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Top 10 Bests Cafes in Bantayan Island: A Sweet Taste of the North!

Good to the Last Drop!

Coffee Corner by Indai

Bantayan Island is known for being a tourist destination, having the best restaurants, beaches, resorts, and more. And cafes are one of the attractions for tourists and locals even. For that we will guide you to a trip to Bantayan Island, a popular cafe as we have listed the best cafes in Bantayan Island. Check them out and get a taste of the….

Top 10 Best Cafes in Bantayan Island

10. Hello Spank

Hello Spank Hello Spank

To start off the Best Cafes in Bantayan Island list is Hello Spank. This shop is the first ever cafe that specializes in Ice Cream, Popsicles and Halo-Halo. As you bite into that cold fruity delicious treat, you will be able to beat the summer heat!

Hello Spank

And as you enjoy every bite of that cold ice cream you can admire the radiant colors of the shop as the wall is filled with cartoon character Shank from “Ohayo! Shank”. Shank is a big-hearted and cheerful dog which reflects the shop itself. During your visit never forget to take instagrammable posts during your visit!

Contact Details

Exact Location: Batobalonos st Santa Fe, Bantayan Island, 6047 Cebu

Business Hour: 12PM to 9PM

Contact Number: (+63) 977 498 1893

9. Caffe Del Mare Ristorante Italian

Caffe Del Mare Ristorante Italian
Photo courtesy of Nico Makinano Tarife

Caffe Del Mare Ristorante Italian

A cafe and at the same time a restaurant. Caffe Del Mare Ristorante Italian is a place worth relaxing and dine on delicious food. The cafe offers pasta, salads, seafood, sandwiches, pizza, champagne, and more!

Though the food can be pricey, it will be worth it as the place gives you complete comfort as you relax with your friends or family. Remember to capture instagram – worthy photos while you’re there!

Contact Details

Exact Location: Santa fe, Bantayan island, 6047 Cebu

Business Hour: 12PM to 11PM Monday till Saturday; 12PM to 12AM Sunday

Contact Number: (+63) 917 133 2124

8. Umi no Cafe

Umi no Cafe Umi no Cafe

Summer heat is hard to beat, but at Umi no Cafe will cool you off from the scorching heat! Their cold drinks and smoothies will make your day refreshing. This cafe offers milk tea and gives you a fruity blowout with their fruit smoothie bowls! Grab yours now!

Contact Details

Exact Location: 2nd Fl Unit 9 Papa Joe’s Arcade A. Batobalonos St. 6047 Santa Fe, Philippines

Business Hours: 8AM to 11PM

7. Coffee Corner By Indai

Coffee Corner by Indai
Photo courtesy of Jhy Liman
Coffee Corner by Indai
Photo courtesy of Zaharah Meh Santos

Looking for a place to take your coffee and breakfast meal? Coffee Corner by Indai, is a popular cafe for their tasty coffee paired with heart breakfast dishes making your day satisfying. As you step foot in the cafe a roasted coffee aroma fills your nose giving you complete satisfaction!

If you’re having breakfast in this cafe for the first time, get the Mango Pancake to go with your morning coffee. But if you want something different and unique you can also order your own personalized sandwich. Pay them a visit, and they’ll make your morning perfect!

Contact Details

Exact Location: F. Roska Street, Bayan ng Santa Fe, Lalawigan ng Cebu

Business Hours: 5AM to 10PM

Contact Number: (032) 438 9084; (+63) 999 580 8824

6. SanTEAfe Milktea House

SanTEAfe Milktea House

SanTEAfe Milktea House
Photo courtesy of Gretchen Insular

Milk tea has been one of the popular drinks adopted in the Philippines. Different teas and tea-based drinks from all over the world, SanTEAfe Milktea House is one of them.

Their wide selection of milk tea flavored will make it hard for you to choose but you might find a new favorite of flavored drinks here! And while you’re at it you can order snacks to go with your drink!

