts have their own version of Japan’s popular chocolates called Nama Chocolate! These semi-sweet luxurious chocolates are made with the best Belgian Chocolates! They also recommend trying their Nama Chocolates with liquor. Nomnom desserts use premium Couverture chocolate, also known as “real chocolate” which is made of cocoa butter and chocolate liquor! 


A Spoonful of Heaven

Nomnom desserts’ handcrafted premium desserts taste as good as they look! From velvety flavored mousses to luxurious chocolates, Nomnom Desserts definitely sets the bar higher! Also, why not make your loved ones smile by giving them these pretty desserts in eco friendly jars! Sounds good? Order now and have a spoonful of heavenly Ube Cream Mousse from Nomnom Desserts! 

Contact Details

Address: General Echavez Street, Cebu City

Business Hours: 11:00 am – 11:00 pm on Mondays to Sundays

Contact Number: 09778249000

Social Media: Facebook and Instagram

Affordability: Desserts are reasonably priced as they use premium quality ingredients.

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