Sip Cafe: A Top Choice of Modern and Chic Style Cafe | Banilad, Cebu

It’s time to wash away your boredoms and countless days of working from home or studying through online classes! Take that stress out by dining and chilling at the Sip Cafe in Streetscape Mall, Banilad, Cebu City.

The Cafe introduces relaxing tones of color for their interior partnered with some chic and modern designs that welcomes you towards a fabulous cafe! If you want to feast on some sweets or grab some delicious cocktails at an affordable and tasteful servings, then visit the…

Sip Cafe

This isn’t Vogue or a high fashion workplace. You might think of that, but this is a Cafe. We always vibe to what is trendy especially when the place and food suits our style. And the cafe promises not just a great ambiance to stay in but also delivers delicious treats served by friendly staff who guarantees you a smooth and relaxed servings such as their…

Katsu Sando

Take a bite  with their tasty Katsu Sando influenced by Japanese cuisine. These crispy juicy pork cutlets sandwiched with panko breadcrumbs will surely satisfy your appetiteSo, get over with your old style sandwich and have some with this one!

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Braised Pork with Egg

And if you are looking for something more fulfilling, have a taste with their Braised pork and egg, with its perfectly balanced sweet and savory flavor plus the egg undoubtedly compliments your taste bud. 

Meat Supreme Pizza

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There’s nothing to deny in this one! They probably have the most delicious Ai Funghi pizza, topped with tomato sauce, mozarella cheese, and mushrooms; plus the crunchiness of its bread will surely bring you the sensation to Italy. 


Meals can’t live without drinks! Well, who takes a meal without something fluid to take on? Here at Sip Cafe they serve different kinds of drinks to different kinds of people. Sweets? Booster? One way to figure it out! Check out their thirst quencher drinks such as…

Classic Mojito

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For those party goers? Thirsty throat? Grab a glass of their Classic Mojito, the right mint and sparkling sweetness just enough to cure your hot weather-induced pangs of thirst.

Sip Cafe will never get tired of serving you the goods! You can also try their Pink margarita, Gin & Tonic, and Dry martini. So, what are you waiting for? Don’t let the ice melt down!


May be an image of coffee, coffee cup and indoor

Don’t stop there! We’re pretty sure that it’s normal to look for coffee everyday, and our day begins with it. Start with there Caramel Macchiato that is brewed hot and fast under pressure, it will give you the kiss of foamy crema and the lingering aftertaste.

If you are a busy man and tired of work, then, grab your cup with Classic Espresso with its strong taste and aroma will definitely boost your day.  


May be an image of dessert and text that says 'M ilktea Series The Classic Brown Sugar Pearl Milk Winty Sip CAFÉ Chocolat'

Sweets make our mood elevate from sad to happy. If you’re looking for something sweet this week or catching up with friends today, you can try their best Brown sugar pearl milk tea, with just the right mixture of syrup, milk, and boba pearls plus with its smooth and sweet aroma will positively give you your best conversation. They also offer different flavors such as chocolate, classic milktea, and winty.

While drinking, have some updates of their lives, it’s good to have a friend who checks you especially in this time of crisis. One thing to know that you are the best to hangout? Is you have a better taste! Grab your sweets and be happy at a very affordable price!

Trifona: Sophisticated and Chic clothing

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Sip Cafe’s surprises do not just end there, they also have side-shop Trifona that provides chic and modern garments that will suit your modern style, plus, with their unique accessories and jewels totals to a wholesome package.

We love a place that is something new to us, something that will add up to our buckets of sightings. In Sip cafe, with majestic foods, cozy ambiance, and great service is the place to look forward to. Don’t forget your friends and family surely they’d love too.


Contact Details


Business Hours: 11am to 9pm(Sunday to Thursday); until 11am-10pm (Friday and Saturday)

Contact Number: (032) 326 7618

Social Media: Facebook

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