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Vikings Luxury Buffet: Traverse the Continents | Cebu

Release the Viking in you!

How big is your appetite? Are you a voracious eater that can match the Vikings of Old? Do you have the stomach to dine at one of the luxurious restaurants in Cebu, the Vikings Luxury Buffet? If you want to experience a diversified menu, prepare yourself and traverse the continents for their specialties at…

Vikings Luxury Buffet

Located on the Second Floor of SM City Cebu- North Wing, Vikings Luxury Buffet has been a go-to for family gatherings and reunions. “Delicious and worth it” is an understatement when you taste and explore the endless cuisines being displayed right in front of you.  

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Through the years, the restaurant has received multiple awards recognizing their excellent services, allowing them to become a household name that is now synonymous with being one of the best Eat-All-You-Can buffets in the Queen City of the South.

The Vikings Luxury Buffet 

Authenticity is the name of the game when it comes to presenting cuisines taken from different parts of the world. With their exceptional chefs, the restaurant is sure to leave a mark on your taste buds. Every food served is seasoned perfectly and is prepared by incorporating the cooking styles and origin behind these dishes. They offer different cuisines in their:

Japanese Station

Japan seems to be closer than ever to Cebu as Vikings also offers a Japanese Station that are filled with colorful choices of sushi rolls and sashimi that doesn’t fail to give rich umami flavors!

Italian Station

Get greeted by the hot, fresh-from-the-oven Italian pizzas all waiting to be picked up by you. No one does pizza like the Italians. They’ve invented it and have certainly perfected the process and contains is made with mainly dough, tomato sauce and cheese, they have also perfected many different toppings.

Carving Station

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If you are looking for some meat and summer roasts, you can find these choices in their Carving Station. Neatly laid out with their tender and flavor-packed roasted selections, you will need some elbow grease to enjoy slicing the huge slabs and servings of these dishes!


Lastly, we hope that you still have some room for desserts. Don’t end your adventure yet until you satisfy your sweet tooth. We guarantee that it’ll lighten your mood as you bite into the decadent flavors of their meticulously crafted desserts.

Hooray for your Birthday!

They also provided promos for those looking for a place to commemorate yours or your loved one’s birthday. Vikings Luxury Buffet is undoubtedly ready to make the day extra special, you might want to ask to reserve beforehand.

Take-out Orders

We all have days wherein we want to stay away from all the noise and just lock up inside our comfort space and be with our family. If you can relate, these kinds of intimate moments are best paired with quality meals. Whether you enjoy Japanese, Chinese or All Meat dishes, the Vikings Party Platter ensures that you have food for everyone. 

Explore Other Cuisines!

With more than 100 local and international dishes made available everyday, your mouth will only experience the most colorful and intricate flavors. Be prepared to undergo an intense sensation of satisfaction with every bite. One mouthful at a time, get a taste of the world. Don’t restrain yourself and go visit Vikings Luxury Buffet. 

Contact Details: 

Exact location: Second Floor, SM City Cebu-North Wing, North Reclamation Area, 6000 Cebu City, Philippines

Social Media:

  • Facebook: Vikings Luxury Buffet, SM City Cebu

Contact Number: 0917 576 9888 (Call to book for advance reservations)

Operating Hours:

  • Monday to Sunday
  • Lunch: 11:00 AM to 2:30 PM
  • Dinner: 5:00 PM to 9:00 PM



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