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Armada Taqueria: Serving Traditional Mexican Street Food in Cebu | Lapu-Lapu City, Cebu

As Dora would say it, Muy Delicioso!

We all know that Filipino food has a lot of similarities to Mexican cuisine. And because of how similar the two are, we’ve learned to love the taste of their very own Mexican street food! Due to the strong demand for authentic Mexican food, Armada Taqueria is offering Cebuanos a strong game for the traditional taste of the South! Tacos, burritos, quesadillas? Explore a new food stall and grab your favorite Mexican street food at…

Armada Taqueria

Found on the island of Mactan, see yourself saying “Hola!” once you enter the cozy place of Armada Taqueria! Filled with picture frames, the restaurant showcases Mexican roots and artworks inspired by the Mexican holiday, Día de Los Muertos, or the Day of the Dead. It is like taking a quick trip to Mexico while getting filled with their traditional street food!

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Armada Taqueria started operating its services to the public last year when the town was still in Enhanced Community Quarantine (ECQ). However, the pandemic did not stop them from making sure that Cebuanos near the area can grasp the authentic flavors of Mexican cuisine.

Derived from the Spanish word “Armada,” which means “fleet,” the restaurant was established to ensure that they serve as many Cebuanos as possible. And while “Taqueria” means a taco-based restaurant, they’ve ventured out into a broader range of Mexican street food!

The Owners

Behind the success of Armada Taqueria are the owners, Sheila del Corro and Marcu Dungog, who both have the passion for cooking. They started the brand as a hobby while having fun in a small food stall in Paseo de Amores. When the opportunity knocked on their doors, they grabbed it and opened the main branch of the restaurant in Gold Mountain Center. Together, these cousins have developed the wide menu that customers go crazy for!

We wouldn’t want to keep you waiting for the best part of Armada Taqueria which is the extensive line of Mexican street food that they have to offer. Check out below some of the items found on their menu and their recommended best-sellers to hungry customers!

Mexican Street Food

Mexican street food is never new to our palettes. Which is why Armada Taqueria is the rising restaurant that you should explore right now! No need to travel away from the island when you can savor the taste of authentic Mexican food located near you.

Senior Carnitas Taco

When you need a light appetizer to start the meal, the Senior Carnitas taco from Arnada Taqueria is an excellent option! Filled with carnitas, which means “little meat” and shredded lettuce, then later topped with a delicious pico de gallo, find yourself savoring the traditional flavors that this taco has to offer. Another best-seller from their taco menu is the Shrimp Taco and El Camaron Taco, which the owners also recommend!


Now, Mexican street food is never complete without a taste of the savory burrito! What makes their burrito so tasty is the goodness of ground pork, Mexican rice, black beans, cream cheese sauce, salsa combined in their homemade fresh tortilla. You should try the all-time favorite Papi Chulo Burrito from Armada Taqueria! And, if you want to try a sisig flavor, their newest Sisig burrito is also becoming a best-seller!

Caseosa Quesadilla

Who can forget about our favorite quesadillas? The Caseosa Quesadilla at Armada Taqueria is made with their homemade fresh tortilla, minced pork, melted cheese, tomato, onions, cilantro, and a special jalapeño cheese dip. So, when you need a quick afternoon snack, make sure to drop by this restaurant for your quesadilla cravings!

Buenas Nacho

A barkada favorite indeed! Nachos are the best when paired with drinks for everyone in the friend group. The Buenas Nacho at Armada Taqueria is the bomb with nachos topped with ground pork, onions, tomatoes, special cheese sauce, and with your salsa of choice. For a bigger option, opt for their other best-seller, the Nacho Supremo. A definite pulutan to pair with your favorite cocktails! Bottoms up!



From the South to Your Mouth

For a gastronomic Mexican adventure, drop by Armada Taqueria and get ready to be blown away the authenticity of the food! We may be thousands of miles away from Mexico, but we are just a few kilometers away from this restaurant. Explore your new all-time picks when it comes to Mexican cuisine when you come by Armada Taqueria for the ultimate Mexican street food experience!

Contact Details

Contact Number: 0945 354 2986

Social Media: Facebook

Parking Space: A parking space is available in front of the restaurant.

Accessibility: You can easily spot the restaurant as it is located beside the street.

Affordability: The food is affordable and can be consumed by a lot of customers to share.

Business Hours:

  • Main Branch – 12:00 PM to 10:00 PM Daily
  • Food Stall – 3:00 PM to 10:00 PM

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Written by Rose Sangre

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