The Top 15 Best Pools in Cebu: Time to Have Fun in the Sun!

Make this summer a blast!

The rainy season might be here, but summer vacation is not yet over for many of us! Not fond of beaches? The Best Pools in Cebu can help you with your worries! With over dozens of choices, don’t let the rain spoil the summer vacation and take a long dip at the…

Top 15 of the Best Pools in Cebu

15. Chateau Blanc

Photo by Kim Herrera

To start the Best Pools in Cebu list, the first location is a hidden gem in the heart of the city lies in Guadalupe. Looking for a private accommodation for you and your family? Chateau Blanc is a private resort that serves those who want to spend a night or two away from the city’s noise. What’s best about Chateau Blanc is the infinity pool that overlooks the city from above. Feel like you’re in Cloud 9 while taking a swim on top of Cebu!

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14. Cebu Westown Lagoon

A popular family destination found in Mandaue City, Cebu Westown Lagoon takes pride for their castle-like structure found in the center of the pool area. Kids would absolutely love to play around the pool and it includes a slide too! It is definitely one of the most sought-out spots for families to have a fun-filled day.

Not only that, apart from the fun, adults can also swim and relax on the other side of the resort where rooms are located. A different swimming pool is found directly in between the room buildings. So, when you want to jump in the water after a long nap, the pool is all yours!

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13. Hagnaya Beach Resort

Situated in the north of Cebu, in San Remigio, Hagnaya Beach Resort is one of the known resorts in the area. With a spacious pool that can fit over 50 guests, and a kiddie pool for the little ones, you are in for a fun-filled day at Hagnaya Beach Resort. You can also relax in their jacuzzi and slide down straight to the 6 feet pool!

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12. Villa Teresita Resort Cebu

Next on our Best Pools in Cebu list, Villa Teresita Resort is a resort fit for all ages! When you are looking for somewhere that can accommodate all sorts of heights, from the kids to the adults, spend your day at Villa Teresita. Located in Talisay City, the pool area at this resort features a kiddie pool, a massive pool that has a slide, and an olympic-size pool. The choices are endless when you choose to relax at Villa Teresita!

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11. Mountain View Nature’s Park

Looking for a pool that can soothe your soul? At Mountain View Nature’s Park, you take a clearer view of the mountainside! Found in between the mountains of Busay, Cebu, is a pool park fit for friends and family. Opened last 2017, Mountain View Nature’s Park have added a new feature to the park, an infinity pool so you can get a clearer view of Cebu from atop.

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10. Elegant Beach Resort

Another gem in the north, Elegant Beach Resort is located in a rather secluded area in Anapog, San Remigio. In this resort, they showcase two different pools. One pool is located in the entrance of the resort which can be accessed by day-use guests and the infinity pool is located near the beach area. Their infinity pool ranges from 4ft to 7ft and also has a kiddie pool beside it!

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9. Busay Holiday Pools

Let’s add one more mountain resort to relax at! Busay Holiday Pools is for those who have a larger group with them. Featuring 3 different pool areas, 2 for adults and 1 for children, making it more enjoyable for everyone coming! A lot of cottages can also be found around the poolside so you can easily spot your belongings. Come grab your friends and bring them along for a soothing day!

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8. Maayo San Remigio

Halfway to our Best Pools in Cebu list, a new resort in the north of Cebu is also making their way to the line-up. Maayo San Remigio boasts of their beautiful and elegant infinity pool. With lounge chairs in the pool itself, and on the poolside Looking for a place to call paradise during this weekend? Spend it blissfully at Maayo!

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7. Summit Galleria Cebu

Looking for indoor pools this summer? Summit Galleria Cebu is one of the hotels in Cebu that features a long indoor pool for guests staying in the hotel. Check in at Summit Galleria Cebu and take a look at the scenic view of Cebu City from above!

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6. Waterfront Cebu City Hotel and Casino

If you’re from Cebu, you’ve probably heard of Waterfront Hotel and Casino. The outdoor pool at this hotel is very spacious and is also elegant-looking especially during the evening. It is split into 3 different sections and serves a partition for the different depths of the pool. A gazebo is also found in the center of the pool so guardians can watch their kids having fun in the sun!

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5. bai Hotel

Found in the heart of Mandaue City, the pool of bai Hotel is one of the best infinity pool located in the city. From the 23rd floor, take a look at the scenic view of Mandaue City from above! The pool also has multiple lounge couches available by the side where you can place your towels and belongings. Believe us when we tell you that pictures taken from bai Hotel’s infinity pool turn out amazing!

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4. Serenity Farm and Resort Busay

Another infinity pool to jump into our Best Pools in Cebu list is the one from Serenity Farm and Resort Busay! Serenity Farm and Resort is a private and exclusive resort with accommodations for up to 35 people for day use, nightly group stays, and catered events. The resort has a lovely infinity pool with a spectacular panoramic view of Cebu’s hilly scenery in Busay!

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3. Ring Resthouse

Situated in Banika, Lower South Hills, Tisa, the Ring Resthouse showcases a wide pool fit for team gathering, family reunions, and the likes! The resthouse has a pool for adults and children, as well as cottages along the poolside for the guests who would like to stay for the day. They also have a mini bar and accommodations for overnight guests. The resthouse also provides a spectacular view of the city, which is even more stunning as the sun sets over the horizon!

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2. JPark Island Resort

Waterparks are no exemption from our list! JPark Island Resort and Waterpark is one of the top resorts for families to come and enjoy the summer at. The pool at JPark Island Resort has a fun concept to it with an island in the middle. On the other side of the park, there are playful waterslides that teens will surely look forward to!

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1. Shangri-La Mactan Cebu

And first on our Best Pools in Cebu, Shangri-La Mactan has two swimming pools. The Main Wing pool has an Aquaplay area and a thrilling water slide, making it a popular destination for kids. Also, the Buko Bar along the pool serves refreshments and drinks to guests.

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