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Top 10 Things to do in Tuburan | Cebu

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Tuburan municipality is one of Cebu province’s most fascinating destinations to visit. And while we’re on the subject of amazing places, we’ve compiled a list of the Top 10 Things to Do in Tuburan that will make your vacation unforgettable!

Take advantage of the day for a holiday getaway or a long trip with your loved ones, and make it a point to visit Tuburan. Prepare yourself for a thrilling trip in the great outdoors. Check out the…

Top 10 Things to do in Tuburan

10. Paddle here in Adela River

Adela River is our number one list of the Top 10 Things to Do in Tuburan. This river is one of Tuburan’s largest, and its beauty and cleanliness indicate that the area is well-maintained by the residents. So, when having the chance to be here! Grab the opportunity to explore the river by riding a kayak boat.

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Exact location: Adela River, Tuburan Cebu

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9. Natural Spring of Mantawihan

Do you want to take a cold dip? Why don’t you take a dip in a cold spring? One of the best things about Tuburan is the preservation of nature’s beauty. Mantawihan Spring is a wild, undeveloped spring that offers a unique and natural experience. When taking an adventure in Adela river might as well experience soul shaping and cold dipping here in Mantawihan spring.

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Exact location: Mantawihan, Tuburan, Cebu

8. Marmol Cliff and Cave

Explore Tuburan’s Marmol cliff and cave. Marmol is derived from the word marble, and it refers to gleaming, polished stones that sparkle when heated by the sun. This Cliff is made up of two massive rock formations that line a river’s path. When it’s sunny, it’s shallow, but when it rains, the water can rise up to 20 feet, always take precautions. 

So, when you have the opportunity to visit here, make sure to take some beautiful photos with your adventures in nature!

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Exact location: Tuburan, Cebu

7. Visit Arcadio Maxilom Park

For historical sightings? Poblacion’s Maxilom Park is a must-see. Arcadio Maxilom y Molero is a Filipino hero who was born and raised in Tuburan. To memorialize his dedication to defend the island from intruders, they built a park in his honor. Let us pay homage to his bravery and passion for Filipinos by visiting this historical site!

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Exact location: Poblacion, Tuburan, Cebu

6. Lantawan Tunnel or Lookout

Take the ladder to experience what it’s like to be inside a Japanese-built tunnel and under Japanese authority at the Lantawan Tunnel or Lookout. This subterranean corridor is a reminder of what Tuburan had to endure during the Japanese occupation. It is a fascinating historical site, though no extreme activities are permitted, still a worthy place to visit. 

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Exact location: Daan Lungsod, Tuburan, Cebu

5. Dao Tree of Jagbuaya

Halfway to our top things to do is Tuburan! Nature has truly blessed this municipality! Aside from springs, beaches, and rivers, this locality is home to one of the Philippines’ largest and oldest trees. Their Dao tree has been passed down through the generations and is still standing today. It has a diameter of 7 meters. Imagine the size! It will totally shrink your size.

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Exact location: Poblacion, Tuburan, Cebu

4. Tuburan Coffee Farm

Next to your stop is making an entry here in number four, the Tuburan Coffee Farm. This coffee farm is one of Cebu’s biggest producers of organically grown coffee. As we all know, Nestle is well-known for dominating the Philippines’ coffee market, and Tuburan Coffee Farm is no exception, the seedlings planted here are ordered from Nestle, so there’s no difference in it. Take your stop and order the finest coffee town! 

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Exact location: Kabangkalan, Tuburan, Cebu

3. Glamping and Camping at Formosa Resort

Glamp and camp together with your loved ones here in Formosa resort. Share your experiences and latest updates of your life surrounding the bonfire while toasting some marshmallows under the beautiful night sky. It’s good to have a special time of your life, so when looking for a place to unwind and relax yourself? Take Formosa Resort as your next goal this holiday!

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Exact location: Bagasawe, Tuburan, Cebu

2. Relax and dip your body here in Molobolo Spring

Just like what we said, Tuburan is truly blessed with nature. How about we take a relaxing dip here in Molobolo Spring? It is said that spring possesses healing properties that can  cure mental and physical illness, so one way not that this spot shouldn’t be missed. Plus, the spring is surrounded with huge trees and overlooks the sea making it more calm and peaceful. Make it now your next stop here in Cebu province!

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Exact location: Tuburan, Cebu

1. Get rid of your worries here in Blue Hole Spring

Finally! We’ve narrowed down our list of the best things to do in Tuburan to just one. Let’s spend some time in Blue Hole Spring, surrounded by nature. This spring is unquestionably the province’s highlight, bringing with it not only a sense of being lost in the woods, but also a variety of fun and thrilling activities. Get in the rope and jump like there’s no tomorrow!

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Exact location: San Juan, Tuburan, Cebu

Make Tuburan as your next stop this holiday!

Who would have guessed that this quiet and calm town had so many great sites to explore? It is said that getting lost when traveling is the nicest thing! Maybe not, maybe yes, but the only thing we recommend is getting lost in your thoughts while recounting the wonderful Tuburan sightings you’ve never heard of! Take this as a travel guide to things to see and do in Tuburan, Cebu.

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