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Top 15 Tourist Spots in Medellin (Cebu, Philippines)

Make your trip to northern Cebu an adventure to remember!

The municipality of Medellin is one of the most exciting places to visit in Cebu province. And talking about exciting places we’ve listed Top 15 Tourist Spots in Medellin that will make your trip a blast!
Seize the day for your holiday breakaway or take a long trip with your loved ones, make sure you do it in Medellin. With various water activities, fun adventure, lovely beaches, and smiles on your face will definitely create a lasting impression! Checkout this…

Top 15 Tourist Spots in Medellin

15. Bamboo Forest

Bamboo Forest

Bamboo Forest
Photo courtesy of Jack Ponpon

To start off, the first in the Top 15 Tourist Spots in Medellin combine Japan and Korea’s fresh vibe, Bamboo Forest. Is a tourist destination that resembles the forest and takes you on a trip to Japan’s famous bamboo forest.

With their newly added cottages, benches and food stalls to make visitors feel at peace and comfort as they hang out in this serene place. And along with string lights brings out a magical vibrant to the place. And if you are coming from Cebu traveling to Medellin then give this place a visit!

Contact Details

Exact Location: Brgy. Luy-a, Medellin, Cebu

Business Hours: 7AM to 8PM Weekdays, 7AM to 10PM Weekends

Contact Number: (+63) 917 634 2901

Note: P20 Entrance Fee and P10 Parking Fee

14. Bantayan Beach

Bantayan Beach

Bantayan Beach
Photo courtesy of Earl John Arcipe

Bantayan Beach is one of most beautiful places to spend a fantastic day swimming in the water and basking in the sun. The long boardwalk connecting the mainland to the stony island near the coast is what makes this beach resort unusual and attractive.

Bantayan Beach

Bantayan Beach
Photo courtesy of Earl John Arcipe

One cottage is not enough for your reunion? Don’t worry as the beach offers tons of selection of spacious cottages and fits perfectly for your tight budget. Be sure to bring recreation and various kinds of food to make your reunion fun and memorable.

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Contact Details

Exact Location: Brgy. Tindog, Medellin, Cebu

Business Hours: 8AM to 5PM Daily

Contact Number: (+63) 975 417 5497; (+63) 998 964 3997

13. Floating Cottage

Floating Cottage Floating Cottage

While you’re at Bantayan Beach Resort, experience a good time on a cottage at sea! Toledo Floating Cottage offers a combination of amazing experiences ideal for dining in the middle of the sea, drinking, and laying down on the cool water!

To experience the floating cottage be sure to set a reservation by contacting the owner through the contact number down below.

Contact Details

Exact Location: Kawit Public Market, Medellin, Northern Cebu

Business Hours: Depends on customer time arrival

Contact Number: (+63) 929 805 4888; (+63) 966 819 0555

12. Silogan Sa Opao

Silogan sa Opao Silogan sa Opao

Next on the list is Silogan Sa Opao, a newly opened restaurant that offers affordable and delicious tasty food located at Aisle of Medellin. A place to end your day with a little night life with your friends or family. If you are planning to have a night life after a long day visit them and get a taste of their delicious sizzling and compliment with cold drinks!

Silogan sa Opao

Contact Details

Exact Location: Purok Manan-aw, Tindog, Medellin, Cebu, 6012, Medellin, 6012 Cebu

Contact Number: (032) 948 3862

11. Fiesta Bilao Boodle

Fiesta Bilao Boodle Fiesta Bilao Boodle

Located also at Aisle of Medellin, Fiesta Bilao Boodle is a restaurant ideal for boodle fight where you get to release your inner hunger and indulge with various delicious grills! With their native interior ambiance will perfectly fit your boodle fight challenge!

Photo courtesy of Mark James Pelayo

Fiesta Bilao Boodle

When you dine here be sure to bring your friends or family to get that heart meal and fun dining experience at this boodle restaurant.

Contact Details

Exact Location: Sinto Onse Canhabagat Medellin Cebu,

Business Hours: 11:30 AM to 10PM

Contact Number: (+63) 965 378 6857

Email Address:

10. Lil’mart Teacheers Milktea House

Lil'mart Teacheers Milktea House

Been on the road for too long? Quench your thirst at Lil’mart Teacheers Milktea House with their milk tea will accompany you along the road with every sip. Stop by at their shop and order one!

Contact Details

Exact Location: Beverly Village, Sta. Cruz, Antipolo, Medellin, Cebu 6012 Cebu City, Philippines

Business Hours: 8:30AM to 9PM

Contact Number: (+63) 935 117 0217

9. The TreeHouse

The TreeHouse by Manna Grill

Looking for a place to relax in the afternoon that will not hurt your pocket? The TreeHouse will make your day memorable with their delicious food, romantic ambiance, scenic view and live band! You will not regret stopping by as The TreeHouse by Manna Grill is the new food haven in Medellin.

The TreeHouse by Manna Grill

Contact Details

Exaction Location: KM 123 Sitio Veloso, Medellin, 6012 Cebu

Business Hours: 4PM to 10PM Wednesday till Sunday

Contact Number: (+63) 917 503 1536

8. Hacienda Food Hub

Hacienda Food Hub

Next to your food trip in Medellin, Hacienda Food Hub. This is a newly opened hub in Medellin, a perfect place to enjoy a heart warming dish paired with live acoustic music and jazz.

