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Top 10 Best Cafes to Hangout in Bogo City, Cebu

For your daily sweet and caffeine fix, visit one of these cafes!

The trip to Bogo City is a long one. It can take as long as 3 to 4 hours trip depending on your mode of transportation. However, those lengthy drives and travel are worth it especially as you can enjoy a wide range of local cuisines and desserts from the Best Cafes in Bogo!

As you arrive in the 6th class component city in the province of Cebu. You’ll probably be looking for some meals to stuff yourself with. But just don’t forget to have room for dessert from these…

Top 10 Best Cafes in Bogo

10. Bogo Food and Beverage Hub

Photo by Jian Ornopia

Starting off our countdown starts in 10th place is the Bogo Food and Beverage Hub. This Food and Beverage Hub is quite possibly one of the most wonderful and aromatic bistros in Bogo, exactly when you enter it, the scent of espresso beans will invite you and leave you staggered.    

This café not only serves wonderful treats like muffins, frappes, coffee, and cakes, but it also houses all culinary ingredients and equipment. Have your stop here now! 

Contact Details

Exact location: Near Bogo Central School 1, Bogo City, Cebu

Business Hours: Opens daily at 7am to 6pm

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9. Jireh Thai Tea

Jireh Thai Tea is definitely a highly recommended cafe in Bogo. This cafe is near Cebu Roosevelt Memorial Colleges, which is very convenient for students to stop by. The best thing here is that this bistro serves refreshments in a pure and organic product of Thai Tea leaves that is formed and blended in with other organic ingredients. So, for health conscious people? You know the drill!

Contact Details

Exact location: Bogo City, near CRMC

Business Hours: Opens daily at 10am to 7pm

8. Cafe Tribu

Another notable cafe shop in the peaceful City of Bogo that will surely lighten your day especially with their vibrant glorifying light colors is the Cafe Tribu. It also happens to be that this cafe is located in the most must-go destinations of Bogohanons, the Pantaland. 

So, when having an exhausting day then you must consider having a refreshing and relaxing dine devouring their delicious foods and refreshments.

Contact Details

Exact location: Fronting Bogo Water District, Bogo City, Cebu

Business Hours: Monday to Saturday at 11am to 8:30pm and Sunday at 2pm to 8pm

7. ImaLeTEA

Looking for an edge? Or a package deal? ImaLeTea is located in Dakit, Bogo, near FRVFC School. This cafe always makes sure that they give you the right amount of sweet and flavor! So, have a try now with their bold and silky taste of milkteas that will unarguably quench your taste. 

Aside from offering sweet refreshments to customers, one of the best edge they have is serving you their unlimited chicken wings that come in 6 flavors! And if you’re just having a casual vibe might as well try their burgers and fries combo. Satisfy  your cravings now! From their milkteas to their fulfilling servings.

Contact Details

Exact location: Central Nautical Hwy, Bogo City, Cebu

Business Hours: Opens daily

6. Star Frappe

The Bogo Public Plaza is one of the main go-to places for tourists and Bogohanons here in Bogo especially with its convenient location that can access different shopping markets and hang out places. Well, if you happen to be here we highly recommend you to have a refreshing partake in Star Frappe

Bring your friends here and have some update of their lives while also enjoying their thirst quenchers and relishing foods.

Contact Details

Exact location: 55 Fernan St, Bogo City, Cebu

Business Hours: Opens Monday to Friday at 10am to 9pm and Sunday at 12pm to 10pm

5. Enrico’s Halo-Halo

Halfway to our list of Top 10 Best Cafes in Bogo is Enrico’s Halo-Halo. Well, the name itself speaks about their specialty, the Halo-Halo. This bistro is located right at the entrance of Bogo BBq Plaza, which happens to be also situated in Pantaland. 

Along these lines, while having long strolls to observe the delightful nightfalls in Pantaland you should consider requesting here for a praise bundle before nightlife begins.

Contact Details

Exact location: San Vicente St, Lawis, Bogo City, Cebu

Business Hours: Opens daily

4. Del’s Delights

Making an entry at number four is also a player to the Top 10 lists of Best Cafes in Bogo, Del Delights. Hundreds have guaranteed that they clearly served the best Halo-halo in town, especially with their signature Halo-halo with shaved ice that comes from fresh buko water, freshly prepared fruits and topped with very creamy homemade ice cream. So, what are you waiting for? Mark it now as your next stop!

Contact Details

Exact location: Gairan, Bogo City, Cebu

Business Hours: Opens daily at 10am to 9pm

3. Boba Teaio

Bogo City is continuously making progress, especially in giving people hangouts and relaxing places, which is popping up one after another. Taking our third spot in the Top 10 list of Best Cafes is  the Boba Teaio. Boba Teaio is definitely a game changer to everyone, this modest and lowkey cafe does not just serve you sweet and refreshing drinks but also Japanese foods that will surely compliment your taste buds. Ima sugu o shokuji!

Contact Details

Exact location: 6010 Dela Viña St, Bogo City, Cebu

Business Hours: Opens Tuesday to Sunday at 10am to 8pm

2. Milk Tea Boys

Milk Tea Boys is undoubtedly one of the best cafes in Bogo, and unarguably to be in the top 2 of the list. This cafe is totally a must-hangout cafe that we highly recommend. Aside from it offers delicious foods and thirst-quenching drinks, the corners of this place is absolutely Instagrammable, so no need to look for the right spot just to get that perfect shot!

Contact Details

Exact location: A. Pedroza Street Barangay La Purisima Concepcion 6010 Bogo, Philippines

Business Hours: Opens daily at 8:30 am to 11:00 pm

1. Teafioca Cafe

Finally! Our top 1 of the Best cafes in Bogo and the newest of all. Teafioca just recently had their soft opening early this July 8, 2021, and guess what? People are already marking it as their newest favorite in town, especially the place is designed for your own comfort and warmth. The cafe projects radiating and yellowish lights making it cozier.  

And of course, aside from the warm and cozy environment this cafe also offers their undisputed mouthful servings! To experience? Take this as a sign to go!

Contact Details

Exact Location: Taytayan, Bogo City, Cebu

Business Hours: Opens daily

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