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Top 15 Best Resorts with Swimming Pools and Beach in Cebu

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15 Best Resorts

From this scorching heat from the sun, soaking in cold beach water or pool, adventure life under the sea, the smell of that sea breeze, and sinking your feet in this fine sand. What a wonderful vacation would that be! Enjoy one of the best resorts with a swimming pool and beach in Cebu that are definitely worth spending your vacation! So check out these…

Top 15 Best Resorts with Swimming Pools and Beach in Cebu

15. Sugarsea Inn & Dive Shop

Sugarsea Inn & Dive Shop Resort Sugarsea Inn & Dive Shop Diving Pool

Situated at Marigondon Port, Sugarsea Inn & Dive Shop is a place where you can indulge in diving activities, along with an outdoor pool to enjoy a dip with your friend or family.

Sugarsea Inn & Dive Shop Restaurant

This resort also serves delicious food by the balcony with a relaxing breeze! Most rooms are well-equipped and offer a spectacular view overlooking the sea as the sky changes its colorful hue as the sun sets at the horizon.


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14. Cebu Seaview Dive Resort

Cebu Seaview Dive Resort Cebu Seaview Dive Resort Pool and View

Cebu Seaview Dive Resort is located in Moalboal and as its name suggests, is an extremely popular go-to spot for diving and snorkeling. If you’re staying at this resort, your itinerary would most definitely include diving as you spend your day among the sea turtles and coral reefs.

Cebu Seaview Dive Resort Diving Lesson

Ever tried diving in your life? Don’t worry this resort is also known for teaching its guests basic diving. Now, you have the chance to experience the underwater world!

Cebu Seaview Dive Resort Room

And if you want to make your stay worthwhile. Get a room as most of the rooms in this resort offer spectacular views overlooking the sea. There is also an outdoor swimming pool and a beautiful garden area for you to enjoy and relax.


13. Southseas Beach and Dive Center

Southseas Beach and Dive Center Southseas Beach and Dive Center Pool

Located at Santander, Southseas Beach and Dive Center is one of the best resorts with a swimming pool and beach in Cebu that offers a year-round outdoor pool and direct access to the beach.

Southseas Beach and Dive Center Whaleshark Sightseeing

They are also known for a memorable diving experience as you will get to see an upfront Whale Shark! They also offer courses for you to learn how to dive, making this resort even more fun!

And of course, getting hungry from all that fantastic underwater adventure is totally normal! Here you get to eat delicious authentic food from fresh ingredients and along with wonderful drinks makes your day even more satisfying! This resort is an ideal spot for family, friends, or couples to enjoy a short getaway!


12. Granada Beach Resort

Granada Beach ResortGranada Beach Resort Food

Have an overlooking view to the sea from Granada Beach Resort located in Boljoon. This resort offers organized tours where you can visit the whale sharks, waterfalls and to their fantastic beach! If you just want to enjoy the resort you can freely use their snorkeling equipment and enjoy a day of diving in the reef right in front of the resort.

Granada Beach Resort Room (2)

They also provide you a wonderful stay with their spacious, comfortable, and well-equipped rooms. And since they offer such luxurious rooms this resort also provides adult-only exclusively, which is a perfect setting for couples to spend quality time together!


11. Cuestas Beach Resort

Cuestas Beach Resort Cuestas Beach Resort Message and Resting Area

Cuestas Beach Resort is a wonderful resort located in Badian, Cebu. If you want to be embraced by nature, try living in a native house, and be surrounded by a tropical ambiance for your vacation!

Cuestas Beach Resort Beach

Guests can have access to the beach area and swimming pool, and accommodation also offers activities like off-site hiking and snorkeling. This resort is also an ideal spot for your various plans in Badian, either planning a visit to the famous Kawasan Falls or other beautiful attractions in Badian!


10. Blue Garden Resort

Blue Garden ResortBlue Garden Resort is a two-star resort situated on the island of Mactan. This resort provides you with a quiet and tranquil atmosphere. They also offer in-house restaurants that serve a diversity of cuisine for you to enjoy during your stay.

Blue Garden Resort Pool

Aside from filling your soul with their delicious food they also offer an outdoor pool to witness a peaceful and spectacular view of the sea at the horizon, but if you want to enjoy the beach you can go diving, snorkeling, or just take a swim and relax with the cool water of the sea!


9. PoFer Beach Resort

PoFer Beach ResortPoFer Beach Resort Pool

Spend a perfect spot for your vacation where you can relax, refresh, and recharge at PoFer Beach Resort, located in Tambongon, San Remigio. As you know San Remigio has a unique climate that makes your day full of fun!

Here you can enjoy wonderful accommodation from their swimming pool to the beach and enjoy a meal while listening to their entertaining acoustic night to end your day. So take a break and don’t let your worries stop you from enjoying the vacation you deserve!

PoFer Beach Resort Menu


8. Dolphin House Resort Moalboal

Dolphin House Resort SPA Watersports Dolphin House Resort SPA Watersports Ning-ning Bar

We are halfway on the list and we hope you find something eye-catching from this list. And we have included Dolphin House Resort Moalboal in this list as this resort is also one of the best resorts with  a swimming pool and beach in Cebu!

