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Flambe Alley Food Park in Mandaue | Cebu

Foodies attack!

Photo by Proudly Bisaya

Food parks are one of the many food fads that have emerged during this pandemic. If you happen to be in Mandaue City, make a point of stopping by at Flambe Alley Food Park, which has a large variety of food stalls and delicious food choices. Do you want to know more? Let’s have a look at…

Top 15 Food Stalls in Flambe Alley Food Park

Flambe Alley Food Park, Mandaue City’s newest food park located on Ouano Avenue, invites you to indulge in gourmet dreams from around the world! When you approach the food park, you will witness yellow lights all over the place, a large area with many tables and seats, and, of course, a stage that serves as the park’s centerpiece.

15. Kuzina Guadalupe

Photo by Proudly Bisaya

To start your foodie adventure, let’s have it here at Kuzina Guadalupe. All your Filipino appetizers are housed in this food stall, giving you your favorite lechon and down to your dearest tuna panga. Here also you can devour some sumptuous seafood such as scallops, shrimps, and many more!

14. Lime & Lemon

There’s no rule that we shouldn’t mix things! Order from any food stalls according to your appetite’s mood and also take a sip with the fresh refreshments of Lime & Lemon. Let their thirst-quenching drinks do its honor to push your foods to the bottom. 

13. Mushroom Haus Burgers and More

Photo by Mushroom Haus Burgers and More

If your vibe of the day is light and easy to slide foods, then you must be looking for Mushroom Haus Burgers and More! So, for health conscious people? They serve you healthy and 100% mushroom patties. No meat, and low-calorie, just Eco-friendly!

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12. Cherry’s The Spice

Lapu-Lapu Main Branch

Taste the variety of spices offered at Cherry’s The Spice! We know it’s very hard to comprehend and understand languages, especially Indian. But, when it comes to food we all have the same result, cravings satisfied! Try Indian cuisine!

11. Mango Mania 

Your daily dose of sweet and delicious drinks– Mango Mania. It would be the best way to pair your appetizers with their delicious desserts. Sate your sweet cravings such as their shakes, floats, and teas with mango as their main ingredient. 

10. Caya Filipino + Korean Cuisine 

When you choose to have your special moments here in Flambe Alley Food Park, there’s undoubtedly many choices and it’s hard to pick one. If you’re still hesitant, then take this recommendation to dine at Caya Filipino and Korean Cuisine. Filipino foods for oldies and Korean cuisines for youngsters! How about that?

9. Dexter’s Pizza 

Photo by Food Cravings Review

All the food stalls here in Flambe Alley Food Park are surely the choices of the people! If your goal is to have some Italian vibe under the yellow lights and wet road style, then let Dexter’s Pizza serve you with their delicious, thin, and crusty pizzas! 

8. Pares Man

Pares means partner! Your pair does not just come from someone, sometimes it also comes from food. When looking for some hot and delicious soup, have it here in Pares Man. Your one and only SOUPER-HERO! 

7. Let’s Roll Sushi Bake by Chef Kristel

Flambe Alley Food Park now features 15 participating stalls, with more on the way, all eager to take you on a journey to experience different delicacies. Well, next on our list is the Let’s Roll Sushi Bake by Chef Kristel and ready to take you to Japan with its homemade sushi. 

6. Shinobi Japanese Street Food

What’s your favorite Bento? We know it’s very hard to choose one especially when you’re a huge fan of Japanese cuisine which gives you the factor of not favoring one. Well, you can have some here in Shinobo Japanese Street Food. Can’t bring Japan here, so they’ve decided to have it in Flambe Alley. 


Photo by Food Cravings Review

The master of rice noodles, TATAY PHO FOOD! Their Vietnamese rice noodles are definitely worth a try, no preservatives added— just healthy, fresh, and affordable. Your new go-to hot serving this cold weather!

4. The Green Pantry 

Photo by Proudly Bisaya

We all have preferences, and it’s natural. For folks who are health conscious, Flambe Alley is really giving you the reason to enjoy some delicious foods, because of the Green Pantry! Serving you some burgers, wraps, salads, and many more that are from plant-based products. Healthy always!

3.  Tien Ma’s 

This food park is truly bringing us from different countries across the world. Japan, Korea, India, Vietnam, and now, Taiwan– chill and relax at Tien Ma and devour some authentic foods of Taiwan such as congee, tofu stew, fried bean-curd roll, and many more.

2. Below Zero Gellato

Smooth, creamy, and milky inside your mouth— Below Zero Gelato. When doubting what dessert to partner your meal, try their Choco chip gelato or Cake gelato. Let these Italian sweets decide the mood of your day.

1. L.A. Taco Truck by Chef Kristel 

Finally, down to our last food stall in Flambe Alley! L.A Taco Truck by Chef Kristel is now serving you with its delicious and sumptuous tacos, influenced by different nationalities and taste, but comes with the same result, especially with the touch and recipe of Chef Kristel. Try now!

Ready to be here?

Photo by Proudly Bisaya

Have you tried dining at any of these stalls somewhere? Let’s have it in a single destination here in Mandaue City. Bring your friends and family, enjoy the night devouring some delicious foods and the sound of music. 

Contact Details

Exact location: Meerea High Street, Ouano Ave, Mandaue City, Cebu

Operating hours: Open daily at 11:00 AM to 11:00 AM

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