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Top 15 Best Chicharon in Carcar City

Crispy in every bite!

Featured Best Chicharon in Carcar

Our taste buds will never forget the classic flavors of Carcar’s best chicharon, no matter how much time passes. In every corner of Carcar, you’ll see stalls and stores selling their best chicharon even at the terminal and along the journey towards South and North Cebu. So, we listed the best chicharon that we highly recommend you to buy that no one could ever resist the…

Top 10 Best Chicharon in Carcar

10. Arvin Crispy Chicharon

First in the Best Chicharon in Carcar list is Arvin Crispy Chicharon, which is located in Campo Guadalupe. They’re famous for its crispy chicharon, which tastes even better after being dipped in a spicy vinegar. They now accept orders online, and delivery is free if you reside in Carcar! Grab a special chicharon now!


9. Flor & Tazar Special Chicharon and Banana Chips

Flor & Tazar Special ChicharonFlor & Tazar Banana Chip

Aside from chicharon do you want to buy other Cebuano delicacies? Flor & Tazar Special Chicharon and Banana Chips offers flavor chicharon and various kinds of delicacies to indulge! Flor & Tazar offers you a selection of delicacies from their best-selling product the banana chips, ampao, masareal and more.


8. Jona-Renie Special Chicharon and Delicacies

Jona-Renie Special Chicharon and Delicacies Jona-Renie Special Delicacies

Jona-Renie Special Chicharon and Delicacies is also a store that also offers various Cebuano delicacies. If you want to buy a ton of delicacies then this is an ideal spot for you. Here you can buy any amount of chicharon and other indulge delicacies!

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7. Mat-Mat Chicharon

Mat-Mat Chicharon Mat-mat Chicharons

Mat-Mat Chicharon is known for the best local delicacies and unquestionably the best chicharon in Carcar. Since the 1950’s, Mat-Mat have been selling that best chicharon as they prepare the cutted pork skin then boiled in tap water until soft. Then boil a large vat of oil twice, once at 200 degrees and once at 400 degrees, to cause the skin to inflate up and blister. Now that’s what we call chicharon!


6. Juan’s Special Chicharon

Juan's Special Chicharon_ Pasalubong Center and Restaurant

Haven’t heard of a Chicharon Manufacture having their own restaurant nearby? Juan’s Special Chicharon, situated in Ocaña Carcar have established their very own restaurant near their store. You can dine and buy your favorite Cebuano delicacies at one place. They are the first original marker of hot and spicy chicharon.


5. 3J Chicharon

3J Chicharon

We’ve made it halfway through the list, and we hope you have made up your next stop for your trip in getting the best tasting chicharon that suits your taste. And included in the list is 3J Chicharon, where take a stop and buy pasalubong for your friends and family as you travel back home.


4. Earl John Special Chicharon

Earl John Special Crispy Chicharon and Delicacies

Earl John Special Chicharon is a store where you can buy a kilo of chicharon! You can choose the type of flavor you want from spicy and special. Earl John also sells various delicacies that you might not find from other stores.


3. Carmen Otic Crispy Chicharon

Carmen Otic Crispy Chicharon

Carmen Otic Crispy Chicharon is also a player in having the best chicharon and Cebuano delicacies in town. They hold the title for having the best chicharon in Carcar! But due to the epidemic, Carmen Otic has decided to go online in order to meet the demand for the best chicharon and delicacies for every Pinoy! You can buy chicharon and other Carcar specialties in quantity right here! Order now by contacting them through their Facebook page!


2. Yoyen Special Chicharon

Yoyen Special Chicharon

Want to guarantee quality raw materials in making chicharon? Yoyen Special Chicharon assure you of quality ingredients as they turn the fresh belly fat of the pig into your favorite crucklings! They ensure that the chicharon preparation procedure meets the City Health Office’s highest standards. Also, to ensure freshness, they only store chicharon items for a week’s supply!


1. Luis Chicharon

Luis Chicharon Exterior Luis Chicharon

And lastly, in the list, we ranked Luis Chicharon as the top of the best chicharon in Carcar! With their chicharon it goes along with your kinilaw, pancit and a beer as you hang out with your friends and family!


Chicharon’s Adoration

Chicharon Adoration

Chicharon is a favorite match that goes well with beer and may be shared with friends as you hang out together in the afternoon. Chicharon can be an all around ingredient for any dish which makes it the iconic taste for every Filipino!

Did you enjoy our Top 10 Chicharon in Carcar? Which of these places have you tried and would recommend? Do you want to add something to the list? Feel free to share it with us!


Written by Bea Ventura

Hi, I'm Bea. I'm a college student at the same time an adventurous person who loves to travel. I am also outgoing and always looking for new challenges.

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