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Top 15 Chocolate Shops in Cebu: Places Chocolate Lovers Must Visit!

Chocolate is the key to happiness!

When things don’t go your way you will always crave that soothing food to get away from those negative vibes. And that is true, especially for those chocolate lovers. With chocolate, it will fix your worries and give you tranquil pleasure! Here are 15 of the best chocolate shops in Cebu that you should definitely hit as a lover of the same on the streets of this great city of Cebu…

Top 15 Bars in Cebu

15. Ralfe Gourmet Casa de Cacao

Ralfe Gourmet Inc. StoreRalfe Gourmet Inc. Raquel Choa

Have you heard the Queen of Chocolate in Cebu? Raquel Choa the owner of Ralfe Gourmet Casa de Cacao is known for being the chocolate queen for exploiting her creativity in welcoming Cebuano to a Chocolate journey. Here you get to taste the rich flavor and delightful tradition of indigenous chocolate making while savoring delectable treats garnished with locally-made tablea.

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They also serve a variety of chocolate ranging from cakes, cookies, truffles, and more! Want to know more of Ralfe Gourment Case de Cacao? Join their virtual tour inside Casa de Cacao as the Queen guides you through the tails of her journey!


14. Nama Chocolate Cebu

Nama Chocolate Cebu Chocolate Truffles Nama Chocolate Cebu Truffles

Aside from the journey of the famous Chocolate Queen in Cebu. We also have Nama Chocolate Cebu as one of the best chocolate shops in Cebu, who received an award for the Best Fine Premium Chocolate Truffles by 19th Q Asia’s Quality Excellence Awards for their smooth and famous truffles!

The truffles are made somewhere between liquid and solid. And formed into salaciously smooth squares of chocolate ganache dusted with a blizzard of cocoa powder. Order now from the Facebook page now and get a taste of that smooth truffle and best quality cocoa powder!

13. Visayas WinWin Trader

Visayas WinWin Trader Cacao Beans

Talking about quality cocoa powder. Are you looking for premium cacao beans for your Chocolate business or for your recipe? Here at Visayas WinWin Trader offers you low-cost raw material of premium cacao beans for your chocolate dish fantasy, they also sell tablea, coffee beans, and rice. Just visit their website and get a cost-saving quote from them!


12. Chocoholic

Chocoholic Store Chocoholic Brands

And of course, we also include a store where a variety of imported chocolate can be found in one place! At Chocoholic they offer branded items of chocolate from various parts of the world. And if ever you want to give chocolates to someone special, the shop also serves customized bouquets to make your gift more romantic. Grab your favorite chocolate brand now!


11. Maitre Chocolatier

Maitre Chocolattier Store Maitre Chocolattier Golden White

Next on our top 15 Chocolate Shops in Cebu list, Maitre Chocolatier, is also one of the best chocolate shops in Cebu, located at Ayala Center. If this is your first time visiting this restaurant, then you should definitely try Maitre Chocolatier’s offers. In their menu, including their entrees, they have cacao beans and other chocolate products. Try their mouthwatering Golden Euphoria and indulge that enchanting taste!

Maitre Chocolatier Menu


10. Hanakins Chocolate

Hanakins Chocolate Truffles

Another player in the landscape of chocolate truffles is Hanakins Chocolate. They’re known for their cute bite-size covered with rich chocolatey blends: Classic Hanakins, Crazy Chocolatey, Midnight Black, and Wacky Walnut. With every bite, you would crave more of those finger-licking truffles! So, enjoy Classic Hanakins for only P200 for 16pcs by ordering through their Facebook Page!


9. Melting Chocolates

Melting Chocolates Brownies & Crinkles

In addition to the Top 15 Chocolate Shops in Cebu list, we also include one of the best chocolate shops in Cebu. Melting Chocolates with their best-selling Chewy Choco Brownies! These brownies come with different selections: Chewy Choco, Choco Mallow, and Choco Peanut. Giving you total satisfaction for that rich cacao taste! They also offer choco toffee, chocolate crinkles, and customized cake!


