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Goshen Resort and Hotel: Phillipines’ Roman-Inspired Family Destination | Bamban, Tarlac

Feel like a tourist walking through the resort!

Need a quick getaway trip? This summer find yourself in a majestic place where you can feel like you’re abroad but you’re still in the Philippines! Which is why Goshen Resort and Hotel is the place that you should set your eyes on for your trip. Spend time roaming around this popular resort and take a look around at what they have to offer at…

Goshen Resort and Hotel

A few kilometers away from Clark International Airport, catch yourself in a trance-like state as you step inside Tarlac’s finest destination resort, Goshen Resort and Hotel! Staying at the hotel feels like a theme park and that’s because of the beautiful landmarks located around the vicinity.

At first glance, it doesn’t look like a hotel until you pass by the rooms located near the swimming pool area. Take a tour with us at Goshen Resort and Hotel and check out the services that they have to offer!

Goshen Coliseum

Photo by How She Wonders

Also known as the “Dambana ni Yahweh,” the Goshen Coliseum is the main attraction when guests come to visit the area. It resembles the world-famous Colosseum or the Flavian Amphitheater located in Rome, Italy.

You can actually opt to sight-see around the area for a maximum of 4 hours instead of checking in with the Goshen Resort and Hotel with a rate of P150 per head. And, you can access the Cafe Roma near the coliseum!

Standard Room

At Goshen Resort and Hotel, they showcase plenty of rooms where you and your company can stay for a night or two. The standard rooms at Goshen vary in a resort type and hotel type. The only difference between the two is the distance from the pool area and some furnitures inside the room itself.

The standard room comes with a queen sized bed facing a vanity mirror with the room’s own restroom. Ranging from a price of P3,500 to P4,500, their standard rooms can accommodate around 2-4 guests making it perfect for you and your family!


For those who are travelling with friends around Tarlac, stay at Goshen Resort and Hotel for sightseeing, an adventure, and relaxation! Their bunkhouse room at P10,000 can host up to 20 guests with a maximum of 10 beds in the room.

This way you get to stay with everyone in the group without the need of wandering around the vicinity looking for their room. For smaller groups, they also have a dorm type room fit for 10 people!

Presidential Suite

Feeling fancy this summer? Take your family to Goshen Resort and Hotel and check in at their finest AOG President suite! This suite has its own kitchen, living room, and balcony overlooking the widespread area of the resort. Feel like you never left the comfort of your own home when you choose to stay with Goshen!

Swimming Pool

Hidden behind the tall walls of the area, the swimming area also feels like you’re in Rome with pillars surrounding the pool. They have a kiddie pool for children, and a larger pool for adults so everyone can take a dip!

Cafe Roma

Photo by The Mhayonnaise

Cafe Roma is Goshen Resort and Hotel’s very own cafe where guests can enjoy their meals after roaming around the place. They have a variety of menu items in the cafe, where some of which are Italian food. It definitely matches the vibe at Goshen!

Menu at Cafe Roma

Take A Trip at the Mini Rome in Tarlac

Fool your friends into thinking that you’re in Rome this summer! Have fun touring around Goshen Resort and Hotel, and explore the wonders of Tarlac more. Beat the heat with friends and spend more time with them at Goshen!

Contact Details

Contact Number: 0968 729 8590

Social Media: Facebook

Parking Space: There is a parking area designated around the resort.

Affordability: The rooms are not that cheap, however you are getting the best out of your money with the facilities offered at Goshen!

Business Hours: 2:00 PM Check-in Time and 12:00 PM Check-out Time

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