Johanne Siy of Singapore’s Lolla Restaurant has been awarded Female Chef of the Year!

Excellent Culinary Skills

Johanne Siy

First ever Filipina Chef Johanne Siy was awarded Female Chef of the Year by Singapore’s World Gourmet Awards 2021. And obtain the prestigious title “excellent culinary skill” from WAG for her outstanding skills towards her culinary career!

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With her daily engagement in the kitchen’s operations and her culinary skills. She was evaluated for her levels of leadership, professionalism, creativity, consistency, and commitment to quality. She truly deserves to be the Female Chef of the Year! Check out more of her astonishing achievements and journey of…

Johannes Siy

Lolla Restaurant

Lolla Restaurant Interior Lolla Restaurant Interior

A little background of the Filipina chef. Johanne Siy joined Lolla as the head chef serving “inspired yet simple small-plates combining the finest ingredients and seasonal produce with the influences of the Mediterranean” and leaning also towards Nordics making a dish perfect harmony and balanced.

Three month into the role and former sous chef, her current mentor Chef Andre Chiang of the now-defunct Restaurant Andre gave his utmost compliment for her outstanding skills and said “she chose a different path, letting simplicity shine underneath those flavours of hits and punches.”

Mediterranean but also Nordic

Spot Prawn Crudo

Spot Prawn Crudo, Sea Urchin, Caviar Spot Prawn Crudo, Sea Urchin, Caviar (2)

As Siy part take the road of her culinary career she introduce one of the her seven-course omakase menu. The Spot Prawn Crudo, topped with raw sea urchin and clumps of caviar alternately, produces a wonderful harmony with its rich premium sauces, opting instead to accent the plate with a zesty ponzu vinaigrette complete with splotches of spring onion oil and squeeze of lime. Make this dish so magnificent!

Mayura Station Tri-Trip


And of course the main dish of her omekase menu the Mayura Station Tri Tip Steak. The steak itself, has been slow-cooked for 15 hours then seared in a hot pan. The steak all the more gives off a complete vibrant hint of caramel making the steak more flavour along with a garnished bincho-grilled Swiss chard dressed with beef fat and sherry vinaigrette.

Berries & Fruits

Berries and Flower

Siy also serves a delicious plate of desserts focused on strawberries matched with pollen-dotted Fior di Latte ice cream holding a pool of hazelnut oil in its well lingering aroma makes it an indulgent treat. Fior di Latte is, of course, the purest of dairy, so beautiful in its shape and making for the most exquisite mouthfeel—intensely creamy to the point of being overwhelming.

Truly Inspiring with Awe

Johanne Siy

With just her omakase seven-course menu. Chef Siy still continued to add new dishes to her menu and bring light to a new discovery indulging flavor, and along with her journey will continue to surprise and inspire young chef in world of culinary. This may just be a beginning for her journey and we look forward to hearing from her in the future!


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