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Sutukil sa Norte Grill and Restaurant: The Perfect Stop-over | Bogo, Cebu

Grill and Chill na sa Norte!

Filipinos are known to have amazing dishes that have an exquisite taste. Filipino dishes are loved by everyone not only in the local state but also around the globe. We are known for our skills in terms of cooking and the use of high-quality ingredients.

If you are heading north and you are looking for something fresh and has a Filipino’s unique taste then head to and stop by at Sutukil sa Norte Grill and Restaurant. 

Sutukil sa Norte Grill and Restaurant

If you are wondering why it is called “SUTUKIL”, this is because it is an abbreviation of “SUGBA, TUWA, and KILAW”. Serving you with fresh and delicious seafood and meat.  This place is perfect to chill, drink and eat with your friends and families.  The ambiance of this place is really good to make you feel relaxed and stress-free with every bite and drink you order. 

Sutukil sa Norte Grill and Restaurant is located on Highway Dakit, Bogo City, Cebu. Operates daily from 7:00 AM – 9:00 PM.  What is unique about this place is its good for dine-in and takeaway. Since it is just located along the highway then, this place is perfect for people who are on road trips and bikers.

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Sinugbang Baboy

Who doesn’t love grilled meat? Grilled meat is always the best! Take a bite of this tender juicy grilled Pinoy Style Sinugba. Grilled with perfection, and seasoned with lots of spices that will make your mouth water with each slice. Be sure to dip it with a well-balanced sauce to bring your taste buds to a whole new level of satisfaction.

Sinugbang Panga

If you want to taste a more fishy one then try their Sinugbang Panga.  A dish that you want to have all for yourself. This fresh  fish is grilled with care to not destroy the fresh and delicate texture of the fish meat. Enjoy its freshness as you dip it with the sauce provided. Taste the sea grilled!

Calderetang Kanding

Be energized as you savor this scrumptious meal. Indulged yourself as you taste the all-time favorite of Filipinos, “ Calderetang Kanding”. This tender and nutritious dish are just for you and it comes with a  sauce that is perfect to combine with rice. Absorbs the saucy meaty dish and you can’t even stop yourself once you tasted its goodness.

Kinilawng  Isda

Have a taste of this fresh fishy meal! Kinilawng isda is a dish every Filipino has tried. It is composed of raw fish cooked with just vinegar and salt, mixing it with a little gata or coconut milk to enhance its flavor. The spices added made the dish more delicious than ever!

Garlic Peppered Shrimp

Shrimp heads are you ready for this mouth-watering treat. Taste this sea goodness as you drop by at the Sutukil sa Norte Grill and Restaurant. Always fresh is what they serve every day. This ocean’s treasure can surely  make you ask for more. The chewy shrimps are cooked perfectly glazed with garlic and pepper to match up an amazing taste! Order it now!

Dine-in at SUTUKIL today!

Chilling with your friends and families while filling up your bellies? The ambiance of “Sutukil sa Norte Grill & Restaurant ” will not disappoint you enjoy the open-air dining, you can breathe and drink. This place can really soothe everyone’s stress and enjoy a night worry-free. relax, refresh and enjoy the night you will always remember. Drop by at Sutukil sa Norte Grill and Restaurant now.

Contact Details 

Location: Dakit, Bogo City, Cebu

Social Media:

Facebook: Sutukil sa Norte Grill and Restuarant 

Contact Number: 0953 108 4079

Operating Hours:  Monday to Sunday at 7:00 AM- 9:00 PM

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