Must-Visit Beach Resorts in Catmon, Cebu, Philippines

Let’s go Beaching Going to the North of Cebu!

Do you know the origin of the name Catmon? During the Spanish era circa 1835 the town had a very abundant Katmon tree, when the Spanish leader asked his followers what was the name of the place, one answered “Katmon”. In todays age, Catmon is known for its beautiful beaches and  resorts of the northeast side of Cebu.

Check our Top 15 Must-Visit Beach Resorts and get to experience each when you’re here.  Create your own adventures and holiday getaway in north cebu by checking the…

Must-Visit Beach Resorts in Catmon

15. Recuerdo Beach Resort

When you’re wandering here in north Cebu and escape the hustle and bustle of the city, take this as your ticket to have a fun and carefree run away at Recuerdo Beach Resort. Recuerdo Beach resort is one of the most practical resorts to glide here in Catmon. This beach resort offers very reasonable services  and satisfying amenities such as open cottages, overnight stay cottages, and other facilities are available for hire. 

Contact Details

Exact location: Central Nautical Hwy, Catmon, Cebu

Contact numbers: 0966 817 417

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14. Hinagdanan Beach Resort

Looking for a secluded and rustic beach resort in Catmon? Get over here in Hinagdanan Beach Resort. This resort may not be as luxurious and on top compared to Mactan or Cebu beaches, however, this place truly has a picturesque beauty that will leave you stunned, especially the beach’s coastline that adds uniqueness and appeal.  

This beach resort is perfect for people who want to have a private vacay, so, when planning to have a peaceful and silent break free from the crowd then this is your place to be. 

Contact Details

Exact location: Catmon, Cebu

Contact numbers: 0975 086 2570

13. Black Sand Beach Resort

Black sand does not mean dirty. Do you know that black sand helps exfoliate dull and dry skin? Well, now you know! Head over here in Black Sand Beach Resort in Flores, Catmon, a beach-front property where the shoreline and mangrove forest meets the Nanghalin river. 

What are you waiting for? Have a wonderful experience here in Catmon and wake up to the most breathtaking sunrise views. Offer your soul and body with genuine and real stress-free days here in Black Sand Beach Resort.

Contact Details

Exact location: Sto.Nino, Flores, Catmon

Contact numbers:  0917 880 2310

12. Coring’s Beach Resort

Located in Catmondaan, the simple and modest Coring’s Beach Resort. Enjoy both day and night life here together with your family and friends. This beach resort has the amenities to make your day fun and worthwhile, with their kayaks and jet skis surely will make your heart beat faster.  

For food and drinks? Make your orders in Kurbada, they have plenty of dishes that totally fits your budget.

Contact Details

Exact location: Bachao,Catmondaan,Catmon Cebu 6006 Catmon, Philippines

Contact Numbers: 0927 566 7701

11. Kalubihan Beach Resort

Photo by Chammy Gian

We hate to say “get lost”, but it’s worth it when you’re here in Catmon. Comfort and calm space awaits you in Kalubihan Beach Resort. This beach resort may not have luxurious amenities but this is the perfect place to go camping together with your loved ones. 

You will be amazed by the tall coconut trees all over the place and as you face upward you will see how its leaves compliment the sky. 

Contact Details

Exact location: Catmon, Cebu

10. Northern Paradise Beach Resort

Northern Paradise Beach Resort is another top practical beach resort here in Catmon that is known for its exceptional tranquility and relaxation. Many who visit are well-pleased with how peaceful and idle the resort is. So, if you’re looking for a friendly resort to unwind by the pool waters and overlook the sea, then this is the resort that fits for you.

Contact Details

Exact location: Panalipan Catmon 6006 Catmon, Philippines

Contact numbers: 0917 108 5863

9. Grotto at KM49

Next on the list of the Top 15 Must-Visit Beach Resorts in Catmon is probably one of the crowds’ favorites, the Grotto at KM49. Aside from the fact that it’s situated alongside the road this beach resort somehow holds the wonderful moments of the people’s lives. This beach resort has always been the go-to place of barkadas here in Catmon and even outsiders. They offer comfortable rooms with rustic ambiance and the food at the SeaSalt Cafe will totally compliment your stay.

