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Fashion icons are hired as brand ambassadors of a brand or a model of an OOTD or outfit of the day to bring inspiration to anyone or groups.

Celebrities, sportsmen, models and now bloggers are regarded as fashion icons. Perhaps, they are more aptly called as such because what they wear can stimulate fashion trends. I even idolize David Beckham not only through his sport but through his fashion statement as well.

Ladies are not the only fashionistas here; men  are as well. It is like if a woman wears a bag, men can wear as well but the design is more distinct to attain that degree of separation between feminity and masculinity in fashion.

Fashion is a field of self expression. Sometimes it is very irritating when you yourself don’t know how to wear a good fashion or mix some good clothes or just try out simple fashion or street fashion.

Want to start checking your wardrobe already? Hold on, it is not yet the time!

These five gorgeous men and five beautiful ladies are here to help you out from your wardrobe misery. You can check them out to get some inspirations from the clothes that they wear to the bags that they bring. These men enjoy wearing something cool to something unique (unique like out of this world fashion “Just joking”) everyday. For them, everyday is a dress-to-impress day.

Now go ahead start checking out your closets and get inspired by these gorgeous men and these beautiful ladies.

The list of these fashionable persons who venture into blogging to bring a certain kind of fashion stimulus to their followers and readers will somehow get you the wardrobe hang-over. The goal here though is to make that fire of fashion enthusiasm flaming within you.

Let’s start with the men…


 David Guison

David Guison is the founder of top menswear blog DG MANILA. David has consistently produced quality content for his brand covering different fields from fashion, food, fitness, tech, grooming and travel. He has worked with over 200 local and international brands including top fashion labels such as Tommy Hilfiger, Calvin Klein, H&M, Dolce & Gabbana, Lacoste, Zara, Topman, as well as Canon and Ford. David is a true adventurer and is checking off his travel bucket list one at a time. Join “DG” as he explores the world. First MNL–next, the world!

– Source


Mikyle Quizon

His blog is all about fashion travel and lifestyle- a take on life and everything in between through a man’s perspective. But if it’s fashion you really go for this guy, he really has that sense that has compelled me to click that follow button.



Seph Cham

Seph Cham imparts his passion in fashion as well as his love for photography on a blog that draws audiences wanting to know his latest experiences on events and the items that he has gotten from generous supporters. He wants to give new ideas not only in styling but also in gadgets, health and lifestyle.  If his Instagram account is an indication of his popularity, then following this boy-next-door blogger is something that you should not miss.



Miko Carreon

My style’s inspired from different hybrid cultures and inspirations I’ve been through in my life. sometimes I can be preppy, sometimes I love wearing sporty outfits, sometimes I love wearing hip-hop urban street styles and sometimes I just wear something I can see inside my closet and just work it out. I guess my personal style is not how I style myself in a certain kind of way but how I carry these different styles and inspire others. I even sometimes mix both styles in one.

– Miko Carreon



Doyzkie Buenaviaje

Doyzkie is a Life + Style and Travel blogger, a literacy advocate and entrepreneur from Cebu. Doyzkie has worked with several international fashion brands like People Footwear, Hedgren, Giordano and several local campaigns like OLX Philippines’ Biliba.

Doyzkie is the author of one of Cebu’s  most influential lifestyle blogs, He is the founder and current president of non-profit organization iLearners Inc. He is also an administrator of Cebu’s metro group of fashion forwards, Cebu Fashion Bloggers.



Laureen Uy

Her style is very experimental in what she describes as fashion combinations. That means, her eclectic fashion inspirations are donned in a way that landed her among the most-followed fashion bloggers in the Philippines.

The edgy chic fashionista has also ventured into acting. Her stint in My Binondo girl, perhaps, has helped her career in blogging. Probably, she is one of those bloggers that tried acting. Also, it doesn’t hurt that she is the sibling of one of the most celebrated fashion stylists in Philippine show business.



Vina Guerrero

She started documenting her personal style last July 2012 through this blog. She wants to be an inspiration to those who are afraid to express their personal style and to try other styles as well.

Together with her sister, Via, she manages the online business, Shop at Blair.

It looks like these fashionistas are not only advocates of international fashion brands, they are also promoters of their own brands. Vina would be categorized in this group of bloggers, together with Kriz Uy.



Kryz Uy

“It shifts every now and then with my mood and the weather, but overall, I like to keep it youthful yet sophisticated.”  – Kryz Uy

This Cebuana fashion blogger is also a fashion entrepreneur. She’s celebrated because of her worthwhile photos and OOTD’s that have inspired local Cebu fashionistas, bloggers or not.



Kim Jones

From her blog:

Combining a deep appreciation of Filipino, Australian and global fashion, Kim Jones is a powerful voice for the local artisans and designers that make Pinoy fashion so compelling, as well as a beacon for the best of international style. Inspired by her life in Australia and fusing classic and casual, her style is refined but not restricted.

Mrs. Jericho Rosales, as she is mostly known now, is also the host on an ETC show. Her blogging extends beyond the WordPress platform that she maintains in which she shares pics of OOTD’s.



Camille Co

This one fashion blogger is definitely not the least. She is among the most-followed fashionista bloggeristas around. If the bloggerati label would still apply, she is definitely in one of this group.

Last 2013, Camille’s fashion blog was ranked among 25 Asia fashion bloggers of 2013. That’s how amazing she is, right?

Aside from being a fashion blogger; she is also a fashion designer and a stylist. Her blog also inspires posts from her travel memoirs. One of the recent blog posts that I really like was her travel diary in the island of Santorini.

Camille Co


Did they give you new ideas to try on?

Or are you still searching for the right love of fashion like you are searching for the right one?

Never be afraid to try and experiment on some clothes.

Go buy some cheap UK clothes, I mean UKAY-UKAY clothes.You’ll get different kinds of good clothes there. That is advisable if you are really on a tight budget.

Remember to wear something you are comfortable. It does not need to be those branded shirts to shorts and shoes. But as long as you are comfortable of what you are wearing,  that’s the only thing that matters.

DISCLAIMER: I do not own the photos shown. Photos are taken from the respective bloggers’ blog sites.


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