This resort is located on the west coast of Cebu Island. Here you’ll get to relax with their tropical garden and enjoy a world-class snorkeling and diving experience!

Dolphin House Resort SPA Watersports Spa Bar

They also offer various activities for their quest to enjoy during their stays such as tennis, billiards, spa, and more! By the beachfront, you can also enjoy and relax at their lounges and little huts where you can enjoy drinks and food right in the shade of palm trees and greenery with a stunning view over the ocean.

This resort is valued in preservation when it comes to the environment above and underwater. This is definitely a must-visit resort!


7. Les Maisons D’Itac

Les Maisons D'Itac Les Maisons D'Itac Food

Les Maisons D’Itac is a three-star resort situated in Ronda, Cebu. They offer you elegantly furnished and decorated rooms as you stay giving a homey sensation. You will get to enjoy your morning as they offer room service and enjoy a hearty breakfast in the morning.

Les Maisons D'Itac Pool

This resort also provides you with their private pool for the best experience along with their private beach area is definitely a perfect spot for a tranquil vacation getaway!


6. Turtle Beach Resort

Turtle Beach Resort Pool Turtle Beach Resort Cottage

In addition to the best resorts with a swimming pools and beaches in Cebu, we also include an affordable vacation getaway at Turtle Beach Resort located in Panalipan, Catmon. It’s a perfect place to enjoy fun activities in the pool and at the beach.

The resort offers a variety of accommodations that best suit your friends and family’s needs. Their rooms for your overnight stay are well-equipped and if you’re not planning for an overnight stay the resort also has bahay-kubo accommodation. Plan your vacation escapade!


5. Pescadores Seaview Suites

Pescadores Seaview Suites Pescadores Seaview Suites Food

Pescadores Seaview Suites is situated by the sea in Moalboal an ideal place to hold occasions and where family, friends, and couples can guarantee a comfortable vacation. This beachfront hotel offers a wide range of selection for rooms, villas, and suites that are well-equipped. And you can also enjoy their delicious authentic food filled with a homey taste!

You can also enjoy accommodations from the resort where you can leisurely enjoy your day with a massage spa, a game area at your own disposal, and tourist attractions such as Whale Shark Watching, Osmena Peak Tour, Island Hopping, and Kawasan Falls. Experience a fun vacation in this hot weather by the sea!


4. Virgin Beach Resort

Virgin Beach Resort Virgin Beach Resort Pool

Virgin Beach Resort is a fun-filled activity for your whole family or friends as you can enjoy various outing activities! Here you get to enjoy their accommodation such as a swimming pool, access to the beach, golf and camping area! Despite its age, the resort keeps its youthful look to keep its loyal guests feel relaxed with the resort abundant with greenery.


3. Elegant Beach Resort

Elegant Beach Resort House Elegant Beach Resort Pool

Another famous and popular preferred beach resort nestled in San Remigio, Elegant Beach Resort! Here you’ll get to experience a luxurious-life staycation experience with their various fun facilities. As you get to experience it first-hand it will be hard to leave as most guests fall in love with its elegant beauty giving you a wholesome experience for your staycation!

Elegant Beach Resort Shoreline

This resort gives you the warmth of the sun by the sea and abundant nature with a cool fresh breeze. And it’s definitely a must-go resort as they can accommodate big groups and spending time with your friends and family will make your staycation worthwhile and memorable!


2. Pangeas Beach Resort

Pangeas Beach Pangeas Beach Pool

A place outside the city where you’ll get to enjoy and relax at a beautiful place and make you feel alive again? Pangeas Beach Resort located outside the city in Liloan, is an ideal vacation getaway and one of the best resorts with a swimming pool and beach in Cebu to spend with your family and barkada!

It is situated by the beach and as you enter the resort you are welcomed with their beautiful garden and overlooking the spectacular sea view will definitely make everyone achieve complete serenity and peace. So bring friends and barkada for a relaxing vacation!


1. Fantasy Lodge

Fantasy Lodge Fantasy Lodge Relaxing Area

And lastly, in this list, we ranked Fantasy Lodge as the top of the best resorts with a swimming pool and beach in Cebu, as this resort offers cozy and well-furnished rooms with a magnificent sea view. This resort is an ideal spot for couples, family, or friends to enjoy. And the favorite spot where guests enjoy sunbathing and enjoy the view. As you book your vacation in this resort you’ll get access to the pool, their private beach, and their beautiful garden.

Fantasy Lodge Dip

Here you’ll get to enjoy your vacation fully with various fun activities such as diving, snorkeling, massage and spa, adventurous tours, karaoke, and many more! Book your stay for that mesmerizing vacation getaway!


Tropical State of Mind!

Inhale and relax your state of mind in a wonderful tropical paradise for a vacation. Let it be the day you heal and enjoy a day with no pressure from work or school and experience that tranquil vacation of a lifetime!

Did you enjoy our Best Resorts with Swimming Pools and Beaches in Cebu? Which of these places have you tried and would recommend? Do you want to add something to the list? Feel free to share it with us!


Written by Bea Ventura

Hi, I'm Bea. I'm a college student at the same time an adventurous person who loves to travel. I am also outgoing and always looking for new challenges.

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