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Top 15 Things to do in Cebu North

It’s time to adventure north!

Explore the beauty of Cebu North with its breathtaking tourist attractions and experiences that will surely give you your best outing,  from islands, beach resorts, nature, restaurants, and local delicacies. Name it! Top 15 Things to do in Cebu north will make it happen!

If you’re planning a trip to Cebu’s popular destination, here are some important travel recommendations to keep in mind. Find out the things you must do when you are in North Cebu, everything is gathered from the newest and updated most visited places. Discover the…

Top 15 Things to Do When in Cebu North

15. Taste the Bibingka from Catmon

To start our to-do list let’s start with a delicacy! If you happen to be travelling to north Cebu, one of the most tasteful local delicacies is found in the streets of Catmon. First thing you know when you are already in Catmon is that you will see stalls selling Bibingka. Bibingka is a rice cake that is traditionally cooked in clay pots lined with banana leaves. So, a piece of advice! Don’t just eat alone, bring some pasalubong for your family and friends.

Contact Details

Exact location: Catmon, Cebu City

14. Nelmon’s Banwa

Photo by Nelmon’s Banwa
Photo by Anne Pascual

Looking for a relaxing place in Cebu north is not hard especially the provinces are continuously improving! Let’s swing in here to the newest resting place located in Borbon, Cebu. Nelmon’s Banwa is the best destination to unwind and relax together with your family and friends.

Experience its breathtaking view of nature and “banwa-feels” nest! Plus with affordable foods such as fries, milktea, lamaw, coffee and many more that will definitely give you your best banwa experience.

Contact Details

Exact location: Bili, Borbon, Cebu City

Contact number: 0929 097 0507

Business Hour:  Open daily at 6am to 6pm

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13. Guiwanon/Banyan Cold Spring

Photo by Craig Abunda
Photo by Adrian Josh Lepiten

Cold dipping? Not a problem! If you are looking for a place to relax your body here in the Northern province of Cebu then you must consider visiting Guiwanon Cold spring that is perfect  for countering summer heat.  

Guiwanon Cold Spring is a popular tourist site for Tabogon residents as well as residents of adjacent towns such as Sogod and Bogo City. Getting to this location isn’t difficult, and if you’re unfamiliar with the area, just remind the driver or bus conductor to drop you off at Cold Spring.

Contact Details

Exact location: Maslog, Tabogon, Cebu

Contact number: +63323428888

Business Hour: Open daily at 8am to 5pm

12. ML Escapade

Photo by Aligato John Rey

When it comes to travel goals, going to the beach resort never goes out of our mind especially here in Cebu. Well, another premium beach owned by the Lhuillers’ will soon to open here in Bogo City. Things you must expect are their peaceful ambiance, world-class amenities, and breath-taking views.  So, be updated because surely a fun-filled day awaits the whole family and friends here at ML Escapade.

Contact Details

Exact location: Odlot, Bogo City, Cebu

11. Capitancillo Islet

Photo by Vigattin Tourism
Photo by Capitancillo Islet

If your goal for your upcoming outing is island hopping, you might consider hopping in Capitancillo Islet.  Well, according to folklore, Capitancillo was named after Kapitan Basillo, the captain of Spanish trading vessel. 

Here in Capitancillo you’ll get to experience its clear waters and sun’s heat perfect for diving and snorkeling, plus it’s a great place to take photos and scenic visits. Capitancillo Islet is just a minute drive from Odlot or Nailon using a small pump boat that can accomodate 10-15 passengers. 

Contact Details

Exact location: Siocon, Bogo City

Contact number: 0927-222-8063

Business hours: Opens daily at 7am to 2pm

10. Marz Valley Nature Park

Photo by Tim My
Photo by Anne Lucille Pascual

The pandemic has been the major armageddon of our vacation plans, it totally cancelled everything. But this time? It’s time to scream and shout “Hakuna Matata” here in Marz Valley Nature Park. They just had their grand opening early this June 20,2021, and guess what? People are already in commotion!

For just the P30.00 entrance fee you can already enjoy the fresh and scenic view of the place. Plus! Their recreational activities such as ATV and Carabao riding will definitely give you your best adventure.

And if your game for today is chill and food, then, Kusina ni Lydia is here for you that provides healthy dragon-fruit refreshments and delicious native filipino foods. Enjoy now with your friends and family. Don’t forget to bring your cameras and capture your best experience.

Contact Details

Exact location: Sitio, Dawis, Brgy. Banban Bogo City, Cebu

Contact number: 0930 253 3484

Business hours: Opens daily at 10am to 8pm

9. Devour Bogo’s Famous Pintos

Photo by Sugbo Cravings
Photo by Pering’s Pintos

Ever heard of the song “Pintos sa Bogo”? Well, Pintos is what makes Bogo famous, especially Pering’s secret recipe that stays in their family over the years preserving its own. Pintos in Bogo made an appearance in Kapuso mo Jessica Soho and they commended the dessert for its unique savory taste. 

Pintos come from different flavors such as Buko, Choco, Cheese, and Pineapple. So, if you’re planning to travel here in Bogo then you must exit the place bringing pintos as pasalubong to your family and friends.

