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Top 15 Favorite Dining Spots in Cebu with Good Food this 2022

Reminiscing that rich flavor!

It has been a while dining outside and beginning to crave that delicious food you missed this year? Since the pandemic is still around and has been messing with your life. Don’t worry because this restaurant is still kicking and giving you that best restaurants in Cebu! Let us help you plan your visit and make the most out of your day with… 

Top 15 Best Restaurants in Cebu to Visit for 2021

15. Matias


Oldest but the best finger-licking barbeque eatery in Cebu! Matias BBQ attracts crowds of hungry diners every day—from locals and tourists alike—with its mouth-watering aroma in the air.

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We suggest you arrive before lunch or dinner time in order to have your variety of barbeque ranging from pork belly, chicken, fish, and more on display. Don’t forget to grab a beer to make the meal more satisfying!


14. Burrows


Craving for fried chicken? Burrow is famous for its unlimited chicken wing and is definitely one of the best restaurants in Cebu! Especially after they offer 5 different flavors that you can choose from to enjoy your burrows. They have Mild Teriyaki, Asian Barbeque, Chili, Classic, and Garlic Parmesan. Fill your taste buds with delicious and rich flavors!


13. Ven’z Kitchen

Ven’z Kitchen

Affordable and unique flavor? Ven’z Kitchen doesn’t look like much but it’s popular with locals and tourists. They serve delicious Filipino and Asian specialties ranging from seafood, vegetables, and sweet desserts. Not only they serve you delectable food but also offer cooking classes and get to learn how to cook the most famous Filipino dishes!


12. Fat Dois

No photo description available.
Image from Fat Dois Facebook Account

Enjoy cheezylicious meal at Fat Dois’ with their sizzling plates filled with stretchy cheese and fill your surroundings with a warm aroma of cheese. They serve different cuisines like ramen, meats, chicken, and shrimps. Cheesin!


11. Ramen Yushoken

Ramen Yushoken

Ramen Yushoken is always on the critics’ list when it comes to the top ramen restaurants. This restaurant’s flavorful ramen and delicious aroma make it a topnotch choice! Grab a bowl and enjoy the rich taste!


10. Ilaputi


Familiar yet entirely new? Ilaputi is not just your typical restaurant, but a culinary adventure that serves a combination of Asian food with Middle Eastern and Western combined to make a perfect dish. Experience Ilaputi first hand, with their mouth-watering flavors, sauces, and spies!


9. Acacia Steakhouse

Acacia Steakhouse

Check out the new player in the steak landscape Acacia Steakhouse and is known as the Home of Cebu’s favorite steak! But the steakhouse is not only limited to steaks but also serves veggies and seafood dishes. Indulge in your favorite steak dishes!


8. Lantaw

No photo description available.
Photo from Lantaw Floating Native Restaurant

Lantaw Floating Restaurant is a seaside restaurant and seafood is also predominant in the menu. And they serve an eclectic choice of delicious seafood, grilled dishes and desserts, from all around the world from Italian, Chinese, Thai, and Filipino dishes in one place. Enjoy a homey and cozy as you dine!


7. Abaca Baking Company

Abaca Baking Company

Been craving sweets with fine coffees and teas? At Abaca Baking Company serves you fresh and delicious bread and pastries! Try their delicious croissants and muffins to cakes and pretzels. As you know after a meal, desserts are the top priority!


6. Yolk


Want something different and new for your morning breakfast? Do yourself a favor and grab a plate at Yolk Coffee and Breakfast and enjoy a hearty breakfast at any time of the day. We include them in the list as they serve a selection of breakfast favorites!

Yolk is one of the best restaurants in Cebu that you must visit. They have that cozy atmosphere and whimsical-designed spaces for your morning breakfast! Try their Eggs Benedict with a Filipino twist!


5. La Vie Parisienne

Photo from La Vie Parisienne

You’ve seen it all on Instagram: pictures of friends clicking with alluring wine glasses, diverse French cuisine, and a little trip to Paris with its elegant vibe! La Vie Parisienne is one of the favorite hangout spots, especially with your friends and family. We included them in our best restaurants in Cebu to visit because of that elegant vibe, delicious food, and diverse selection of drinks! 


4. Ibiza Beach Club

Photo by @caloyramirezfilmsandaerials

Dine comfortably and relax in a stylish venue at Ibiza Beach Club! While watching the ocean and listening to the unobtrusive live music at night by the bay in front of Movenpick Hotel Mactan Island. Dine and prepare yourself for a unique culinary experience of deliciously seasoned grilled meats or take a swim and wash off those negative vibes!


3. Hukad

Photo from Hukad Ayala Terraces Official Account

If you’re craving good Cebuano food then Hukad is there for you! Get your family or friends and get a taste of awesome Filipino meals. Never forget to order their delicious buttery baked scallop and Crispy Pata, this meal is to die for! You can dine or order through Grab or Foodpanda.


2. House of Lechon

House of Lechon

House of Lechon is known for its Carcar recipe with their delicious and mouth-watering Lechon! Pairing with other famous Filipino dishes will make your meal more satisfying. Don’t forget to enjoy the meal with your favorite drinks!


1. Samgyupsalamat


Samgyupsalamat is famous for its Korean cuisine that serves a wide range of meat, seafood, and veggies. And a plate of beef marinated with their special flavor seasoning and you’ll never stop munching! Enjoy Asian dishes with a twist!


Eating has been our way to fuel our soul and our pleasure. And enjoying a delicious meal is best when you are with your friends and family to make it more memorable and satisfying. 

Did you enjoy our Best Restaurant in Cebu to Visit for 2021? Which of these places have you tried and would recommend? Do you want to add something to the list? Feel free to share it with us!

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