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Mizuhiki Japanese Restaurant: A Piece of Japan in Cebu South | Minglanilla, Cebu

Be careful of the Wasabi!

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The land of the rising sun or Japan has a long history of delicious cuisines and preparations of side dishes that often consist of seafood and vegetables. Currently, just to the south of Cebu, you can find Mizuhiki Japanese Restaurant. It offers delicious and authentic cuisines of Japan that should be visited whenever you are looking for Japanese cuisines. Have you been to the…

Mizuhiki Japanese Restaurant

The Mizuhiki Japanese Restaurant is conveniently located at the Grub Hub food court of the Anjo World, Minglanilla Cebu. It specializes in rich and delectable bowls of ramen or Japanese noodles which is a staple food in Japan. They also provide the a comfortable and private function area for your exclusive gathering.

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Although instead of chairs, you will be provided with cushions in order for you to be comfortable in doing Seiza. Or the formal way of sitting down based on ancient Japanese standards. In Japanese, Seiza aptly translates into “sitting with a correct posture”. That comes with neatly folded legs and an erect spine. But of course, you can sit or squat in any way that would make you feel comfortable.

Menu Recommendations

There are plenty of choices to choose from their menu however, if you are new to Japanese cuisines. The names can be quite different from what you are used to. And you wouldn’t want to order something you don’t know about. But feel free to ask questions to the staff as they are friendly and would gladly help you out with your choice. For now, let us recommend dishes such as…

Shoyu Ramen

Shoyu ramen is one of the most popular ramen in Tokyo, which means “soy sauce,” a clear brown color and a strong, rich soy sauce scent. The broth is usually made from chicken bones, however it can also contain beef, pork, or shellfish. This ramen is perfect for starters who want to indulge in Japanese cuisine, the flavor and fillings are just enough to cure your cold and homesick feeling.

Spicy Tuna Dynamite

Customers and patrons of Mizuhiki Japanese Restaurant would always talk about the presentation and skills of their dishes. Take a look at their Spicy Tuna Dynamite. For this dish, we recommend that you go easy and be careful of the wasabi, but do add a little spice for the full experience.

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Chicken Teppanyaki

You can also find dishes cooked in a familiar way, such as being grilled. Mizuhiki Japanese Restaurant also gives their customers the chance to grill their own Chicken Teppanyaki. You can cook for yourself and indulge in some mouth-watering aroma and smoking umami flavors of their grilled chicken.

Maki and Sushi Platter

Well, whether there’s an occasion or not you deserve a celebration together with your loved ones. Seat yourself with their huge dining areas or squat on small their tables, and try their Maki and Sushi platter that will surely accommodate you and your company.

Have A Slice of Japan in Minglanilla, Cebu!

Photo courtesy of Food Craving Reviews

Japan has truly influenced us with their food culture. For those living in South Cebu and still searching for the finest Japanese restaurant to dine, then take Mizuhiki Japanese Restaurant as our recommendation. You can check their full menu below and prices.


Contact Details

Exact location:  Belmont One Minglanilla Cebu. Near Anjo World Theme Park and Grub Hub Food Park 

Contact numbers: 0956 689 2711

Operating Hours: 10:30 AM to 8:00 PM

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