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Fiesta BILAO Boodle: Eat and Chill | Medellin, Cebu

Road trips and Boodles!

If you’re going north of Cebu and find yourself in Medellin, we just know the ideal spot to partake in some incredible food sources and chilling drinks matched with some unwinding and dynamic atmosphere at Fiesta Bilao Boodle, Medellin. To help you get a glimpse of what’s waiting for you in the north, here’s one of the best and cozy open-air restaurant in Medellin. Check the…

Fiesta BILAO Boodle

Fiesta Bilao Boodle is located in Medellin Aisle. As you enter this open-air restaurant, you’ll be struck by the warm and inviting ambiance. The decor is cozy and embracing eclecticism of bright colors, warmly appealing to wooden tables, and your skin.

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As you travel down Cebu North’s longest avenue, we highly suggest you to stop and enjoy the nightlife with some mouthwatering dishes and beverages that will leave you completely satisfied. Well, for a head-start? Let’s begin devouring their delectable servings such as…

Tuna Panga Marinated to Greatness

Craving for something fishy and savory? Well, say no more! Tuna Panga is surely a crowd pleaser and it needs to be on your list. For as low as P160 to P180 depending on the size, you will definitely satisfy your appetite with the delicious medley umami flavors and the smoky aroma that is very hard to resist. 


Fiesta Bilao Boodle not only gives you what you want, but also what you truly need. For the cold weather? Having some of their delicious Pochero with corn cobs and green vegetables will surely satisfy your taste buds while also warming your body.

And if you are looking for a package that will fulfill you and your bundle of friends, then you must try their sets of…


Fasting? Might not be a good decision for now, perhaps move it a little later! For such an affordable price for their Boodles, it can already handle bundles of people. With a combo of grilled meats, seafood, and rice? Undoubtedly it will satisfy bundles of  appetite!

Chilling Drinks

Fiesta Bilao Boodle offers many options for creating a pleasurable and upscale drinking experience. So, if your game for today is to have a chilling and vibing experience together with your friends, then one way to do it, grab some drinks!


Nothing beats stepping into a warm and inviting restaurant for a romantic evening or a special occasion with family and friends. You know the type: earthy décor, dim lighting, and a menu of savory and hearty dishes. Well, take this as a suggestion! Have your stop here in Fiesta Bilao Boode at Medellin Aisle.

Contact Details

Exact location: Aisle of Medellin, Cebu

Contact number: 0965 378 6857

Email Address:

Business Hours: Always open

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Written by Adrian Josh Lepiten

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🤩Do you have photos, stories, and brands that you’d like to be featured? Do you know someone that needs to be featured?

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