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Brick Lane Doughnuts: London-Style Donuts | Cebu

Sweetilicious Doughnuts!

Looking for a fluffy and soft round dessert and snack in one? Grab some DOUGHNUTS now!  If you want to eat something sweet yet doughy that will melt in your  mouth in each bite then  that defines a doughnut. One of the best comfort foods you can have.  One shop that is quite known for its London style doughnuts is  Brick Lane  Doughnuts.

Brick Lane Doughnuts

Give yourself a time to have a break and enjoy the fluffiness of the round dessert and partner it with your favorite brewed coffee. Doughnuts and coffee can never go wrong; they are a perfect match for each other. What can you ask for more, when you can have a bite size cake that can  be sweet with glaze or any of your favorite jam.

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Brick Lane Doughnuts can be near your  residences; they have two  branches located here in Cebu. They operate daily starting at 10 :00 AM and will end at 10: 00 PM.  You can also get your favorite donuts delivered at your offices  and doorsteps. Just open the apps Grab Food, Foodpanda and Botty or you can visit  their website  for  your orders.

A Trip Down Memory Lane!

Break Lane Doughnuts  started as a small pick up point inside a restaurant  way back in April 2019 and eventually they opened their first ever shop  in the same year at Vibo Place in N. Escario St.  Blessings poured more and they opened their second branch  this October, 2021 at Oakridge Business Park.

Behind It’s Delicious Flavor

What’s unique about Brick Lane Doughnuts is that the owner, Mr.Allen Andre Suarez, traveled all across the world to taste different variations of doughnuts that can suit the Filipino tastes!  And   he found the best doughnut he ever tasted in London.

The name itself Brick Lane was inspired by the famous street in the East End of London that aims to bring the unique, extraordinary taste of this amazing pastry from London to  the Philippines.  As what Mr. Suarez describes “ Brake Lane Doughnuts are cream-filled and sugar-coated, yet not so sweet that can make you feel like eating a second one or even a third!

Ring Doughnuts

Ring doughnuts are the classing doughnuts  that  we usually see in stores and bakeshops that have a hole in the middle. From the name itself, it is called ring doughnuts because it looks like a ring itself yet the difference is it is made of dough! Brick Lane Doughnuts are of course different because of its signature dough and  they glaze it with an array of variations.

  • Some of the best selling flavors are Dark Chocolate ( Dark Choco frosted),that every bite can make  every Chocolate addict fall in love with chocolate again and again.
  • They also have the famous John Lemmon,  a dough glazed with lemon and sprinkled with chia seeds.
  • Cereal Ring is also a thing, enjoy the crispy cereal toppings that are glazed with chocolate frosted.
  •  Of course the children’s all time favorite is the  Springfield, a doughnut glaze with pink  frost and  top with colorful sprinkles.

Classic Doughnuts

 Classic can never go old. This classic doughnut will never disappoint  you as every bite brings you to an exquisite taste. These classic doughnuts  are filled with fresh rich cream and dusted  with sugar to balance the overall sweetness. This classic doughnut  will suit your every taste with this different jam of flavors. These famous flavors might suit your taste buds!

  • Original Custard,  a  classic vanilla custard filling  that will make  your day a pure one.
  • Nutella Marble, an all time favorite of the chocolate lovers. Stay sweet and  savor every   chocolaty goodness and  enjoy the filling of Chocolate-hazelnut cream.
  • Cheddar Milk, enjoy the taste of the unique dough that is filled with salty and sweet filling.

Specialty Doughnuts

These doughnuts are special because they are both filled and frosted. Each byte is a treat and surely it will make you crave for more. Enjoy this luscious dessert as every filling and glaze melts in your mouth. Have fun while choosing your fave flavors  The all time best selling specialty doughnuts are:

  • Strawberry Glazed & Filled (Strawberry cream filled and sweet strawberry glazed) made with real strawberries, 
  • S’mores (Choco-cream filled with roasted marshmallow, graham bits and chocolate), 
  • Ube Glazed & Filled (Ube-filled and frosted).

Get yourself a bite of these heavenly deluxe and absorb all the well balanced sweetness and fluffy dough.

Fluffier than Ever!

Enjoy this amazingly London- style doughnut everyday be it deliver or visit the place. These various  flavors of doughnuts are  inspired by the season we celebrate. More and more authentic doughnuts will be served each season. Brick Lane Doughnuts aims to provide the best tasting doughnuts that can please  and bring delight to every customer. Spread love in a dozen only at Brick Lane Doughnuts.

Contact Details


  • Axis Entertainment Avenue, N. Escario Street 6000 Cebu City, Philippines
  • Oakridge Business Park

Social Media

Facebook : Brick Lane Doughnuts



Contact Number:  63 32 256 1413 / +63 908 872 8792

Operating Hours: Opens daily  10:00 AM – 10:00 PM

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