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OGAWA Traditional Japanese Restaurant: The Little Tokyo of BGC | Taguig, Metro Manila


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Right in the heart of Bonifacio Global City, Manila lies “The Little Tokyo of BGC,” the OGAWA Traditional Japanese Restaurant! You don’t need to travel four hours by plane to experience authentic Japanese cuisine as prepared by the people behind K-Pub BBQ, Modern China, Georgetown Super Steak, Oppa Chicken, Thai BBQ, SamStew, and Rico’s Lechon,  comes another exciting culinary journey that takes us to the “Land of the Rising Sun” at…


Photo by Yoga & Cream

Bonifacio Global City or BGC is a commercial hub well-known for its glitzy shopping areas filled with big-name brands and flagship stores.

Located on the 2nd floor of The Fort Entertainment Complex in BGC, OGAWA opened last October 8, 2015. It is built firmly on the foundation of delivering the authentic experience of Japanese flavor to the Philippines’ local shores or at least Manila.

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The concept was made possible by the immense passion of food connoisseur and businessman George N. Pua of No Limits Food, Inc., alongside the renowned Japanese Chef, Kiyoshi Ogawa.

OGAWA stays true to its name by sparing no expense in providing only the best ingredients for its patrons and customers. They only serve the most delicate meat, fresh vegetables, and the freshest seafood flown in from Japan and in the country.

Built by heritage, this restaurant continues to serve customers most authentically. After all, Japan is well-known for its excellence in food preparation.

Head Chef

The name of OGAWA came from the esteemed Japanese Chef, Kiyoshi Ogawa, who used to be the head chef of Senju in Shangri-La Hotel EDSA. He also spearheads the Marufuku Japanese Restaurant found in Ortigas Center. With OGAWA, they serve customers with the best and high-quality Japanese cuisine experience in the city.

Stepping Into The Restaurant

Who says you need to travel far to get an authentic feel of Japanese cuisine? The moment you set food OGAWA, you automatically feel like you are in a restaurant in Japan. The owner, Mr. George Pua, wants to give an authentic experience to guests dining at OGAWA.

Japanese-inspired artworks and furniture surround the interior of the restaurant. Also, the wallpapers around the restaurant were designed by the Japanese artist Ushio Sekiguchi, who flew to Manila to install them personally. Take a more detailed look at what you should expect at OGAWA!

Teppanyaki and Robatayaki Station

We love seeing the kitchen in action. One thing to love about OGAWA Japanese Restaurant is their Teppanyaki and Robatayaki Station, where you can look at how chefs grill your food. Watch in awe as the flames go wild in the open kitchen!

Sushi Bar

Photo by The Hungry Kat

When it comes to Japanese cuisine, we love the taste of sushi, and it’s never complete without our favorite. Like the Teppanyaki station, their Sushi Bar is also one of the highlights at OGAWA because you can watch Chef Ogawa make your sushi especially for you! Don’t miss out on an authentic experience with them at their very own sushi bar!

Sake Bar

Photo by The Hungry Kat

If you want to take a look at their extensive line of imported Japanese sake and beer, you can choose to sit at the table by their Sake Bar. Watch how they prepare authentic sake right before your very eyes!

Ginza VIP Room

For business meetings and the likes, you can also reserve a VIP room at OGAWA. They have 5 VIP rooms that can cater to your group. Inside their biggest VIP room, there is a flat TV screen, and it can fit a maximum of 12 people. They also have complimentary slippers for their VIP rooms. Although it is not like the usual sitting table found in Japan, you can still feel the vibe of it from how the staff caters to you and your company.

Menu Recommendations


Photo by Yoga & Cream

With their set meals, the Katsudon is one of the best-selling menu items in OGAWA. Together with the main dish, enjoy a side of Japanese rice and other sides to enjoy your meal!

Dragon Roll

Photo by The Hungry Kat

Try a different kind of sushi at OGAWA! Their dragon roll looks very majestic, and it makes you want to stare at it instead of eating the roll. The dragon roll, made with lobster tempura, omelet, and cucumber wrapped together and topped with a slice of freshwater eel and ripe mangoes, delivers an explosion of flavors!

Teppan Lobster Gozen

Photo by The Hungry Kat

Want to taste both the land and sea? At OGAWA, one of the most sought dishes is the Teppan Lobster Gozen! The dish contains lobster teppanyaki served with prime US Beef Steak and appetizers, salad, fried rice, miso soup, and pickles. Have it prepared before you at their Teppanyaki Station!


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The dessert served at OGAWA usually depends on the set meal that you ordered. One of which is this coffee jelly dessert topped with matcha ice cream. It is simple yet delivers a very overflowing combination of flavors inside your mouth.


Feel Like You’re in Tokyo, Japan with OGAWA

Photo by The Hungry Kat

Because of the pandemic, we postponed our travel plans for safety. However, that won’t stop our cravings for Japanese food! At OGAWA, fulfill your Japanese cuisine fantasies and indulge the wonders of authentic Japanese dishes!

Contact Details

Contact Number: 0917 856 4292 / 8886 4994

Social Media: Facebook

Parking Space: There is ample of parking space available around BGC and you can also park at areas near OGAWA.

Accessibility: When you arrive at BGC, you can access the restaurant on the second floor, above Tony Roma’s.

Affordability: Some of the set menu items are on the pricey side. However, there are a lot of items on their menu which are affordable!

Business Hours: 12:00 PM to 8:30 PM from Tuesday to Sunday

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