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Medellin Aisle Restobar: A Place to Unwind | Medellin, Cebu

Have a blast!

All of you might think the countryside doesn’t have any  amazing places to offer. You might wonder that Northern Cebu’s pride is just the  white sand beaches and mountains painted with tall trees that are good spots for hiking and camping.  You might wanna rethink that.. Because Northern Cebu offers more and more. From beaches  to mountain camping spots. Northern Cebu introduces the “Medellin Aisle Restobar”.

Medellin Aisle Restobar

A perfect place to chill and hangout from all the stress you’ve been having lately. This place is perfect for unwinding.  You can  have some  drinks that can quench your thirst that is served from their very own bartender. They also offer mouth watering  dishes made by their own professional chief.

Medellin aisle Restobar is located at Curva – Medellin – Daanbantayan – Maya Rd, Medellin, Cebu that opens daily!

Let’s Eat!

Medellin Aisle Restobar offers you a variety of food. Dishes that will never disappoint you. They offer sisig, burgers, fries and many more.  Enjoy the festive dishes  as you unwind! Fill your bellies with all these scrumptious dishes. Their foods are always fresh and are only at affordable prices. Check out their menu!



Your  night is not complete without a shot. You can  never get bored as their bartender offers you various cocktails  that will make you night a blast! Fresh fruit shakes and mocktails  as non- alcoholic drinks are also served, for everyone to enjoy! From bacardi, whiskey,brandy, tequila, they have it all ready for you! 

Have a fantastic night and play  drinking games with your friends and families. Just enjoy the night!


Jam and Vibe with the Band!

Looking for a spot to be full and have a party- like atmosphere? Level up your enjoyment as you chill and vibe with the music. This place is really perfect for hanging out with friends and families. A place where you can enjoy delicious food and drink while listening to a beautiful melody. Hype up and  unwind!

What’s exciting is that you can also hop on the stage and sing a song1 Medellin Aisle Restobar offers an open mic where everyone can share their talent and reach people  through music. This spot is perfect for jamming with your friends and families. Chill and eat  is what they all want you to experience.

Night vibes and Good Times!

Are you up for this party-atmosphere?  Absorb the music, the people, the food and the ambiance. This place can surely  relieve all your worries just enjoy the night, drink in hand and chat with friends and family. Make every moment an enjoyable one as you dine, drink and jam together!

Outreach Programs

“Kain mo Tulong mo”

Eyes here—kind hearted one! Every purchase you have at Medellin Aisle Restobar can be a helping hand. They promote this outreach program to show their gratitude to people in helping them in their success. 10% of their weekly sales goes to this program. Showing that they want to share the blessing they’ve received to other people. Be a part of this outreach program and  order now!

“Kain mo, Scholar mo”

“Kabataan ay pag asa ng Bayan” as  Jose Rizal quotes, the younger generation is the key in having a more improved society. This is another outreach program they’ve implemented  to help the younger generation reach their dreams. Every food you order can be a stepping stone for someone!  Purchase for a cause!

Stop by at Medellin Aisle Restobar!

Stop by and enjoy  the Medellin Aisle Restobar where you can chill, unwind and also help for a cause! Have fun and be full with every service they offer! Always  bear in mind that whatever you order can help another person! Have a blast tonight!

Contact Details

Exact Location: Curva – Medellin – Daanbantayan – Maya Rd, Medellin, Cebu

Social Media

Facebook- Medellin Aisle Restobar

Contact Number: 915 044 3637

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🤩Do you have photos, stories, and brands that you’d like to be featured? Do you know someone that needs to be featured?

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