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Figaro Coffee Company: A World-class Homegrown Filipino Brand | Ayala, Cebu

Have a your caffeine!

Coffee is loved by everyone, the hectic schedule of almost everyone can  make them gulp a couple of cups of caffeine. From students to employees, coffee is used everyday to be energized. Thus, if you are looking for something to drink that will energize you up then  Figaro Coffee  Company offers you freshly brewed high quality beans. If you are having a coffee fever, check out…

Figaro Coffee Company

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Figaro Coffee Company is known for its best quality coffee beans that are brewed with passion and elegance. They are  famous because they are promoting  Barako Coffee, 100%  local because their coffee beans are grown in the soil in the Philippines. Support local, support Figaro!

Behind its Success!

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A group of coffee lovers got together in the year of  1993, long before all the successful chains were present. They dreamed of having a cafe that can let them entertain  their associates and business partners where high quality of coffee is served and services that are one of a kind. They want to build a place where the ambiance can make you relax and do your own world at your own pace.

The directors came up with the term FIGARO as a way to tie the Italian and European themes together. They needed a name that was well-known but not frequently utilized commercially. Figaro was born thanks to the tune “Figaro” from the “Opera: Barber of Seville.”

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Specialty Beverages

Choco Chip Java

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Attention chocolate addicts everywhere: this drink  can really suit your chocolate cravings in just a sip! If you are a fan of both chocolate and coffee then this drink can satisfy you in every  taste. Enjoy the bitter aroma of the naturally brewed coffee and the sweet sensation of the java chips slowly melting in the cup. Balancing the taste with whipped cream at the top and sprinkled java chips to more java joy!

Roasted Hazelnut

Ah the taste of the sweetly aromatic, nutty note of hazelnuts, combined with the freshly brewed coffee can result in a rewarding  taste. Enjoy the fragrance of the roasted hazelnuts in every sip you take.

The  brewed coffee is not that overpowering in taste because the roasted hazelnuts , whipped cream and chocolate syrup can balance it all out. Yet the bitter taste of the coffee is present as you taste this bitter-sweet drink.

Classic Hot Drinks


Have a cup of this  hot drink that is perfect   when you are relaxing. This shot of espresso with hot water can surely make your day a warm one! Take a sip and welcome the warmth of the coffee. You can also choose how you make your coffee. It is either brewed or roasted. Whatever it is, the rich flavor of the bean can never be neglected.

Photo by Figaro Coffee San Fernando

Tea is served to everyone. Enjoy your day as you hydrate yourself with tea. Choose your own kind of tea. From black tea, jasmine tea and more! Enjoy the fragrance in every sip and let your day be a warmful one! Whatever your choice is, it is healthy and satisfying!

Milk Tea and Fruit Tea

Tropical Fruit Tea

Photo by Figaro Coffee- Bohol

Get ready to feel the summer every   sip in this eye-catching drink.  Summer colors popping in a glass, be refreshed as you taste  this fruity healthy drink. Your all time tropical fruit is fused in a cup! It does not only look beautiful but also tastes good! Be refreshed!

Brown Sugar Tea Latte

Sweet tooth can’t be satisfied? Then try this Brown Sugar Tea Latte, a sweet drink that can make your heart flutter! Enjoy this satisfying drink  brewed coffee with fresh and creamy milk and well melted brown sugar! Taste this delicious  drink and spread the sweetness!

Cakes and Pastries

Blueberry Cheesecake Light

Have some sweet in your veins! As you indulge yourself with the Blueberry Cheesecake light’s heavenly taste. Savor the smooth and creamy texture of the Cheesecake in every slice. Enjoy the fluffy and moist Blueberry Cheesecake  with your favorite drinks!  Feel the cloud nine as you eat!

Dreamy Ube Swirl

Just look at this majestic pastry, it does not only look good  but also tastes amazing. Taste the pastry that has the rich flavor of a real ube and grated cheese to have a luscious taste. This pastry very well matches the bitter taste of your strong brewed coffee.  Grab a bite now!


Asian Chicken Salad

Begin your day with all this plateful of healthy bites. This salad  starts with a  medley of crisp greens, red tomatoes, grilled chicken, sesame seeds, candied walnuts, parmesan cheese and sweet tangy Asian Vinaigrette.  Stay fit and healthy with  every bite.

Garden Herb Pesto

Let’s enjoy pasta and  we can begin with Garden herb Pesto.  This delicious pasta is composed with basil, olive oil, garlic, almond nuts, salt, pepper, parmesan cheese and sundried tomatoes. All are fresh and of course  it tastes delicious!


There are more varieties of food and drinks Figaro Coffee Company can offer. Check it out…

Eat your worries away!

Everyday is tasty if you visit Figaro Coffee Company. From freshly brewed coffee to pastries, cakes, full meals, what can you ask for!  Stop by and relax as you feel the homey ambiance at their cafe! You can never notice how fast the time will be because you are mesmerized by the taste of the high-quality coffee and well-made pastries. Absorb every moment and let this be the sign to let yourself relax.

Contact Details


  • 2/F, The Terraces, Ayala Center Cebu 
  • G/F Horizons101, Gen. Maxilom (Mango) Avenue 6000 Cebu City

Social Media:

Contact Number:  (032) 233 5660

Delivery Option:

  • Grab Food
  • Foodpanda
  • Lalamove

Operating Hours: Monday – Sunday 10:00 AM – 7:00 PM

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Written by Adrian Josh Lepiten

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📍Cebu, Philippines
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