10 things to know about Parilya

When you go out to a restaurant for a meal, would you go just for the food itself or go for the full experience?

If the food is really good and the ambience is right, this calls for customers to take pleasure in the surroundings, get delighted with the atmosphere of the place, and perhaps stay longer than planned.  A 7-km drive from Cebu City to South Road Properties nestles a seaside dining themed resto called “Parilya” located at Il Corso, City di Mare. This is where you can get the dining experience of your favoured ambience. 

Known to many frequent diners in Cebu, Parilya attracts foodies from the main part of Cebu City and from those even north of Cebu. But perhaps, the distance has its setback since not everyone is very familiar with Parilya.
Here are some of the interesting things you need know about Parilya.

(1) Why “Parilya”

Parilya exterior

With the goal of making the logo more recognizable and familiar to the customers, they are associating turquoise with the color of the sea.

“Parilya,” is a Spanish word for “sugbaan” which means grilled. Now, this reflects to the theme of the restaurant and what products it provides – a completely Cebuano dining experience serving lechon, seafood and grilled.


(2) Routes going to Parilya

In the absence of a private vehicle, customers may opt to take MyBus from SM City Cebu going to SRP. Regular taxis, Grab, or Uber are also available and will cost you for about Php200.00. However, the fare depends on the point of origin.

(3) Lechon, Seafood, and Grilled Options

Lechon in Parilya

While most lechon available locally are known to be salty, Parilya offers just a balanced flavor and perfect to be paired with “toyo,” “sili,” and “calamansi.” Apart from lechon, some of their best-sellers in the menu are kalderetang kambing, barbecue platter, seafood platter, seafood kare-kare, and fresh lumpia. Their “Balbacua” is worth the long drive, I should say, knowing that it’s patiently cooked for 5 hours. Wouldn’t you drool over that? 


(2) Seating Capacity of Parilya

Parilya interior

Catering both indoor and outdoor, the resto can serve 220 diners. Daily, they are getting walk-ins and reservations mostly in groups choosing platter options in the menu. You can spot both locals and foreign customers dining at Parilya either during peak hours or even at lean times.


(5) Buffet or Combo Meal Options

Lechon combo meal in Parilya

Their buffet costs Php650.00 per head and available for lunch and dinner and must be  PRE-BOOKED by the customers. Their menu covers cold entrees, soup, hot entrees, rice, and desserts. If you are on a budget, they also serve combo meals for a very affordable cost.


(6) Dessert of the House

Mango Otap in Parilya

With its inviting ambience, one would definitely feel more at home and relaxed while dining in. A meal isn’t complete without capping it off with some desserts. A must-try dessert that is originally engineered by Parilya’s manager Pia Urbina is the “Mango Otap” – a truly Cebuano inspired sweet treat.


(7) Reservation Process

Parilya exterior

Since Parilya opened in February 8, 2015, there has been an unexpected influx of walk-in customers trying out a new seaside attraction in the South. Diners are thus advised to book a table in advance by calling the resto directly at 511-8838. To serve more primers and regulars more conveniently, you can book online by filling-in a reservation form


(8) Developments around Parilya

With the recent developments around SRP, Parilya has become a landmark in the south. Its location is nestled in a premier lifestyle destination adjacent to residential condominiums, malls, and other establishments that will continue to rise, especially at City de Mare.

(9) Updates of Parilya

Embracing today’s digital landscape, Parilya is giving real-time updates through Facebook and Instagram. Whichever platform the customers are active in, Parilya ensures that concerns will be accommodated and will be properly received. Stay tuned to exclusive deals and promos by following their official pages.

(10) Parilya as part of the Laguna Group

As they say, “Cafe Laguna began as a labour of love for the Urbina family,” the family’s mom and CEO Lita Urbina managed to make it grow and prosper by sharing her culinary talent. As a tribute to Cebuanos or Filipinos in general, they are now serving authentic and delightful foreign cuisines. Mostly situated at Ayala Center Cebu are Ulli’s Streets of Asia which serves hawker food from all over Asia and Lemongrass showcases a taste of Thailand and Vietnam all under one roof.

Do you have any other dining place preferences in Cebu where the atmosphere is great and the food is such a crowd pleaser?

Which among these restos do you love revisiting because of the ambience they are projecting?

Share your foodie experience below.


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  1. I’ve been a fan of any seaside restaurant. I always bring my family at a restaurant like this. One of the best.

  2. Very accommodating. They really guide us where to stay in a table. The food is well presented. I gave the crew a tip for a great service.

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