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Top 15 Tourist Spots in Bantayan Island, Cebu Philippines

Let’s hop on the best destinations to stay in Bantayan Island!

Tourist Spots in Bantayan Island

Discover the beautiful sightings and spots of Cebu’s Bantayan Island! When visiting this little island north of Cebu, find out which islands, beaches, historical, and cultural attractions are a must-see. For your travel guide? Check out the Top 15 Tourist Spots in Bantayan Island!

Travelers from all over the world are flocking to the Philippines to enjoy what is known to be  the best spots for summer vacations. To find out? Discover the…

Top 15 Tourist Spots in Bantayan Island

15.  Hop in to the magnificent Virgin Island

To start our list of Top 15 Tourist spots in Bantayan Island, let’s dive in here to the best alternative to Boracay, the Virgin Island. This island is touted as one of the main attractions of Bantayan especially with its beautiful beach and clear water, there’s no doubt that this spot is a perfect place for snorkeling and diving. 

Virgin Island is privately owned, it has cottages and hammocks that you can rent. And if you are looking for food and drinks there’s a restaurant that serves wide varieties of food.

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Exact Location: Bantayan Island, Cebu

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14. SuTuKil is worth a shot

Sutukil is a combination of three words: it’s SUgba, TUwa, and KIlaw. If you happen to be here in Bantayan Island then you must really try their wide selection of food. We recommend you to have a plate of their seafoods such as scallops, shrimps, and fishes. Have it grilled or steamed, or try it both, there will be no single regret in trying the forte of the island.

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Exact location: Santa fe, Cebu

13.  Take a short dip at Ogtong Cave

Ogtong Cave is a natural cave found in a privately-owned resort. Though this cave is not big enough to take some deep diving, surely it’s crystal blue, clearwater, and most of all it’s frigid, which is very refreshing to dip in. 

Ogtong Cave resort is very accessible, there are a lot of tricycles or habal-habal that can take you to the place. So, when looking for a modest and low-key place to vacate then consider this in your itinerary.

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Exact location: Santa Fe (Bantayan) – Hagnaya, Santa Fe, Cebu

12. Take a Breathtaking view here at the Lighthouse of Kinatarcan Island

When Visiting Bantayan Island, aside from their beautiful beaches, be sure to include the Kinatarcan Lighthouse in your itinerary. To reach the island, you may board a boat to take you there. The fare is around Php 50.00 per head for a one way trip and the travel time will take more than an hour. But the trip will be worth it as you’ll definitely be rewarded with a stunning 360-degree panorama of the island after a short trek to the top.

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Exact location: Kinatarcan, Cebu

11. Butterfly Garden in Santa Fe

If you’re traveling with children, the Santa Fe Butterfly Garden is a more relaxed destination. It is home to approximately 22 species of butterflies, and it is here that you may learn more about their existence and transformation.

There’s an entrance fee for both children and adults. Following a brief tour, you can stroll through their enchanting gardens and enjoy the captivating and dazzling varieties of butterflies in their man-made habitat.

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Exact location: Santa Fe, Cebu


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10. Mangroves at Obo-Ob Mangrove Garden

The Omagieca Obo-ob Mangrove Garden is without a doubt the island’s most popular attraction! The reason for this is that a popular Filipino film, ‘Camp Sawi,’ was made here, and it is now a mostly visited spot, particularly Filipinos, who visit the island.

Aside from being a popular attraction, one of the best things about this place is that they are environmentally conscious and encourage awareness. The people of this town are truly believers in responsible tourism. The Obo-Ob Mangrove Garden, or OMAGIECA, educates visitors about mangroves and their importance in maintaining a healthy marine ecosystem.

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Exact location: Obo-ob-Marikaban Road, Bantayan, Cebu

9. Dine here in Every Day Sunday Cafe

Photo by Johnny Melon

Where should tourists eat in Bantayan is a typical question. Well, say the words! The best spot we highly recommend that offers varieties of delectable foods and drinks is Every Day Sunday Cafe.

Every Day Sunday Cafe serves a range of Filipino cuisine and Western style breakfast and lunch options that include waffles, pancakes, adobo, and many more. For their drinks, you can have fresh juices, buko, smoothies, and of course, brewed coffee.