The hub offers seared beef, seafood, soup, pasta, and more! That will make your dining experience worth remembering. Give them a visit as this place is near The Treehouse!

Contact Details

Exact Location: Purok Sto. Niño, Medellin, 6012 Cebu

Website: Hacienda Food Hub

Email Address:

7. Noak Food Hub

Noak Food Hub Noak Food Hub

Halfway to our Top 15 list of Tourist Spots here in Medellin. Making an entry to number seven is the Noak Food Hub, noak is simply the flipped word Kaon which means to eat! Well, when we say eat! we highly recommend you to make your stop here!

Noak Food hub welcomes you with their wide varieties of foods and drinks selection perfect for barkada and family hangouts. Try their unli chicken with rice and iced tea that will surely top you off deep down!

Contact Details

Exact location: NMES (Across Medellin Birthing Center) 6012 Medellin, Philippines

Contact number: (+63) 920 431 5907

6. Bakhaw Garden Restaurant


Aside from Noak Food Hub, Medellin also takes pride in their Bakhaw Garden Restaurant that offers you a cozy and warm ambiance especially at night making the place instagrammable.

Bakhaw Garden Restaurant(1)

So much for the atmosphere, this restaurant offers you plenty of mouthful servings and delectable drinks that will definitely make your dine fulfilling together with your loved ones.

Contact Details

Exact location: Baybay, Medellin, 6012 Cebu

Contact number: (+63) 956 863 6230

Business Hours: Opens daily

5. Seahorse Tourist Inn of Medellin

Seashore Tourist Inn of Medellin Seashore Tourist Inn of Medellin

Medellin is truly rich in terms of tourist spots especially beautiful and clearwater beaches, marking our top 5 of the list is the Seashore Tourist Inn of Medellin. This beachfront Inn offers you comfortable rooms at an affordable rate perfect for your budget.

The place has lots of access boat rides to Gibitngil Island, so when in the mood to go Island hopping you can just ask!

Contact Details

Exact location: Kawit, Medellin, Cebu

Contact number: (032) 436 2091

4. Mahayahay Beach Resort

Mahayahay Beach Resort Mahayahay Beach Resort

Looking for a relaxing place to stay for your holidays? Take this recommendation to stay here in Mahayahay Beach Resort. This exclusive and privately-owned beach resort is perfect for family bondings especially with their comfortable rooms and a beachfront where you can witness breathtaking sunsets. Book your plans now!

Contact Details

Exact location: Kawit, Medellin, Cebu

Contact number: (+63) 917 326 6129

3. Paradizzo Beach Resort

Paradizzo Beach Resort

Just like what we said, Medellin is truly rich in beautiful beaches! Taking the number 3 spot on the list is the Paradizzo Beach Resort. For students? School may be starting soon but it doesn’t mean you’re not allowed to venture out for the last time!

Paradizzo Beach ResortParadizzo Beach Resort

Enjoy their relaxing and refreshing sea view perfect for photo-taking together with your loved ones. Aside from it’s magnificent view, have a try with their recreational activities such as kayaking, paddle boarding, or even island hopping. Time is ticking, grab it now!

Contact Details

Exact location: Barangay Kawit Road, Medellin, 6012 Cebu

Contact number: (+63) 966 328 2015

2. Pasil Sandbar

Pasil Sandbar Pasil Sandbar

Your beach spots do not just end there! Medellin is also famous because of the Pasil Sandbar, this beach is possessed with powdery white grains and crystal water. Allow yourself to camp on the beach and witness the stunning stars above.

This beach has no entrance fee, which means it’s free for everyone! So, mark it now as your next stop this holiday together with your loved ones for a happier experience.

Contact Details

Exact location: Pasil, Gibitngil Island, Medellin

Contact number: (+63) 905 064 8326

1. Funtastic Island

Funtastic IslandFuntastic Island

At long last, the top 1 tourist spot here in Medellin! Indeed, Funtastic Island will be the feature of your trip here in Cebu North. Experience the Island’s most anticipated activities such as Cliff jumping, snorkeling, and diving into the perfectly clear water.

Funtastic Island is just a minute drive of a small pump boat that can accommodate 10-11 passengers, you can start in Kawit beaches as the locals for a ride.

Contact Details

Exact location: Gibitngil Island, Medellin, Cebu

Contact number: (+63) 956 984 2596

Business Hours: Opens daily

A Symbol Of Freedom

Zip Away Medellin

This moment’s the opportunity to officially put Medellin to your list of must-dos of sightings and travels. Regardless of whether it’s a resort, restobar, beaches and food tripping, these activities will leave you with a lot of reasons to return.

Did you enjoy our Top 15 Tourist Spots in Medellin? Which of these places have you tried and would recommend? Do you want to add something to the list? Feel free to share it with us!


Written by Bea Ventura

Hi, I'm Bea. I'm a college student at the same time an adventurous person who loves to travel. I am also outgoing and always looking for new challenges.

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