8. Aji Ichiban


Aji Ichiban Products

We also add Aji Ichiban to the list as they have long been established and are very popular with young children when it comes to candy and sweets. With its variety of snacks from dry fruits, gummies and most especially chocolates you must definitely visit this shop. Grab a snack or candy at a reasonable price at Aji Ichiban!


7. Krave Cafe

Krave Cafe Store Krave Cafe Choco Boom

A perfect balance between perfect sweetness and that cocoa butter taste? Krave Cafe located in Cebu City’s Salinas Drive. Has a magnificent cafe that offers different kinds of foods prepared by expert cooks. With their comfortable ambiance, you’ll get to enjoy their delicious food, and together with their famous choco bomb! This choco bomb is filled with marshmallows and once put in a cup of hot choco a surprising surprise beholds as this choco bomb melts. And it’s definitely a must-try boom experience!


6. The Chocolate Chamber

The Chocolate Chamber Fudges

The Chocolate Chamber is also owned and managed by the Philippines’ favorite tablea fabricator, Raquel Choa, known as the “Chocolate Queen of Cebu”. It’s known for the best and most popular fudges and comes with perfect hot cocoa drinks to accompany it is surely a must-try combo! Visit the store situated at Pres. Quirino St., Barangay Kasambagan, and get a taste of the top chocolate store first hand.


5. La Marea

La Marea Store La Marea Cakes and Drinks

Enjoy fantastic chocolate cravings at La Marea! This shop is one of the best coffee outlets to spend your afternoon break, with their delicious variety of chocolate pastries from cakes, cookies and cupcakes is definitely worth a try together with your favorite drink! La Marea is situated in The Walk, Cebu IT Park, in the gracious city of Cebu.


4. Tablea Chocolate

Tablea Chocolate Store Tablea Chocolate Puto and Mango

Want to experience a homegrown brand that is inspired by Filipino tradition? Tablea Chocolate is known for the Filipino traditional food products with their sweet sticky rice along with favorite Filipino fruit mangoes at the side and sipping one of the traditional dark chocolate drinks will satisfy the afternoon hunger. This shop is all about the heart & soul of Philippines chocolate and tradition! Visit their shop now and indulge in that bitter-sweet tradition! Or order online through foodpanda or grab!


3. The Chocolate Leaf Patisserie

The Chocolate Leaf Patisserie Cupcakes

We also have The Chocolate Leaf Patisserie on the list as they serve beautiful and unique cakes! Here you can customize how your cupcakes or cakes are designed and if you’re a lover of chocolate then they can live up to your expectations and bring out your chocolate fantasy. At The Chocolate Leaf Patisserie is where passion fashions the cake of your dream.


2. SMR Chocolate

SMR Chocolate Store

Also one of the newly opened chocolate shops in Cebu and one of the potable haven for lovers of chocolates, SMR Chocolate. This is one of the popular candy bar shops in the Philippines when it comes to a wide variety of premium and imported choco products. It is definitely a must-hit shop for you chocolate lovers!


1. La Vie Parisienne

La Vie Parisienne Store La Vie Parisienne Truffles and Cookies

Finally, there is La Vie Parisienne, one of the best chocolate shops in Cebu and known for the little Paris in Cebu situated in Lahug, Cebu City. With their three-in-one establishment, an amazing spot features a beautiful ambiance of the French restaurants, winery, and most importantly, bakery.

Offering varieties and types of couverture and must definitely try their popular truffles. Though their products are quite pricey, they are super delicious and definitely worth their price. Visit the shop and hang out with your friends and be sure not to forget your camera as you’ll definitely need it!


Chocolate Is All you Need!

Let go of those negative vibrations and enjoy a plate of delicious chocolatey food with chocolate. Let it heal you and satisfy your cravings!

Did you enjoy our Top 15 Chocolate Shops in Cebu? Which of these places have you tried and would recommend? Do you want to add something to the list? Feel free to share it with us!

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