Contact Details

Exact location: KM49, Panalipan 6006 Catmon, Philippines

Contact numbers:  0917 632 2122

8. Aya Beach Resort

Halfway to our list of Top 15 Beach Resorts in Catmon is the Aya Beach Resort. This beach resort is highly recommended for group or family gatherings. The resort’s swimming pool is the focal point, occupying over half of the space. It’s located right between the seaside gate and the nipa huts, making it tough to resist taking a plunge. And for foods and drinks, at both ends of the resort there’s an available grills and the resort also has videoke.  

Contact Details

Exact location: Macaas Catmon 6000 Catmon, Philippines

Contact numbers: 0977 835 4442

7. Hayahay Beach Resort

Located in Catmondaan, Hayahay Beach Resort. Do you know that “hayahay” means comfort and relaxation in Cebuano terms? And now you know, because that’s truly the definition of what you’ll feel when you’re here. This beach resort is surrounded by towering trees that provide shade from the searing sun. So, if you’re looking for overall comfortable and affordable accommodation then this will be your next trip to check. 

Contact Details

Exact location: Catmondaan, Catmon Cebu City, Philippines

Contact numbers: (032) 430 9023

6. Bercede Bay Resort

Well, it’s not new for us to hear and see a resort inspired by Santorini. Here in Catmon it’s the Bercede Bay Resort, this white-filled and classy beach resort might be the place you’ve been looking for. The Mediterranean-inspired décor, which overlooks a breathtaking view of the sea, will never let you down. Plus, great accommodations and delectable servings will definitely make your stay satisfying and worthwhile. 

Contact Details

Exact location: Panalipan Catmon, Philippines

Contact numbers: 0932 733 1345

5. Las Flores Beach Resort

Making an entry to number five is the Las Flores Beach Resort, also an extremely beautiful and luxurious beach resort located in Catmon, this resort offers you a nice and relaxing place with a commanding view of the sea. Aside from the classy and top notch accommodations this resort is also a fish sanctuary with attractive shallow waters ideally for snorkeling. So, for relaxation? You know where to head out!

Contact Details

Exact location: 1 Egwenhighway, Flores Catmon Cebu

4. Majestic View Resort

Photo by Gan Robert Tiu

For cliff jumping and diving? We recommend the Majestic Views Resort, the name itself already speaks for what’s in there. And when we say majestic, it’s all in. However, it does not just end there, this beach resort offers you a friendly expense perfect for your thrifty getaway with barkadas. So, for exciting activities? Majestic Views Resort is definitely for you. 

Contact Details

Exact location: Brgy. Binongkalan, Catmon

3. Bamboo Village

Bamboo village on the beach is the ideal base for your vacation in Catmon, owing to its great facilities and convenient location. If you like silent vacations then this must be it. This beach resort offers comfortable bungalows and family apartments. For recreational activities? They also have boat trips, snorkeling, and even boat rentals for fishing.

Contact Details

Exact location: Catmon, 6006 Cebu

Contact numbers: 0905 468 9577

2. Agua Villa Beach Front

Photo by Loven Lauron

Located in the Brgy. Panalipan, the exclusive beach resort, Agua Villa Beach Front. Second of the Top 15 Must-Visit Beach Resorts in Catmon. Believe us, everything about this place is great. Most of the reviews said that the beach resort was a lovely place to wake up. The amenities and services will definitely leave you stunned, from the jacuzzi, pool, comfortable rooms, and even the sea views.  

Contact Details

Exact location: Brgy. Panalipan 6006, Catmon

Contact numbers: 0932 630 3892

1. Catmon Ripples Beach Resort

We are down to our number one pick of the Top 15 Must-Visit Beach Resorts in Catmon, the Catmon Ripples. This isn’t Mactan or Cebu City’s resort but surely has all the essential amenities to make your holiday getaway fun and rewarding experience. All that you can think of what an exclusive resort is, are all here. 

Contact Details

Exact location: Catmon, Cebu

Contact numbers: 0917 772 3350


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