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The Cheesecake Lounge: The Home of Your Favorite Cheesecakes | Lapu-Lapu City, Cebu

Too beautiful to eat!

The Cheesecake Lounge Interior

Craving for a creamy delight cheesecake with your friends or family during a break in the afternoon? The Cheesecake Lounge will serve you a tasty variety of cheesecakes for you to enjoy. If you are having trouble deciding which flavor of cheesecake to buy, try the assorted cheesecake sampler cupcakes for you to get a taste of all their exquisite cheesecakes in one order! Dine now and indulge in delicious cheesecakes at…

The Cheesecake Lounge

The Cheesecake Lounge Staff

Located in Lapu-lapu City, The Cheesecake Lounge is your next place when you want to spend time eating delectable desserts with your best friends! Here, you get to enjoy and relax along with their great selection of cafe music as you find comfort in that delicious cake— indeed, your next top pick for a modernized style lounge. The place is simple, relaxing, and clean, ensuring your safety, especially during the pandemic.

Despite this, they are confident in providing you with delicious treats provided by polite and friendly employees. Ensure that you’ll have a pleasant and relaxing afternoon break at The Cheesecake Lounge, starting with their…

Creamylicious Cheesecakes

Aside from enjoying a relaxing afternoon break with your friends or family, maybe you’d want to work in a different environment for your work from home or online classes? You can enjoy working on your backlogs with various delicious cheesecakes at the lounge, ranging from Mango Bravo Cheesecakes, Tiramisu Cheesecakes, Ube Cheesecakes, and more! Relieve your stress with sweet desserts!


Of course, an afternoon break is not complete without a cup of coffee to pair with sweet treats! While you munch on your cheesecake at The Cheesecake Lounge, an extensive menu of their drinks is also open for consideration to complete the snack. So while you munch on those delectable treats, quench your thirst with either their hot or cold beverages.

Chocolate Pralines

We’re also excited for The Cheesecake Lounge as they are serving a new menu for everyone to enjoy! Behold, the Chocolate Pralines! What are these you may ask? These are chocolate candies filled with different flavors like Hazelnut, Peanut Butter, Ube, Cookie Butter and more!

The Chocolate Praline is molded into beautiful shapes and some are designed with fine edible gold dust. You must order one because The Cheesecake Lounge experience is not complete without it!

Lounge Area

The Cheesecake Lounge Interior UpfrontThe Cheesecake Lounge Interior DownstairThe Cheesecake Lounge Interior Upstair

Relax in one of The Cheesecake Lounge’s various lounge areas to make your visit more comfortable. When you first enter, be greeted by the minimalist artsy interior. You may access their lounge area upstairs, which has a view of the scene below, and you can enjoy the space downstairs, which would be ideal for large groups.


The Cheesecake Lounge Menu The Cheesecake Lounge Samplers

Contact Details

Address: City Time Square – Mactan, Lapu-Lapu City

Open Hour: 10:00 AM – 8:00 PM on Mondays to Sundays

Contact Number: (032) 272 0640

Social Media: Facebook and Instagram

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