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Carmela Food Park: Enjoy Your Favorite Festive Foods | Bogo City, Cebu

Road trips and Food adventures!

Photo by John Christopher Dionela

Food parks are now the latest craze! They’re popping everywhere in Cebu from North to South and that’s probably because they are lively, and they’re the perfect venues to go on a food adventure with friends. If you want to getaway this weekend, head over to Carmela Food Park in Bogo City. After a long drive to the north and taking in all the sights, here are the food choices waiting for you at…

Carmela Food Park

Carmela Food Park is one of the newest ventures here in Bogo City, they recently opened last October 9, 2021. When you’re travelling from the city to the north you can easily find this place since it’s located on the roadside of Malingin and very impossible to miss. To start up? Let’s go ahead to…

9.  TTA “ Asian Street Food”

As you enter the Carmela Food Park it’s obvious that you see lineups of stalls bringing different culinary options. But, if you want to eat your favorite Korean foods, you only need to travel to the bottom, where you’ll find TTA “Asian Street Food”. They serve corn dogs, kimchi, ramen, steaming rice, and a variety of refreshing drinks that you will surely enjoy.

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8. A & Z’s BBQ

Aside from TTA’s food stick servings and delicious Asian cuisine. You may also have some Filipino foods at A & Z’s BBQ, which serves all of your favorite BBQs including isaw, unod, hotdog, dugo-dugo, and more. While waiting for your orders to be prepared, you can roam around the food park and enjoy some capturing photos under their ecstatic lights.

7. Tanya’s Food hub

Tanya’s Food Hub serves superb fried shrimp and sisig. They also offer a generous serving of rice meals topped with egg or other silog choices at affordable prices. So, if you’ve been on a long drive and all you want is fresh served food that ranges from P99 to P150 then Tanya’s is the stall that you should visit.


6. Choy’s Cooking

Choy’s Cooking offers a variety of culinary options that may be just what you’re looking for. They are ready to provide you with delectable dishes like dinuguan, lechon, sinugba, and many more. They also serve seafood and pulutan sets, which are specially prepared for you when you’re having a good time with your barkadas.


5. Happy Burpy

Halfway to our list of Food stalls here in Carmela Food Park. Happy Burpy—- it’s “Ber-months,” thus the streets are obviously cold and wet. And if you’re searching for foods that cures the breezing air and perfect remedy for cold evenings, then you can have their hot flavorful lugaws enough to warm up. You can also check their menu below for other options.


4. Khinanezo Juan

Toast and rave? You are welcome to celebrate it in Khinanezo Juan. If you want to go outside and have some nightlife eating adventure, whether you’re alone, in a pair, or in a group, here is the stall to go. Khinanezo’s scrumptious pizza, soothing drinks, lomi, and barbecues will certainly please you! And also if you want to have some food packages, perhaps you can try their Irish and Doris sets.


3. Rience Lechon and Belly Express

Crunchy skin, tender meat, and absolutely delicious lechon await you at Rience Lechon & Belly Express in Carmela Food Park. You may now eat their budget meal of rice, lechon, and dinuguan for as low as P95 as the starting price. 


2. Dinery Food Hub

The Dinery Food Hub is unquestionably your all-around dining stall here in Carmela Food Park. From Pampagana to their grills, they always have something to offer whether it’s barkada time or family time.

You can count on them when it comes to having fun with friends through sisig and other varieties of pulutan that are ideally paired with cold alcoholic beverages. Also, if it’s family bonding, sabaw and chicken servings are surely enough to warm the body and fill the appetite of the family.


1. Fiesta Bilao Boodle “Bogo Branch”

Fiesta Bilao Boodle, our number one stall in Carmela Food Park and also positioned at the entrance. This is their Bogo branch, the first of which is in Medellin Aisle. Fiesta Bilao could be the answer to your gastronomic journey here in Bogo together with your barkada and family, because they offer boodle bundles that can accommodate a group of people.

Their bilao is composed of grilled pork belly and chicken leg quarter, chorizo, lumpia, pancit, shrimps, guso, ensaladang talong, and of course, their annatto rice. You can start at P699 that’s good for 3 to 4 pax, and if you want other meals you can check their menus below.


Enjoy together with your loved ones!

Photo by Roquette Torquido Pelayo

Now that many people are vaccinated and the borders are freely open, your ticket to go road trips and enjoy some getaway this weekend with your loved ones is up! And, we suggest having it in north Cebu.

Enjoy some delicious foods at the roadside of Malingin, Bogo City and make sure to take some photos because surely the place is worth capturing, especially the smile on your faces.

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