Contact Details

Exact location: Dakit, Bogo City

Contact number: (0906) 887 5372

Business hour: Available Daily

8. Great foods and chill with mountain views at Arki’s Grill and Restobar

Photo by Arki’s Grill and Resto Bar

Searching for a place to dine and chill? Well, worry no more! Experience and find solace in the mountain area of the Bogo City as you enjoy the panoramic views of captivating city lights and calming environment at Arki’s Grill and Restobar. They just had their soft opening early this May 22,2021 and people already welcomed them with so much joy and eagerness. 

Arki’s Grill and Restobar is the perfect place to chill and relax especially with their great foods and drinks that will surely give you and your company the best time. Stitch your cameras with you because the best times are required to be captured!

Contact Details

Exact location: Libertad, Bogo City, Cebu


Business hour: Opens daily at 12pm to 11pm

7. Lapyahan Beach Resort

Photo by Maistrang Laagan
Photo by Municipality of San Remegio

Travelling here in North is quite costly especially their top destinations. So, if your goal here in Cebu north is experiencing its beautiful beaches without spending so much, then, we highly recommend you Lapyahan Beach of San Remegio.

This beach is public with a P10 entrance fee. The location of this beach is not difficult to find since it is located near the church where everyone knows about. So, travelling here with a budget pocket is not a worry! 

Contact Details

Exact location: Poblacion, San Remigio, Cebu

6. Mar Azul Bar and Restaurant

Photo by Mar Azul Bar and Restaurant

Cebu North never ran out of surprises! Just like this newly opened Bar and Restaurant located in San Remegio, that definitely gives you the comfort especially with their inspired Bali designs. Dine in with sea and sunset view here in Mar Azul Bar and Restaurant.

We suggest you try their Banca Eat All You Can together with your family and friends. Plus! The night will even nighter especially every Friday for their live band.

Contact Details

Exact location: 008 Rizal st. San Remegio, Cebu

Contact number: 0927 449 2165

Business hour: Open daily at 11am to 11:30pm (Friday 9:00pm)

5. Elegant Beach Resort

Photo by Anne Lucille Pascual

Heads up everyone! We are now down to the number 5 pick in Cebu north. Summer may be over to some but not for everyone! Are you looking for a place to relax and unwind your sanity? Then you’re in the right place to seek. 

It’s time to stay away from home for a while. Pack your bags now and take the advantage to experience the comfort and breathtaking views here at Elegant Beach Resort that offers wide essentials such as cozy rooms, single detached houses, and a beautiful turquoise pool. Book your plans now!

Contact Details

Exact location: Anapog, San Remegio, Cebu

Contact number: (032) 516 0633

Business hour: Always Open

4. Medellin Bamboo Forest

Photo by Medellin Bamboo Forest
Photo by Lee Zele Hortado Amancio

Calling all Anime lovers! Now’s the time to unleash the Anime side of you here in Medellin Bamboo Forest. With the entrance fee of P20.00 you can now enjoy the sensation of Japan and have fun picture taking wearing their “Yukata” costume along with their beautiful bamboo surroundings. You can also have your pre-nuptials and debut photoshoot here with no extra fee. Tanoshinde!

Contact Details

Exact location: Medellin, Cebu

Contact number: 0917 634 2901

Business hour: Opens daily at 7am to 8pm

3. Medellin Aisle Restobar

Photo by Medellin Aisle Restobar

Aside from Bamboo Forest of Medellin, now’s also the time to officially put on your bucket list of travels their Medellin Aisle, perfect for road trippin’ here in Cebu North. And speaking of road trips? 

We suggest to take your stop here at Medellin Aisle Restobar, they offer best night experiences especially with their great foods, drinks, and live bands every weekend. So, riders and travelers? You know the drill!

Contact Details

Exact location: Medellin, Cebu

Contact number: 0935 858 7266

Business hour: Always Open

2. Bouganvillea Beach Park

Photo by Bouganvilea Beach Park

Many things to do here in Cebu north, especially when your goal of vacation is extravagant and comfort. Well, Daanbantayan has its representative and its own version of greatness in terms of Resorts and Parks.

One thing to know is to book your plans now here in Bouganvillea Beach Park, just made their grand opening early this June 19, 2021 and now the new gossip and most visited place of northern tip. 

Bouganvillea Beach Park is perfect for recreational activities together with your family especially with their activities such as Kiddie zone park, jetski, speed, banana boat and many more that we lost count of.

Contact Details

Exact location:  Daanbantayan, Cebu

Contact number: 0968 354 1358

Business hour: Always open

1.Gold Sands Destination Resorts

Photo by Island Nomad

Photo by Golden Sands Destination Resort

Finally! We are now to the best of the best! It’s very evident that Cebu north has so much to offer in terms of beaches and resorts. Well, our top 1 pick for the most prestigious and premium beach is Golden Sands Destination Resort

Enjoy your travel here in Cebu north without travelling from islands to islands. Round up together with your friends and family because everything you need for a joyful and successful vacation is here in Golden Sands Destination Resort.

Contact Details

Exact location: Brgy. Suba, Maya, Daanbantayan Cebu

Contact number: 0967 401 8084

Business hour: Always Open

Now’s the time to officially put Cebu north to your bucket list of sightings and goals. Whether its a resort, restobar, beaches and food tripping, these activities will leave you with plenty of reasons to return. Cebu North is always creating new things to do in order to keep visitors coming back. 


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