Contact Details

Exact Location: A. Batobalonos St, Santa Fe, Cebu

Business Hour: 10AM to 7PM Monday till Saturday

Contact Number: (+63) 919 317 6622;

5. Frio Lifestyle Cafe

Frio Lifestyle Cafe Frio Lifestyle Cafe

We’re made it halfway through the list, and we hope you have made up your next stop for your trip in getting the taste of the Best Cafes in Bantayan Island. Frio Lifestyle Cafe is a perfect place to spend a calm and peaceful environment away from noise crowds.

As you relax you can dine with their mouth watering food from breakfast meals, pizza, pasta, and more!If you’re going to this cafe, bring your barkada or family with you!

Contact Details

Exact Location: Santa Fe (Bantayan) – Hagnaya, Santa Fe, Cebu

Contact Number: (+63) 927 330 3137

4. Zookeeper’s Cafe

Zookeeper's Cafe Zookeeper's Cafe

Want to bring your furry friends as you dine outdoors? Zookeeper’s Cafe is an ideal place to visit together with your pets. And it’s a great spot to eat amazing food while listening to live acoustic night music.

They provide quality customer service for not just they’re customers but also for your furry friends. So, when you dine outside, don’t forget to bring your pet!

Contact Details

Exact Location: 703 Rizal Avenue, Bayan ng Bantayan, 6052 Lalawigan ng Cebu

Contact Number: (+63) 917 885 5378


Santa Cafe Santa Cafe

Just arrived at Santa Fe Pier dock? SANTA CaFe is located near the area that offers a wide selection of tasty foods and coffee that makes you go “WOW!”. This cafe is a great location to unwind after a long ferry ride.

Contact Details

Exact Location: Santa Fe Pier in front of the Ticket Terminal 6047 Santa Fe, Philippines

Business Hour: 8AM to 11PM Daily

Contact Number: (+63) 922 400 5980; (+63) 917 163 9154

2. Lay’se Cafe & Restobar

Lay'se Cafe & RestobarLay'se Cafe & Restobar

Lay’se Cafe & Restobar is a brainchild of the CEO of CGB Foods who has a passion for coffee. The company has brought the best coffee in the island for tourists to enjoy the city vibe. This cafe is one of the Top 10 Cafes in Bantayan Island not only because of its excellent coffee but also because of its relaxing atmosphere.

Lay'se Cafe & Restobar Lay'se Cafe & Restobar

Of course from being the spacious cafes in the island this cafe also offers mouth-watering dishes to pair with the best coffee in the island for you to enjoy with friends, family, even on your own.

Contact Details

Exact Location: G. Borraska St, Santa Fe, Cebu

Business Hours: 8AM to 10PM

Contact Number: (+63) 917 301 5437; (+63) 917 924 4032

1. Kermit’s Cafe and Pastry

Kermit's Cafe and Pastry Kermit's Cafe and Pastry

And lastly, in the list, we ranked Kermit’s Cafe and Pastry as the first in the Best Cafes in Bantayan Island! Brazo de Mercedes is a custard-filled rolling cake formed from a sheet of soft meringue. In the Philippines, this cake has long been a favorite. And with the long history of the cafe was then the talk for their signature roll Brazo de Mercedes since 2009.

Kermit's Cafe and Pastry

The sponge-like meringue melts in your tongue as you take a piece, the meringue’s delicate flavor clashes with the custard’s flavorful richness. If you order this delicious dessert be sure to order mango shake as it compliments your meal in every bite.

If you want to try the best Brazo de Mercedes on the island, hurry to the cafe before they run out! You don’t have to worry if you don’t live on Bantayan Island because this amazing dessert is available in Cebu!

Contact Details

Exact Location: Rodriguez Street 6052 Bantayan, Philippines

Business Hours: 9AM to 9PM

Contact Number: (+63) 999 158 4099

Passionate About Food!

Kermit's Cafe and Pastry

Relaxing in a café serves as a reminder to yourself to start another day with a favorable feeling and end your day by rewarding yourself for your hard work. Allow it to be a peaceful way to start and end your day with wonderful food plus hot or cold drinks!

Did you enjoy our Top 15 Best Gym in Cebu? Which of these places have you tried and would recommend? Do you want to add something to the list? Feel free to share it with us!

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