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OurItchyFeet Asian Eats: Be A Food Connoisseur | Cebu

Reward yourself with good food

Want to have a taste of what the street foods of the City of Hanoi, Vietnam taste like? Your curiosity will be answered by OurItchyFeet Asian Eats. As of now, they offer a list of Vietnamese street foods that are incorporated with the Filipino touch to make your eating experience seamless and enjoyable. Marinated and seasoned to perfection, have a bite of one of the healthiest, tastiest, and most distinct cuisines of Asia presented here in…

OurItchyFeet Asian Eats

Photo by The Cebuano

They began introducing their menu to Cebuanos last October 9, 2021. The store is situated in the parking lot of Queensland Manor Condominiums, which is along the street of Rahmann. Be enchanted by the fragrant smells of fresh herbs and grilled meat.

Lucky for those who are near this street, just a few blocks and you already have access to OurItchyFeet Asian Eats’ offerings. 

You may ask “why OurItchyFeet Asian Eats?” Well, this is a business owned by a family of eight! They have spent a lot of their time traveling around Asian countries, exposing themselves to various street foods.

Through their experience, they thought of sharing the explosive flavors that they have tried in their international adventures with the locals of Cebu. Look at what they offer below!

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Bun Cha

Photo by The Cebuano

Bun Cha is a Vietnamese dish composed of grilled pork and rice noodles, which was said to have originated from Hanoi, Vietnam. This is paired with a leafy vegetable and a sauce for additional flavoring. You can order this as a combo with the sides or just the meat alone.

It may look overwhelming because it has a lot of things. How you eat it is by combining the sauce with the rice noodles, you then pick a piece of well-marinated pork and leafy veggie. You get a little of everything for an explosion of goodness.

Cha Bum

Similar to Bun Cha, but instead of grilled pork, you have Vietnamese barbecued meatballs. This is seasoned with the right amount of salt and spices, which is then grilled in charcoal to give you that smokey flavor.

You can also pair this with rice noodles and leafy greens, and eat it like how you consume Bun Cha. Whatever your preference is, you are guaranteed a fun meal that will satisfy your hungry stomach. 

Grilled Balot

Balot is considered to be an exotic cuisine but for us Filipinos, this is a common street food that is usually sold at night. It is a fertilized duck embryo that has been incubated for 16 to 21 days, which is often hard-boiled when served.

Here at OurItchyFeet Asian Eats, they have elevated the dish by infusing Vietnamese style into it, which is made possible by adding spices and topping it with crushed chicharon and sliced spring onions while being cooked on a grill.

This is best eaten as an afternoon or evening snack. If you despise regular balot, we are sure that you will not say otherwise when you have a taste of Yaya Monda’s Grilled Balot Ala Vietnam.

Milo Dinosaur

Milo is a chocolate powder that we have grown to love. Milo Dinosaur is a refresher that is common in the hawkers of Singapore. It is a simple mixture of cold Milo drink, ice, and sweetener. This is topped with additional Milo powder to have a more chocolatey taste. Order this to make a bomb combination with your chosen savory meal!


Here is a list of what they offer. Check it out! They can also have your food delivered to your home through Maxim, Lalamove, or Grab.

For Hungry People

If there’s one thing to describe the overall experience when eating the meals served at this place, it is inescapable; because why would anyone try to miss out on good food? So stop what you’re doing and go have a mouthful of cuisines at OurItchyFeet Asian Eats that only represents the greatness of Asian foods.

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  • Parking Lot of Queensland Manor Condominiums, Rahmann St, Cebu City, 6000 Cebu

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  • 0917 773 3314

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