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JN Cacao: 100% Authentic Cacao Chocolates | Cebu

Only the best in town!

Who doesn’t love chocolates? The kind of chocolates that are thick, nutty, and rich! One that simply melts in your mouth to give you that explosively sweet or dark flavor! Whichever you prefer, you are bound to find it at JN Cacao.

JN Cacao

Owned by Jansel Navarro, JN Cacao started its production of homegrown cacao in 2017. And at present continues to make chocolate products that are locally sourced in Cebu, Philippines. They offer authentic dark chocolates from quality local cacao beans that are incomparable to other brands in the market.

So whether you’d like to enjoy them on the road, or bring it as a souvenir or snacks later on. Try our this 100% Authentic Cacao Beans from JC Cacao.

Photo by Cebu Daily News

Just this year, JN Cacao received the Best Authentic Cacao Specialty Desserts in the 20th Q Asia’s Quality Excellence Awards 2021. Mr. Navarro really didn’t expect the award as he just recently started his business four years ago.

He didn’t know where the committee heard about his products. But nevertheless, he was very delighted especially as his customers duly recognizes his credibility which has also lead to an uptake of orders. Along with some consistently great reviews for his Cacao products.

JN Cacao is deeply rooted in being an online shop who was able to adapt easily to the sudden shift of businesses to the digital platform. Their production, from making the chocolates to packing them is all done in his house.

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And they weren’t heavily affected by the closing of establishments due to the lockdowns. Although their supply of Cacao beans comes from Mindanao, the shipments have not been halted so they still had a constant supply of the cacao beans. Allowing them to still continue to provide exceptional specialties such as…

100% Pure Tablea

You don’t need to look too far for high quality tablea made from 100% cacao beans. These beans are ideal for cakes, pastries, desserts and beverages.

Cacao Chunks “Dark Chocolate”

Grab this 95% DARK CACAO CHUNKS CHOCOLATES in Stevia Sweetener which are ready-to-eat dark chocolates made from the finest cacao beans. This can be used for dessert, oatmeal toppings, drinks, shakes and more!

Sweetened and Unsweetened Cacao Powder

You can also make the best sikwate with their sweetened cacao powder made from high quality cocoa beans. Not just  ideal for drinks, but also in pastries, cakes, and desserts with the use of their unsweetened cacao powder.

Cacao Refreshments

Aside from hot cup drinks and for baking they also serve you cacao refreshments. Which provides you some distinctive taste and aroma of excellent quality chocolates that’ll surely sate your quenches.

Mango Float with Cacao Chocolate

In addition to their classic chocolate goods, JN Cacao offers their latest best-seller, Mango Float with Cacao. This is truly a look-to-forward sweets from JN especially they ensure that their products only use the best quality cacao beans. Mango floats with excellent quality of cacao, a match made from heaven.

Taste of authenticity!

Photo by World Cocoa Foundation Organization

It’s the ideal moment to spend quality time with your loved ones, especially with the lockdown and quarantines in place. Make your homestay more memorable by using their products to make your own version of high-quality cakes, pastries, foods, and sweets. JN Cacao uses only the highest quality cacao beans in all of their goods and beverages to offer an outstanding and authentic taste.

Contact Details

Exact location: 21 Taurus St, Cebu City, Cebu

Contact numbers: 0936 711 3010


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