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Lokacion: Outdoor Dining Under The Shades Of Acacia Trees | Consolacion, Cebu

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Consolacion is one of the contributors of Cultural History in Cebu. It is known to be the originator of the dance “Milligoy de Cebu”. So, do you know what’s new to the place and what they’re contributing now?—-It’s food. Well, if you’re in the region and looking for a newly opened dining area that’s set in an alfresco with warm cozy lights, check out these food parks in Lokacion.

Lokacion: 8 Alfresco Food Parks

We are always fond of dining outside together with our loved ones, spending quality time and enjoying some special moments are a must. To know the different local food brands that offer budget and mouth-watering delectables, let’s start with…

8. Mango Mania

Sweet, savory, and delicious— Mango Mania. Cebu is exactly the center of fruit production for both fresh and processed fruits. There’s no wonder why most of  the restaurants and cafes serve fruity products. Well, this cafe in Lokacion provides a variety of refreshments using mangoes as their main ingredient. From your favorite floats to your pleasurable shakes complimented with mangoes are definitely a heavenly taste.

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7. Pekto’s Sizzling Plato

When visiting Lokacion, there are multiple food kiosks from which to pick. Pekto’s Sizzling Plato is what we highly recommend for a large group of people or barkadas.  There’s no doubt that Sisig are best when paired with alcoholic beverages, especially night gathering with friends. One of their best selling sisig that you should try is their Sizzling sisig of Pampanga, with its authentic ingredients and recipe of Pekto’s, surely serves the great taste for everyone.

6. Pares De Cebu

Craving for authentic beef servings? Pares de Cebu is definitely for you. Though it’s not officially open in Lokacion, but you must save the date September 26, 2021 for their grand opening. Taste the best authentic Beef pares in Consolacion.

5 Lafangan ni OKA sa Lokacion

Do you know what’s Lafangan means? For some slang information, it means “Pakalan in Cebuano or the place to feast”.  Lafangan ni OKA has recently had their soft opening just this September 18, 2021. This food kiosk will be your look-forward stall to dine in Lokacion,  especially their delightful treats and meals that will definitely leave you speechless! Your go-to food stall for low cost fare.

4. Degrees Milk Tea – Consolacion

Delicious and thirst quenching teas to the highest degree at Degrees Milk tea. So many milkteas arose in the different areas of Cebu, it’s just so unimaginable that this stall offers literally a wide selection of quenchers. They offer you a series of twisted milkteas that you should try.

3. Eddies Chilled Taho & Soy Products

Taho! Taho! It’s kind of nostalgic to hear that phrase, a huge part of our memory when we were young. When missing your childhood favorites? Eddies Chilled Taho & Soy Products serves you the best Taho, made from organic soy products ideal for gals who follow a  healthy diet. For starters? Try their Classic Taho & Choco Sorbetes Taho. Your childhood favorite is now on the next level.

2. Zip ‘N Sip

Extinguish the dry throat with the best fruit shake at Zip ‘N Sip. There’s so many plot twists happening around us but the only twist that we should consider is the twist in our favorite fruit shakes. You don’t have to tell us if it’s a shake or an ice cream, because it’s more than that. Plus, we recommend you to pair it with their lamaw for the wholesome satisfaction.

1. House of Burgers Cebu

From the first we saw it in pictures, we knew that it’s the one. Looking for a burger fix? Well, we know what’s right for you! — House of Burgers is undeniably the house of burgers. So many sentiments and witnesses that they have the best burger in town, it’s unarguable. Imagine for a price of P295 you get to devour triple patties in one enough to fill your man-sized cravings!

Have A Relaxing Food Break at Lokacion!

When you’re discovering what’s in Consolacion, remember to take a break. For hunger and exhaustion fix? Dine at Lokacion, the best food park to ever set foot in town. So many to choose from, but one thing is sure, appetizing satisfaction!


Address: Sta. Lucia Town Square 6001 Consolacion, Philippines

Operating hours: Open daily at 3:00 PM to 10:00 PM

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