Must-Try Dishes In Akita Japanese Restaurant

“Oh my God, a Japanese restaurant!” That was my first reaction when I saw Akita.  Akita is owned by Mr. Toshiro Ishihara. The store is located at GND Arcade, F Cabahug Street, Kasambagan, Cebu City.
Honestly, I haven’t eaten in a Japanese restaurant before so that would be my first time. When we entered the place, at first you wouldn’t feel the Japanese ambiance. You would feel relaxed because of the green interiors of the restaurant.
As I sat down, I was surprised that there were Pringles (sour cream and cheese flavour) and peanuts on the table (maybe they’re appetizers? I was really not sure). Then, I went to the table where they served the food and it was all vegetables. They served Broccoli mayo, Mediterranean Salad, Morokyo Miso ( Japanese cucumber), Sushi with Japanese mayo on top, Jagaimo Kinpira (sautéed potato), and Bean Sprouts. These are all vegetables, and yeah! It’s very healthy (I’m not really a fan of vegetables, sorry).

Jagaimo Kinpira by Akita Japanese Restaurant
Jagaimo Kinpira

Mediterranean Salad by Akita Japanese Restaurant
Mediterranean Salad

Bean Sprouts by Akita Japanese Restaurant
Bean Sprouts

I got some sushi, and sautéed potato and it was surprisingly good, especially the sushi (there was mango at the center and you can feel a tingling sensation in your tongue). I thought that would be all that they will serve but I was wrong.
sushi by Akita Japanese Restaurant
So here are the top three foods that I really liked because it really tasted great.

Top 3 Akita Japanese Restaurant Dish

This is Nikumori, thin sliced grilled pork tenderloin. You can really feel in your mouth the juiciness of the pork and you can still taste the spices used in it.
Nikumori by Akita Japanese Restaurant

Top 2 Akita Japanese Restaurant Dish

Second on my list was Teriyaki Chicken, grilled chicken with teriyaki sauce, sesame seeds and spring onions. This really was delicious. The smooth texture of the chicken and it was really soft and easy to chew.
Teriyaki Chicken by Akita Japanese Restaurant

Top 1 Akita Japanese Restaurant Dish

Who doesn’t love ramen? This is Miso Ramen, their best seller in Akita. Actually it was really delicious. The hot soup of the ramen heated up my body (well because the place was very cold). The noodles were so smooth and firm and it’s like the noodles sipped the ramen soup which made it more delicious.
Miso Ramen by Akita Japanese Restaurant
When it comes to the service, the servers were really nice. They offer you drinks on the spot, and they were quite friendly. It’s like you’ll feel comfortable around them.
Of course you’ll ask if how much the food there cost, well I can say that they are all affordable. Akita mostly serves vegetable dishes because the owner wants his customers to have a break from meaty and oily foods. But don’t worry, they also serve meat.
To sum it all up, the food was really great and affordable. The place is easy to locate. The people there are so nice especially the owner, Mr. Toshiro. So to the Japanese food lovers out there or to those who just want to taste the food of Japan, Akita is the right place for you. Visit the restaurant and you’ll never regret going there.


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