The Coffee Mobile: Serving Up the Gasoline for the Soul | Cebu

A cold and tasty brews for bikers and cyclists!

Want to grab a cup of coffee along the road? The Coffee Mobile will make that happen for you! This mobile pop-up shop has garnered a lot of attention in social media from their loyal customers and growing fan base because of its trending and delicious take on the coffee-drinking experience served by …

The Coffee Mobile

The Coffee Mobile was inspired by the fascination with riding skateboards and motorcycles. It all started by selling brewed coffee with a small cart in the neighborhood. 

Due to the lockdown being implemented in the communities, coffee shops have been greatly affected. But that didn’t stop people and businesses from innovating and making it more fun for their customers as well as bringing in excitement to the streets of Cebu. 

From time to time, they also appear in their old-school Volkswagen Kombi that leaves you a vintage-style taste. If you don’t want to miss them, we recommend following their social media in order to get updates on where they’ll pop-up and enjoy that leisure experience on the street!


Get a taste of one of their cold brew coffee made from their professional barista, who is fascinated by concocting various caffeinated brews. There are three cold brew varieties dubbed as “Elixers” – Gold, Dark, and White. And nothing beats a cold brew coffee drink in this hot weather from The Coffee Mobile!

Pop Up Culture Event!

Have you ever tried an event where bikers gather in one place for a cup of coffee or food? The Coffee Mobile officiated a Pop Up Culture, where food mobile shops gather around and sell their delicious food and merchandise at one place! 

Pop Up has been frequently held at Yue Rong Xuan Lahug and visitors continue to grow. We suggest visitors never forget to grab those kickoff drinks, meet new people, and get that vibe feeling!

Vibe with Other Coffee Lovers!

When you are surrounded by the people who have the same interests as you, one can easily relax and be themselves. Let that inner spirit out there and enjoy your afternoon. Also, don’t forget to invite your friend to experience this coffee on wheels. Start those engines and get on the road!


Contact Details

Address and Open Hour: Know their location and open hour by following their Instagram and Facebook

Contact Number: 0956 478 8370

Social Media: Facebook and Instagram

Parking Space: Parking space is available so you can use your own vehicle going to their announced location, just be sure that other vehicles can pass.

Accessibility: The shop is situated sometimes in the street and can easily be navigated.

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Written by Bea Ventura

Hi, I'm Bea. I'm a college student at the same time an adventurous person who loves to travel. I am also outgoing and always looking for new challenges.

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