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Top 15 Things to do in Cebu South

Add these destinations as you head on to Cebu South!

Photo by Lantaw de Samoboan

The southern part of Cebu is undeniably a bustling and entertaining part of the island. And why wouldn’t it be? There are so many things that can be done, food to be tasted, and places that are worth seeing in person! Cebu South boasts of a rich history with monumental sights plus they offer a lot of nature-based entertainments. So what are the…

Top 15 Things to do in Cebu South

15. Stop by Carcar for some Chicharon Snacks

Photo by MissWoman
Photo by MyCebuph

To start off, we want to make sure that you have some snacks to accompany you as you travel South. The journey is quite long and we can hardly find food to buy on the road. So, when travelling to your destinations in the South you might want to consider bringing some chicharon.

Chicharon is a crispy, tasty, snack that is perfect for your travels. But that’s not the only thing you can find in the Heritage City of Cebu, you will see lots of stalls selling some ampao and bucarillo. But we recommend the chicharon since it’s more fulfilling and if partnered with puso. You wouldn’t get hungry for a while.

Chicharon has two variants: the purley pork skin and the chicharon with traces of meat. Well, whichever you choose, they still taste delicious, especially when dipped with vinegar.  

Contact Details

Exact location: Carcar, Cebu City

Open hours: Opens daily (6am to 5pm)

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14. Visit the Vintage and Old Houses in Carcar

Photo by Out of Town Blog
Photo by Rea Ninja

Aside from Carcar’s famous delicacy, the place is also recognized as one of the most important heritage towns in the Philippines. Around 50 old houses from Spanish and American colonial period are built in this place, and most of them are located along Santa Catalina Street and the National Highway towards the Rotunda.

However, many are terribly in disrepair, and it is regrettable that we are unable to conserve many of these structures due to the prohibitively high expense and probably low public interest.

Contact Details

Exact location: Carcar, Cebu City

13. Mantayupan Falls in Barili

Photo by Journey Era

Mantayupan Falls is the highest and one of the most spectacular waterfalls in Cebu. As you can see, the rocky wall is beautifully surrounded with trees, vines, and tropical plants that makes the place feel like paradise.

It’s a straightforward experience for everyone to get to the waterfall because there are access roads all the way to the parking area and you’d only have to make a short paved walk to the waterfall.

Contact Details

Exact location: Barili, Cebu City

Business Hour:  Opens daily at 7am to 5pm

12. Simala

Photo by Cebu Bulletin

Simala Shrine is a destination of pilgrimage for believers and is regarded as one of Cebu’s most beautiful and religious destinations. It is also known as the Miraculous Mother Mary Church after the Virgin Mary statue housed within the Shrine was spotted crying, it draws hundreds of visitors every day who give thanks and hope that their prayers will be heard.

Contact Details

Exact location: Sibonga, Cebu

Open hours: Opens daily at 68am to 8pm (Monday to Sunday)

Additional Note: Simala Parish Church is an active place of worship. Modest dress is required or you will be refused entry by the security guards. Carry a sarong or cardigan with you to wear in the church.

11. Torta in Argao

Argao is one of Cebu’s culinary destinations, which simply means you will not get hungry here. So, when travelling to Simala, have a bite with its famous Torta like no other. Torta is just a simple cake but it contains sweet and savory fillings within. We expect you to buy some of these as pasalubong!

Contact Details

Exact location: Argao, Cebu

10. Canyoneering in Kawasan Falls

Photo by Journey Era
Photo by Orient Coast

Although the destination has been subjected to a lot of criticism due to its exorbitant prices. We can’t deny how beautiful Kawasan falls is. So ccream if you must! Feel the adrenaline rush running to your body as you participate in the most anticipated activity here in Kawasan Falls. Nothing gives you the most heart-pumping recreational activity than Canyoneering! 

When canyoneering, make sure to gear up for safety and bring waterproof gadgets and tight swimsuits for hassle-free experience. 

Contact Details

Exact location: Brgy. Matutinao, Badian, Cebu

Open Hour: 8:00 am. to 2:00 pm

9. Sergio’s Strawberry Farm

Have fun personally picking strawberries here in Dalaguete, Cebu. Sergio’s Strawberry farm is the only known to be producing strawberries in the province making them one of the suppliers of Cebu. Aside from strawberries, this place is also regarded as the “vegetable basket” of Cebu, so, when looking for cheap and affordable vegetables you know where to go!