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Exact location: Bantayan Island, 6047 F. Roska Street, Santa Fe, Cebu

8. Visit the St. Peter and Paul Church

Halfway to our Top 15 Tourist spots, aside from islands and beautiful beaches with exotic delicacies, Bantayan is also known as one of the oldest parishes in the Philippines. The St. Peter and Paul Church was founded in 1580 during the Spanish colonial era.

In 1600, Muslim terrorists demolished the first church. In 1863, the rebuilding was completed utilizing coral stones from the islands as a building material. Up to the present date, visitors can visit the church and join festivities during the Holy week season.

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Exact location: Bantayan cebu, Pres. M. L. Quezon St., Bantayan, 6052 Cebu

7. Sandbar at Kota Beach

The Sandbar at Kota and its beach are both one of the most underrated tourist attractions here in Bantayan Island, this place is also known for the Filipino film romantic-comedy “Camp Sawi”. 

The views here are magnificent, especially at sunset and sunrise. Imagine the incredible surrealism of the sights as the sun touches the horizon, with Kota Beach’s sandbar in the center.

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Exact location: F. Duarte St, Santa Fe, Cebu

6. 1970s Fort at Kota Park

Photo by Simple Tripper

A visit to Kota Park in Madridejos is a great way to round out your vacation. The park features a beach, a pier, and an old fort from the 1970s. With all of it as a backdrop, you can expect equally spectacular sunsets here. 

Aside from spectacular sunsets and sunrises here in 1970s Fort, during high tide the park is also a perfect place for swimming and at low tide you can take a long walk below and beside it.

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Exact location: Bantayan – Madridejos Rd, Madridejos, Cebu

5. Have  a relaxing stay here in Sugar Beach

Girl in hammock on Sugar Beach, Bantayan Island, Cebu, The Visayas, Philippines, Southeast Asia, Asia

One of the tourists’ favorite beaches on the island is Sugar Beach in Bantayan. Sugar Beach is a popular tourist destination because of its crystal clear seas, sugary white sands, and palm tree lined shoreline. 

Sugar Beach Bantayan is located near Santa Fe, about a 10-minute walk from Kota Beach.

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Exact location: C. Batiancila Street, Bayan ng Santa Fe, 6047 Lalawigan ng Cebu

4. Taste their Native Mamon Cakes

Photo by Johnny Melon

Exploring around the island is indeed a worthy experience, especially with its beautiful sightings and yet it’s tiring and starving at the same time. So, when in need of something to snack on, consider devouring their native Mamon Cakes baked in a traditional oven. 

Buy as many as you can and don’t forget to bring pasalubong to your loved ones.

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Exact location: Bantayan Island, Cebu

3. Coral Diving here in  Marikaban Beach

Photo by AllWorld
Photo by Freepik

Maribakan Beach is known for many activities that you can enjoy. The best things to try here are snorkelling, swimming, camping, and their delicious foods and drinks that are more enjoyable when viewing the sunsets. 

If you want to go snorkeling, go to Maribakan’s Coral Garden. Both beginners and experts enjoy this famous diving and snorkeling area.

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Exact location: Maribakan, Santa Fe, Cebu

2. Paradise Beach

Photo by Johnny Melon

Bantayan Island is truly rich in beautiful beaches, our number 2 pick is Paradise beach. This beautiful beach is also known as Sandira Beach, when you go here, one of the things you expect is the azure water that without a doubt it’s very astounding and astonishing to see. 

Paradise beach also has a powdery white shoreline, small beach caves, and tall coconut trees just the right reasons for your relaxing and peaceful stay.

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Exact location: Santa Fe, Cebu

1. Balidbid Lagoon

Photo by Johnny Melon

Finally, the top tourist spots in Bantayan Island is Balidbid Lagoon.  Balidbid Lagoon is found in the eastern coastline and it features a saltwater lagoon with an ocean inlet surrounded by lush foliage and sparkling white sandbanks.

Keep in mind that the current can be fairly strong, so know your limitations and follow the advice of the locals if they say not to swim in the lagoon.

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Exact location: Santa Fe, Cebu

Any other, tourist spots in Bantayan Island

Did we miss any Tourist Spots in Bantayan Island that should be included in this list? PM or message us and we would be glad to check on them.

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