Contact Details

Exact location: Mantalongon, Dalaguete, Cebu

8. Sunflower Garden

Halfway to our list of things to do in Cebu South! Apart from the beautiful beaches, cultural heritage, and delicious delicacies, Cebu has also grown its attractions for flower gardens. Visit the Sunflower Garden of Sitio, Alang-Alang, Dalaguete and have fun capturing your best photos surrounded with glorifying colors of sunflowers.

Contact Details

Exact location: Sitio Alang-alang, Dalaguete, Cebu

7. Dive in together with the Sardines of Moalboal

Photo by Lonely Planet

Moalboal is indeed a great place to visit especially with their  beautiful beaches. Well, one of the most exciting breathtaking activities here is diving together with Sardines in Panagsama Beach, Sardines mostly venture around this beach forming a spherical shape which is very cool to watch. 

To go swimming with the sardines, simply rent a mask and snorkel from your hotel or a store in town.

Contact Details

Exact location: Moalboal, Cebu

6. Tingko Beach, Alcoy  

When it comes to travel goals, going to the beaches never goes out of our mind especially here in Cebu South. Well, it’s time to dip yourself with the radiating heat here in Alcoy, experience its beautiful white sand beach, especially here in Tingko beach, a great spot for sun bathing and group activities.

Contact Details

Exact location: Tingko Beach, Alcoy, 6023 Cebu

5. Cuartel Ruins of Oslob

Photo by Endless Traveling Map

Cebu south is indeed rich in history and monumental sightings. Aside from the old houses in Carcar there are also trails of Spaniards left here in Oslob, the Cuartel Ruins. This heritage site was built in the 1860s as a military barrack, though it is not finished still it marks colonialism here in the Philippines. 

Contact Details

Exact location: Oslob, Cebu

4. Tumalog Falls

Photo by Wanders and Warriors
Photo by Lost and Wander

Summer here in Cebu only feels right when you look for a place to beat that summer heat. Well, aside from beautiful and hot beaches in Oslob here also lies their beautiful and refreshing Tumalog Falls. 

Tumalog Falls has a large swimming area at the base part of the falls and it’s surrounded with large bamboo and mossy walls making it a jungle vibe. A large cave can also be found in this falls, so, when looking for more adventure then explore the beauty inside it. 

Contact Details

Exact Location: Barangay Luka, Oslob, Cebu

3. Watch or Dive with Whale Sharks

Photo by Phbus

Well, aside cliff and waterfall jumping  we also recommend you to try Oslob Whale Shark Watching/Diving. The best time to go would be from January to April. The weather during these months is ideal for diving and swimming because there are fewer chances of rain.

It is one of the must-go destinations in the Southern part of Cebu and most well known for being one of the best spots to swim with whale sharks.

Contact Details

Exact location: Natalio Bacalso Avenue, Oslob, 6023 Cebu

Phone number: 0915 138 2988

Business hours: Opens daily at 6am to 12pm (Monday to Sunday)

2. Lantaw-lantaw at Lantaw de Samoboan

Photo by Lantaw de Samoboan

Cebu south undeniably never ran out of resources and places to amaze. We are down to our number 2 must-go destination! Have a visit here in Lantaw de Samoboan, this place is the perfect spot to have meditation and bonding with friends.

They said that the best time to be here is sunrise and sunset when you can witness the beauty of the mountain and environment being run by the light.

Contact Details

Exact location: Bulangsuran, Samoboan, Cebu

1. Binalayan Hidden Falls

Photo by Coastal Campaign
Photo by Johnny Melon

Just like what we’ve mentioned a while ago, Cebu South never ran out of amazing places. Our number 1 pick is also found in Samoboan, the Binalayan Hidden Falls. This waterfall is truly a gem in Samoboan, the main edge is that the place is hidden making it more exciting to go.

Binalayan Hidden Falls is one of the best waterfalls in Cebu that we highly recommend to you to visit, with its calming environment and nature-based activities surely a worthwhile experience.

Contact Details

Exact location: Bonbon, Samboan, Cebu

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